A Con-Eventional Story: ACG Fiesta 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

If attending ACG events was like entering heaven, the stairwell into UTAR’s event hall would fit that bill, as concrete stairs direct visitors towards the counter where entry tickets await their purchase.


A dress code sign sits idly by that very counter, consistently ignored by passing staff and visitors, on a weekend that has ongoing classes for some reason.

But back to the event, into the nearby hallway that leads visitors into a glowing hall of white lights, really giving the impression of stumbling into heaven itself.

A Morning’s Beginning

Like any ACG event that opens its doors in early mornings, crowd sizes can turn events into space choking hazards to a place of freedom it makes the USA jealous. 

Yet, the small turnout early on is nothing to worry about, as the charismatic GG Twins on Emcee duty keeps the event’s early hours rolling.

The event’s guests soon join the stage, kickstarting ACG Fiesta with performances that blast music all day long, as projectors by the hall’s corners highlight the current act on stage.

Until it said Break Time.

Hang on, Break Time isn’t an actual performance?

Oh well, off to kill some time then.

A Break Time Killer

From the building entrance into the hall, several Dark Pink shirt wearing staff sat by tables armed with props of sorts, almost like carnival minigames.

Which takes the event to,




GAME #1: A Sticky Situation


A game of, tossing sticks into a hole from a distance, but without bending one’s body, tossing ALL the sticks at once, or using psychic powers.

Kind of like old school fishing, but with physics and gravity before boats were invented.

GAME #2: Initial F


A game of, flipping paper frogs to the end of the table, like the Eraser Wars of Primary School days.

Does not forbid the player from turning the table 90 degrees to redirect their paper frog that won’t stop drifting.

GAME #3: Cuphead 2


A game of, stacking paper cups from top to bottom, until the red dot reaches the top.

50% convinced this is an indirect innuendo.

GAME #4: The Matchmaking Server


A game of, flipping cards over to quick match, but with only one arm.

Less likely to piss players off than actual matchmaking servers restarting their search.

GAME #5: Facial Simulator 20XX


A game of, matching face parts to the original, after 10 seconds of browsing and 1 minute of putting the face together.

But also, asking why does the mustache look like a screw.


Does not include tickets to The Avengers Endgame in April 2019, but does include a ticket that lets visitors draw lots for a lucky draw prize at the redemption booth just outside the hall, but also the Lucky Draw session later that evening.

Oh there’s performances ongoing now, guess Break Time’s done performing. Which brings us back to,

The Hall of Action

Generous applause and squealing cheers meet the various performers on stage, with blaring music from the stage area speakers ensuring at some point someone’s eardrums would go pop.

Be it singing, dancing, stories from the guests, segments of watching live anime dubbing, there’s always something happening on-stage to keep the crowds standing on their feet.

Of course, it’s not an ACG event with guests without a signing session or two, as ACG Fiesta staff raise sticks of ‘Line ends here’ to keep the crowds moving along.


The booth next to the signing tables house guest cosplayer goods aplenty, with crowds all mutually carrying at least one if not half a dozen bits of cosplayer merch for signing and brief interactions with.

Though this is not the only thing one’s excess allowance can go into, if the anime merch booths nearby have anything to say about it.

A certain booth was featuring some unique looking merch, vastly different from the many sights seen until this point, in the form of custom made…blades.


Plastic coated prop blades with their stabby charms, not for actual attacking people as that’s not what props are for. (Viewer is advised NOT to do that.)

But booths that sell merch aside, several booths offer up their services through showing, without the price tags.

In the leftmost booth, the services of Dynamic Vision Resources, a Malaysian based outlet offering lessons in the Japanese language, welcomes aspiring locals looking to pickup the language to for future opportunities in Japan itself.

To the rightmost booth, the fine displays of the Dragonball Malaysia booth brings forth tons of nostalgic and iconic figures of the Dragonball franchise in the local scene, as a makeshift museum display of sorts.

Which presents the following skit,

Here, you see Freeza/Frieza,


And here, you see you’re not dealing with the Average Saiyan Warriors anymore,


A joke that only a few will likely get.

An Enclosed Encounter

Transmission Interrupted…

Reconnecting…(Check back in 12ish hours)

Well that was weird.

We got sidetracked there.

Should probably check that out.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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