A Con-Eventional Story: Arts, Cosplay & Etc (ACE) 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

As the elevator doors open up, a left turn brings one through the hallway of white pavement towards the setup of tables, as a makeshift ticket booth of sorts.

Armed with the ticket, one of the staff came up to ask, “Hi, did you got your lucky draw yet?”

Wait, lucky draw? No one mentioned nothing about no lucky draw with tickets…oh, it was posted online. Okay, let’s do this.

Reaching into the pool of Ang Pau packets, the luck of the draw brings out…a pair of Free Dominos Pizza coupons.

For students.

Thankfully, still being stuck as a college student looking for an internship pays off for once.


The floor shifts into pitch grey pavement upon stepping into the hall itself, a stretch of tables manned by booths of all varieties.

March inwards towards the windows by the end, and lines of art booths await interested visitors to gaze at their amazing works of badges, pins, posters etc to name a few. 

Or just plain old stickers, featuring Pokemon starters with a 5 sticker for RM 10 deal that really tempts one to get one of each, if one isn’t boned financially.

Coupled with featured booths of guests artists such as Kazel Lim and Rachel Ho. 

Of course, traditional drawings and visual is just one form of art.

Enter Mr William Kok, running a booth of instruments promoting…Ukulele in Malaysia? 

An unusual instrument to behold in Malaysia, let alone at an ACG convention of all places, really gets curiosity flowing through the nerves.

“It’s part of the Arts,” as Mr William puts it, whilst sharing his interest in promoting this form of music for young folks, and potentially see instruments like the Ukulele lead a stage performance at a future ACG event.

If that wasn’t cool enough, the introduction of the Kalimba, basically mini pianos but smaller, makes one get this strange urge of wanting to try music again.

Of course, who could forget vendor booths plying their trade of merchandise?

The surprise of discovering an expansion to Exploding Kittens, a board game where the first to draw ‘explode’ literally gets blown out of the game because of cats, was an inspired find.

…thankfully no explosions would occur throughout both days.

Unless they happen to be balloons accidentally bursting into loud pops.

That said, that’s why the Supa Dupa Circus is in town!


The lack of a Yoshi Balloon was a slight bummer, but alas the green dino’s probably stuck with tax fraud, so perhaps next time he’ll show up.

But for folks looking to try their hand working in the industry of something art related


The Rimba Racer booth is looking for interns!


The schedule from the morning showed plans for the day, with workshops by various speakers taking turns talking to talk about,

  • Social Media Storytelling (By kendylife)
  • Balloons! (By Supa Dupa Circus)
  • Foambending (By Team Blood MY)
  • Pixel Beads art (Also By Supa Dupa Circus)
  • Cosplay Photoshooting (By Arc Photography)
  • Kalimbas (By William Kok)

“Give cosplayers a rest,” said the speaker of the Cosplay Photography Workshop, a piece of advice that certainly makes sense, which makes one wonder what is it like on the other side of the camera, for folks who participate in shoots at ACG events themselves.

With great advice comes…great cost unfortunately, with the workshop section occasionally blocked by cheering crowds at the stage right next to the workshop itself.

Of course, scheduled workshops with speakers is just one side of ACE’s coin.

Upon entering the event hall itself, Vivae Board Game cafe’s got visitors covered with workshops for board games.

That are guaranteed to not be bored games by the end of it.

“We also have learning games”, one of the booth folk mentioned.

Hang on, like actual learning games? Stuff like those single player puzzle board games for kids?

*Insert Pogchamp here*

Despite not being a child anymore, the arcade-like setup of joysticks, buttons and rows of TVs armed with consoles by the Infinite Carnage booth brings out one’s inner child again.


Occasional crowds gather round the Playstation 4s, featuring gameplay of the recently released Jump Force, which adds up considering the small tournament that would take center stage near the end of Day 2.

What was worth noting is the setup of an Arcade joystick console of sorts, offering thousands of games for attendees to give it a shot, especially the whole lot of the Metal Slug series.


Speaking of stages, whilst things were always quiet by the time doors opened up at 10 am on both days,


An empty stage is a calm before the storm of squealing crowds applauding the dancing, singing and acting of both guests and cosplay contestants for the event’s various contests.

Stands of cameras stood idly whilst performances continue forward every few hours, recording footage to be shared after the event’s dusts settles, assuming no one accidentally toppled over a stand.

Or Jojo reference, since ‘stand’.


Whilst trotting around the event casually, a volunteer came up asking, “Hey are you a photographer?”

The question was met with a yes, as she explained more about the cosplay gathering section outside the hall, which was an opportunity for photographers to take shots of the cosplayers attending the event for their respective cosplay gatherings.

Oh well, not like there’s much to do at the moment.

Heading out of the hall, turning left (right coming from the elevator), a large open space outside lined by yellow tape forms a section of sorts for what can be assumed to be where the photoshoot takes place.

The trek on the way there is what gets attention, past the ticket counter of course.

With a prize booth, stationed next to a shooting range for Nerf Guns, some distance away from a Playstation 4 consistently playing Just Dance with its players, this appeared to be some sort of mini carnival game setup, but to some degree free to give it a shot.

Or to let off steam, by looking to play darts with Nerf Gun bullets and plastic bottles.

Don’t bother shooting the cardboard box, as physics rules stop mere plastic from pushing mighty cardboard unfortunately.

Hang on, wasn’t the destination supposed to be somewhere else?

Ah yes of course, the cosplay photoshoot area.

A large open space, with doors that lead outwards onto the rooftop garden for taking shots with natural backgrounds arms photographers with ALL the options for photoshoots at this event.

Really putting all letters in ACE to good use, is a good summary of how this event holds up.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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