A Con-Eventional Story: CosCon 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

Under the blazing sky where the sunny heavens lifted folks out of a recent nightmare, the trek towards the event venue for Coscon was a straightforward path, towards the red ball-like mall that was Sunway Velocity.


For a mall with such a fast name, the trek towards the venue itself was a slog depending on the time of day.

Upon setting foot onto the skybridge into the mall’s premises, an equally straightforward but air-conditioned trek awaits those looking for Coscon’s location.

Bypass the sights of children running around the promotional material for Ajen Ali downstairs, and the sound of familiar songs from various anime or Japanese media draws attention.

Approaching the massive stage setup with the odd words “The Banquet 2019 Coming Soon” by its back, lines of  black fabrics with the Sunway Velocity logo on it coat the rows of tables where booth vendors setup shop.

Be they artists, cosplayers or official stores, there’s definitely something worth picking up within this small setup of goods and people.


Under the gleaming illumination of the sun’s bright rays, and Sunway Velocity’s dimly orange beams, let event be attended.


For Emcees, not Main Characters.


The two Emcees, introducing themselves as Yuura and Mochii respectively, attempted to get the crowds rolling, despite the lack of crowds early on to…sort of leave an awkward taste in the air.

Yet, none can curb their enthusiasm off stage, as they go out of their way to promote and check out the folks over by the art booths by the stage’s left side, during some downtime between performances.

Followed by one of the event crew carrying a camera recording the two Emcees running all over the place as the crowds watch in awe as the event starts rolling,


An open space before the pitch black stage soon crowds into an abyss of people with lightsticks, cheering for fellow performers as music showers an endless stream of tunes out of the speakers.


A constant stream of voices share mics with each passing session, with energy filling the atmosphere with hype and enjoyment depending on who you observe.

Staying close to the stage brings out the best experience, but risks deafening ears in the process, making it a gamble on what should be the priority when performances start happening.

But, the crowds stood firm, clearly enjoying the show, as did the nearby crowds of normal everyday folk passing by the event venue.


On occasion, the chance to stroll around the halls of yellow tiles across Sunway Velocity’s Level 1 to visit the various booths presents itself.


Even in daytime, the black banana shaped aliens are still terrifying to behold.

The Predator at least can be sued in court. for the name alone. ;3

Like the premiers of blockbuster hollywood movies, Red Carpet booths feature only the most storelike of booths, with gachas on offer, plenty of merch to brush one’s chin to decide on, and the line of Cosplay posters up for grabs.

And some Coscon merch apparently, featuring the Vocaloid brand’s cast of characters dressed up in Yukatas of sorts.


Speaking of Vocaloid, a row of nearby TVs welcomes public folks to try their hand at their franchise’s signature videogame of beating the beats.

Amateurs, pros or outright gods are welcomed to join their brothers/sisters in landing catchy beats to their favorite tunes.


When one exits stage left, or just go round the stage area, the hallway of art and cosplayer booths, awaits visitors with folks chilling and talking with fellow event go-ers.

It makes sense for people to hang out with people, and near the store naming itself Common Sense.

Across the hall of reflective floor tiles that welcome the endless strolling of visitors, cosplayers of all sorts hang around fellow folks.

Some stroll by slowly, taking in the sights of things by the booths that get their attention.

Others take some time to practice posing for the day’s competition later, whereas others take time off to grab photos with folks and/or photographers that approached them nicely.

The sight of cosplayers taking photos with folks one doesn’t see often was an admirable sight to see, such as a wheelchair bound elder or excited kids looking up to what is essentially teenagers or young adults in costume.

A strong reminder that most cosers are pretty normal folks, that love suiting up to look the parts of characters they like.

Folks who’d gladly welcome taking photos with folks, within good reason of course.


Endings eventually come for events, but the folks of Coscon weren’t about to exit the place without enjoying the rare opportunity to geek out in public singalongs.

As the familiar lyrics of “FIGHTING DREAMERS” play, a willing echo from both guys and girls echoed across the small event setup.


Normal passing folk look over with concerning eyes, as a masked cosplayer broke into playing air guitar with his massive sword prop, cheered by the nearby crowd of folks getting into the hype set in stone by the music being blared publicly.

Certainly a finale so explosive, only pictures and videos could immortalize moments like this.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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