An UnCon-Eventional Story: ACG Fiesta 2019

UnCon-eventional Stories are event recaps more on the event itself than the experience.

Credits to the Anime Comic Games – ACG Fiesta official Facebook for the featured image, and the various images seen in this post.

I DO NOT own the rights to any of these photos (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to Anime Comic Games – ACG Fiesta. 

Given how short ACG Fiesta 2019 was, the place where it’s held, Sungai Long, should consider changing its name to Sungai Short.

…and no, ACG Fiesta isn’t a bad event, it’s actually pretty good.

So good, one of the reasons I wanted to drop by was to make Sungai Long/Sungai Short jokes.

…this is the part you start lobbing bricks at the screen.

The FAQ is this?

ACG Fiesta is a yearly ACG event held by the folks over at UTAR’s Sungai Long campus, that as of 2019 is the 5th time they’ve held this UTAR exclusive event since.

…wait, shouldn’t it be 6th since they started in 2014? Shush, voice in the head.

Anyways, because this is an event under UTAR College, I can only assume that this event exists mainly because of the Anime Club/Society that keeps doing activities to well…keep the club existing even today.

Which is kind of neat, because depending on which college you attend, clubs would either consistently do stuff or die out as fast as it’s formed, which was the case from my experience with a certain college ACG event from years back, but enough about that.

So anyways ACG Fiesta 2019.

Initially pitched on November 30th 2018, it came with a teaser about its 2019’s theme before 2018 wrapped up.

Credits to the Anime Comic Games – ACG Fiesta official Facebook for the image

By the time 2019 started, ACG Fiesta 2019 showed the world its Kabuki themed event, which from what I could dig up, apparently involves the idea of guy actors performing stuff on stage, with ALL THE EXPRESSIONS about Dramas, Historical Plays and Dances etc.

Credits to the Anime Comic Games – ACG Fiesta official Facebook for the image

And yes, that character in the pic is a dude.

Don’t judge. :eyes:

Although thinking about it again, it’s kind of weird there weren’t any actual Kabuki-esque performances on stage, but that’s no problem there, for ACG Fiesta has their own lineup to take center stage.


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Credits to the Anime Comic Games – ACG Fiesta official Facebook for the images

Performances aplenty filled the stage on both days, especially in the evenings where I swear it’s got so many exploding tunes in the air that it could break a Michael Bay boner.

Also, it does get confusing when the projectors on the top right/left of the stage area show the performer’s names, cause I literally thought “Break Time” was an actual performance.

Anyways moving on, you know this is the part I’m going to bring up the guests present for both days of ACG Fiesta, but in this instance.

You’re not dealing with the average Guests attending this event anymore, for they are SPECIAL Guests instead!


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Credits to the Anime Comic Games – ACG Fiesta official Facebook for the images

…it even says it in ACG Fiesta’s promotional material!

Featuring Angie, the same guest from Popcon 2 months ago, and Rikka, bringing dank memes that for privacy reasons we will not be showing here.

But it does involves Hashire’s Oreo. You can thank/kill us later.

Though speaking of guests, there were also quite a handful of sponsors that showed up for the event, namely one very cool booth that I’ll get into later.


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Credits to the Anime Comic Games – ACG Fiesta official Facebook for the images

In this corner, you got Jigsaw Puzzle World! That I can’t recall having a booth at the event (I could be wrong), but they did sponsor some of the Lucky Draw packages to Puzzle the lucky winners that stayed till the event’s closing time.

On that mid lane, you got Dynamic Vision Resources (DVR), some good folks looking to introduce Japanese language lessons to the ACG event adoring public, with prospects of studying in Japan on offer as well.

And in this last corner, you also gots XD Shop, a store that…I’ve seen show up at pretty much ALL the events I’ve covered so far (Star Supa Comic, PopCon, ACE etc), consistently tempting my hand to draw their gachas for loot that I honestly…wouldn’t mind if it means they’d get off my backs.

And yes, XD shop will be at the next event we’re covering too, but more on that next week.

Speaking of next, ACG Fiesta folks if you’re reading this, the next 2 sections are for ye to look into.

The Good Goods

  • Countdown to Contact

Far as I recall, ACG Fiesta is one of the few events that I’ve seen do the whole countdown till Event day thing, where an event page would consistently remind audiences that their event’s coming with daily countdown timers that go down with each day etc.


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Credits to the Anime Comic Games – ACG Fiesta official Facebook for the images

The fact that this is something ACG Fiesta has done consistently over the years is pretty good, since it lets audiences know about this small scale event which may or may not attract bigger crowds but hey, it’s publicity.

Anything to remind folks about an event works, and a countdown system is one of the few ways you can remind them of it.

Also the characters on it, as dank as those designs are I’d love to see one year where they bring that year’s mascots to life, which would be neat to see.

  • MiniGames of Thrones

One thing I do like about tickets is how they often come with something extra as part of the package, and lucky draw slots are usually the easiest to get.

In this case, buying a ticket for ACG Fiesta nets you an empty slip for you to fill up by playing around with the minigames all over the event, with…varying degrees of fun and rules to exploit but it’s all in good interest.

I do like the stick tossing and face-making (No, literally) ones, since they prove even in irl I still can’t aim/memorize for $***.

But yeah, minigames for visitors to kill time is a very good attraction to keep around.

Speaking of good stuff,

  • Culture of Duty

One thing that gets my attention about ACG events are the unique not so common things that they tend to offer, in this case the Dynamic Vision Resources (DVR) booth that gives students and/or locals the chance to both learn Japanese and potentially further study into Japan itself.

Coupled with their somewhat cringy but adorable to watch performances on stage with that whole live dubbing skit they did on Day 2, it’s clear this is the kind of stuff that can exist alongside ACG events.

Not as a main attraction of course, but as an important bridge for folks who love the things Japan has on offer to connect with what they really like, and it’s great to see ACG Fiesta featuring them to be honest.

Speaking of which, bringing in the La Petite Fox folks was also a very good move, even if coincidentally some of the staff happen to be students from UTAR.

  • Entry/Exit-Ception

I said this before about ACE last month and I’ll say it again here.

It’s always a good thing that events let you exit the same way you entered, because an arbitrary exit at some other end of an event hall because of ‘protocol’ can go eff itself.

Not because visitors are lazy to walk, rather visitors who already bought tickets will definitely spend time at your event anyways, so it would be more effective to make it more convenient for them to move around, especially during weekend afternoons.

Granted, the hall hosting ACG Fiesta is super small, so it kind of makes sense to make this entry/exit thing into one, but credit should be given for this thing that big events held at Mid Valley still don’t understand.

  • Tactical Tickets

Card Tickets are kind of genius.

…nothing much to say about that tbh, though a cheap tag to accompany the card ticket would make checking at the gate much easier, if I have to nitpick an issue with this.

But it is 15 bucks for two days, which…hey.

I wonder if we keep saying the whole ‘This is probably the lowest ticket price across all ACG Events in Malaysia this year’ future events could potentially have their tickets be lower than the price we mentioned. :thinking:

The Bad Blehs

  • Inconsistent Checking

Okay, at some point in time in Day 1 and Day 2, after passing through the entrance and exit of the event hall so much, the staff at the door for some reason stopped checking and just…let us pass?

I can buy the idea that they likely recognize folks who definitely have tickets by repeatedly seeing them all day, but it’s a potential pickle hole that could lead to the smuggling of folks who didn’t buy tickets.

Or just well, make the card tickets come with a tag or something, because those wristband tickets seen at events like CF, Star Supa Comic etc exist for a reason, that being clear cut proof that these tickets exist.


This might sound like a super weird complaint, but it’s one I’d like to bring up.

Now, I admit I’ve never been to ACG Fiesta before this year, but I am aware about past ACG Fiestas having booths that offer sections to play Children’s Card Games at the event itself.

What happened to those if I might ask? Because it seems like a missed opportunity for ACG Fiesta to include a workshop-esque booth for this event, for card games that is.

If it’s an issue of funding I understand why card game booths stopped showing up at ACF Fiesta.

Else it’s just a weird omission considering that on Day 2, I found some folks playing said Children’s Card Games on the floor by the stage, in a small enclosed area etc.

A missed opportunity, I suppose.

  • The Sound of Loudness

Looking at the floor plan for ACG Fiesta, it’s probably the most well thought out setup I’ve seen so far out of all the ACG events this year, but one problem that bones this great setup is well…the sound.

I understand that events with a stage area will always be playing music to fill the empty air during downtime, but that very sound spam becomes an issue when it’s disrupting activities that need communicating.

In this case, during the signing session with the Special Guests, given where they setup their booths for the signing session.

This is the one instance I actually wonder if there was a better spot to slot this booth, but given the limited space on offer likely not.

That said, I would propose music being at a lower volume when something like a signing session’s ongoing, since it’s the one thing that can be controlled, compared to when performances are happening on stage.

The Sequel? (Pretty Likely)

Looking at ACG Fiesta’s history, I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce next year’s iteration sometime near the end of this year.

I mean, this is the first event we’ve covered that has a history of consistently being hosted.

So historic that it’s kinda neat that UTAR kind of fits the theme, I bet our First PM would be proud.

The Verdict


Come to ACG Fiesta, it’s some College Level stuff that’s not too fancy, but laid back enough to relax at.

It’ll probably make you miss College again just by attending. ;3


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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