A Con-Eventional Story: Pop Con 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

One would be forgiven for confusing the towering arches outside the Mid Valley Exhibition Hall as a highway toll, like it’s asking visitors to choose where’d they like to burn their money for this weekend.


Granted, only the event called ‘Pop-Con’ charges people’s money of being guilty to be spent on tickets to enter its premises. 

The ticket counters right by the left of the entrance gives it away, even then occasional ticketless visitors would walk up towards the entrance thinking it’s free to enter like the opposite event.

It’s strange that the Guest Panel sits to the opposite of the ticket counter, with various unmentioned gimmicks needed to actually meet and greet with the guests.


That clearly didn’t deter the early visitors to the venue come 10 am, with lines for the ticket counters setup slightly away from the exhibition hall itself.

Strap on the paper ticket into a wristband, and the staff guarding the entrance into the event itself gladly welcome visitors to enter the premises. Now,

INTO THE HALL! (Section Right)

Silvery concrete floors pave the many paths that await visitors, with a convenient straight shot towards the stage area in the distance.

From the start, take a hard right to meet plenty of toy booths plying their trade of stuffed toys, comics and merch for folks who are up for it.

Stocks of Gacha machines and boxes, figures for figuring out one’s life choices, mugs to not mug people with, comics for some comic relief, all that good stuff.

And of course, who could forget stuffed toys.

And the glorious dank memes that come from them.


…like come on. Vaporeon or Vape-poreon?

INTO THE HALL! (Section Left)

If one takes a hard left from the entrance, food booths await the hungry folks looking for relief in that site of a discount cafe, chairs and tables aplenty.


A popcorn stand grants free servings to ticket holders, really giving the Pop-Con name a run for its money.

One’s personal distaste towards popcorn should not reflect their impression of Pop-Con of course.

Down the left road, booths setup by schools featuring the arts await aspiring young folks to attend the college itself.

Though the lack of SPM graduates in January make it difficult for folks to be looking for colleges to attend.

Near the end of this path where the exit into the familiar Mid Valley 3rd floor food court awaits, stands the occasionally empty and occupied space that is the autograph booths.


Depending on the time and day, the white empty booths make for crowded spaces with people, and/or occasional sites for taking quick cosplay pics when the staff aren’t patrolling the area.

But also, meeting this guy!


For the uninformed, this is the author of the Malaysian webcomic series, ‘Bro don’t like that la bro’, at the event for a brief time giving out empty red (technically orange and yellow) packets to attendees.

INTO THE HALL! (Section Mid, 2 Tango)

As one of the safest and convenient mid lanes one can ever traverse, the stage area stands in a straightforward path from the entrance.

A quick guided tour of this lane would showcase,

A Pokemon play area hosting a livestream of sorts, armed with commentators, equipment, and missed opportunities to use Vape-poreon at,  

Hallways of art booths that span across 3 separate roads towards the stage, spanning a plethora of simple keychains, to cosplay pics and art pieces, 


And of course, the stage area where occasional ceremonies and performances occur, to the delight of the crowds that gather for performances by Luna Lorrain and Harmonia ACG to name a few, and sessions where the guests like Lucio’s voice actor Jonny Cruz and Marvel/DC Artist Ario Anindito talk about their time here in Malaysia.

The people running the music for the event during stage downtime know their stuff, occasionally playing a mix of Eastern and Western songs to entertain visitors.

Hearing Power Rangers SPD and several tracks from shows long past brings out the crowd pleasing mood music often does at the right timing.


If boredom from the lack of stage appearances kick in, the presence of the gaming booth by Infinite Carnage to the opposite of the stage brings forth some hands-on games for visitor to give it a shot.

Or dance to their delight, with the in the field dance machine that one would normally find in arcades that still employ such attractions. 

But for visitors of artistic culture, one would not miss the amazing works by Fusion Wayang Kulit, by the booth to the right of the stage. 

One can only imagine seeing such iconic comic based characters in a shadow puppet show.

That is of course, if such shows do exist to be seen in action.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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