4 thoughts on “An UnCon-Eventional Story: Star Supa Comic 2018

  1. I only been to day 2 ssc but and pay for RM35 for the ticket.(not worth it)

    It’s so true everything you write about it haha about the cosplay hangout zone I was like yooo it’s so empty here only a group of cosplayer around 4 or 5 people talking to each other and it’s pretty nice not crowded in the ssc but saw some shop selling phone lmao in the ssc and some technology stuff… Well it only took me 30minutes done walking around the places I was like wow I just paid RM35 for all of this and yes there are only a few like 2 or 3 very nice looking cosplayer I took picture with. There is a bunch of boku no hero cosplayers which is not interesting much to me except Leon. Leon which is cosplay as allmight but have to line up a very long line to take picture with him just like shaking hand with the celebrity asking for signatures from it. While I’m coming out to the exits I was like yoo wth crowded af all of sudden the cosplayers and some human just like human traffic jam blocking some way and I just went back home after that. When I look up facebook there is a live concert in ssc fb acc I was like yoo am I wrong for going home too early? Are you kidding me. On that day I didn’t spend any money in there only for the tickets and some free lucky spin.

    That’s only my day 2 opinion. There may be some part I said it wrong but it’s been a long day since that day what in my memories is.

    Well what can I say… At least it tried it best…


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