A Con-Eventional Sidetrack: ACG Fiesta 2019, feat La Petite Fox

Con-Eventional Sidetrack brings you into an event’s event. You could say it’s an Event-ception, or Eve-ception.

DISCLAIMER: The author wishes to disclose that this IS NOT A SPONSORED POST, all thoughts are strictly the author’s personal views, and no one else’s.

I’ll be honest, until ACG Fiesta 2019 I’ve never actually experienced these Maid/Butler cafe things that exist at various ACG events in Malaysia, let alone visit an actual cafe somewhere in Selangor.

So imagine my surprise when Day 1 of ACG Fiesta introduced a group of finely dressed ladies and gentlemen on stage, wearing hairbands with…cat fox ears on them? (I think?)

Whilst introducing themselves as the staff of La Petite Fox.

Where this at?

To the right of ACG Fiesta’s event hall, blocked off by walls of UTAR soft boards on wheels, lies a small but cozy setup of chairs and tables, where several suit/maid outfit wearing staff patrol the site tending to guests aplenty.

La Petite Fox, the cafe’s standing banner outside the entrance calls itself, slightly marred by the softboard that had this following bunch of notes on it.


But that mild distraction aside, how does the cafe hold up?



It’s pretty spacious for a super small setup, which may or may not be the same size as their actual cafe in town, but if it works it works.

Occasionally, the stinging fragrance of some kind of noodle soup fills the hall’s entrance, tempting visitors to drop by for a quick in and out.

I myself would sign up for this, come Day 2.

How it’d went?

As mentioned earlier, I have ZERO experience with what it’s like at these kind of cafes.

I’m familiar with them existing, but that’s as far as I know about them.

But from what I’ve been through, here’s how it works.

First up, you make an order from the menu, pay up and the staff gladly escort you to an available seat, pretty standard stuff.

There were seats aplenty at the time, so it’s possible for guests to pick a seat or follow their escort’s suggestion.

Second, food arriving and setting up the mood.

So here’s where the cafe shticks kick in.

Apparently, after serving up the food, the butlers/maids are tasked with getting the guest to give the food served to some ‘Powah!’ or something, via some ritual thing that’s what I presume to be part of the shtick of a butler/maid cafe.

Basically, they ask to recite some chant, which I’ve forgotten at this point, but it goes something like, “hand gesture, hand gesture, hand gesture, POWAH!”, as you imagine blessing your food with imaginary power.

Then you’re welcomed to start dining.

…I’ve never questioned my life choices harder before that.

Moving on, depending on what you order, all the Sets on offer in the menu give guests the option to pick from a bunch of services the staff will do for them.

Be it spoon feeding food stuff, or playing some games/challenges, guests are empowered to pick out one service for the staff to interact with them.

But for reasons that I’ll sum up as, not wanting to distract the staff too hard since I was at the event to do coverage and not much else, I did got some insight into the cafe’s history as part of the ‘service’ under my order.

So what’s up?

Apparently, La Petite Fox is a maid/butler cafe service under the Comic Fiesta people, as part a department of sorts.

They first came to be at Comic Fiesta Mini in 2015, and later at that year’s Comic Fiesta. (Yes, that one at The Mines ;-;)

As part of what I can deduce to be CF’s interest in bringing this culture into Malaysian soil, this venture certainly paid off considering the department’s still going 4 years later.

Interestingly, this department operates like a highschool/college club, with old members rotating out for new members after a period of time, which sort of explains why the cafe was also looking to recruit new folks to join as future cafe staff at ACG Fiesta as well.

Now you might be wondering, what’s a CF department doing at an event that CF has pretty much no involvement in?

Couple of reasons, one of which involves the cafe’s freedom to collaborate with other events when it’s off season for Comic Fiesta events, which makes sense since not doing something for a long time means you’d get rusty at it.

Secondly, apparently one of the staff is a student studying at UTAR, the university ACG Fiesta operates under, who managed to convince the ACG Fiesta folks to bring them in to conduct the whole maid/butler cafe service, talk about convenience eh?

But yeah, that about sums up how La Petite Fox came to be, how they work and why this was an attraction so unique that we literally got Sidetracked to write about it.

That said, we now take you to,

A Closing Encounter

I’ll be frank, I’m not a fan of having folks go out of their way to serve and stuff, but I do understand the idea behind it.

Staff at cafes like this are already way more sporting and full of guts to spend their weekend offering extreme hospitality that’d make 5-star hotel staff $*** their pants at their quality, because they’re just that good at their job.

Hell, THIS, is the kind of stuff they should be teaching in Hospitality classes, not some by the numbers BS that assumes everyone studying that subject will only be doing work for high-end restaurants/hotels, because the experience learnt from this kind of work > All the As you’ll get out of college.

…anyways, minor rant aside, do check out La Petite Fox if they do pop up at your local ACG event today!

Though one pickle I do have, is the food serving size, which could be bigger but given that ACG Fiesta was more of a makeshift cafe, this may or may not be the actual serving size you’d get from their own cafe.

Also, maybe also ask them ‘What does the La Petite Fox Say?’.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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