A Con-Eventional Story: Star Supa Comic 2018

Conventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

2018 - Star Supa Comic (2)

Before the metal doors of the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, where rows of straps pave the way for visitors to line-up for tickets, stood a towering arch with the name ‘Star Supa Comic’.

An arch that showcased the event’s various guests, performers and individuals to be seen at this very event.

That said, it would be wise for anyone attending such an event to never come by before 10 am.

Even if the main doors to enter Mid Valley Megamall were open before then.

Especially those who were attending with Early Bird tickets, priced at RM 45 for two days, it saves the need of having to line up patiently as staff gladly usher early bird ticket holders into the express lane without question, long as one’s ticket strap is armed on their wrist.

Step into the exhibition hall, and a massive Bumblebee statue greets visitors.

Folks would either grab selfies with it or just snap photos of this high-quality advertising material for the very same movie in theaters at the time.

From the statue’s position, one can choose to explore either left, right or march forward towards the stage area, where silence befell the event at the start until things began taking off around 11 am.

Forward, Stage Area

Granted, between talks, performances, and skits, the variety of shows held on stage would keep visitors hanging around for more, assuming they’re not off questioning where to eat in a place like Mid Valley.

2018 - Star Supa Comic (6)

The opening ceremony, led by the private secretary to the Youth and Sports Minister, Mohamed Amshar Aziz and several other important looking figures, gives Star Supa Comic a sense of formal recognition, despite it being one of those niche gatherings the politicians allow anyways.

Assuming the politicians in question aren’t the kind that calls events like this sinful, all because they’re too itchy to handle their horny levels.

Right, Booth Areas

Moving right of the convention centre would lead towards the many familiar white square spaced booths that house toys, accessories, snacks and activities to participate in.

2018 - Star Supa Comic (18)

Most notably, a booth that offers the opportunity to explore Japanese tea serving ceremonies, whilst giving the visitor the opportunity to put on equally fitting attire for the activity.

If the booths get boring, the biggest attraction would either be the massive play area for card games, or the cosplay booths that house some high-profile cosplayers looking to meet with their fans etc.

To be blunt, the play area for card games went mostly abandoned by day 2, giving the impression that there were only events planned for day 1 and not much else after that.

So, the card game play area’s reduced to a glorified parking lot for aching legs.

And workshops for other card games, assuming people actually get interested enough to explore forward.

In contrast, the cosplay booths were more consistent across the two days, with ever changing guests every few hours, looking forward to meeting their fellow fans in person, whilst offering their goods for the really dedicated fans to buy up.

Left, Cosplay Booths cont. and Artist Booths

This part of the event hall wasn’t the only section with a cosplay booth of course.

At opposite ends of the Mid Valley convention centre, heading left from the Bumblebee statue at the entrance, past the massive section of a discount PC fair, would be the booth for one of the guests invited to the event, a foreign cosplayer by the name of Mr Leon Chiro.

Folks looking to meet this international cosplayer would willingly stand for hours, in a line that takes hours just to progress a few people, goes to show just how dedicated the visitors to this event are which is an amazing sight to see.

Especially when every few minutes the line would burst into squeals of ‘woos’ as Mr Leon interacts with his fellow fans.

That wasn’t the only cosplayer booth of course, as right next to Leon Chiro’s booth was the booth for DeltaRhythm, a local formed band of cosplayers that covers and dances songs from the anime Macross Delta.

Compared to the Cosplayer Booths from earlier, these were more open for the visitors to interact with the cosplayers themselves, rather than having to wait in line.

That said, artist booths are also abundant across the exhibition hall.

Booths of artists offering commissions was an interesting sight, as it begs the question of, do they draw their client’s request on the spot?

A question unanswered unfortunately.

2018 - Star Supa Comic (13)

One booth was interestingly, conducting a workshop for what appears to be a Touhou Project based card game.

For your information, Touhou Project is a Japanese made game series of piloting shrine maidens through series of bullet hells.

That also comes with quite the impressive soundtrack, depending on tastes.

2018 - Star Supa Comic (15)

In the very same section where most of the art booths hang out, stood two massive setups of promotional material for the movies Dragonball Super: Broly and Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative.

The human sized cardboard cut-outs made for some very impressive pictures, to the visitors taking their time posing for the camera. 

Speaking of things that would make impressive pictures, were the massive over the top balloons that hung around the booth of Supa Dupa Circus.

From what appears to be a booth of folks spending all day folding balloons into plastic air-filled works of art, a tipping jar remains open for fellow guests to tip their hard work despite it being completely optional.

By the day’s end, before departing Star Supa Comic 2018, that jar was nearly full.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear it.


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