An UnCon-Eventional Story: CosCon 2019

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UnCon-eventional Stories are event recaps more on the event itself than the experience.
Wonder what the event is like in the field? Check out A Con-Eventional Story: CosCon 2019

Credits to the Coscon official Facebook for the featured image, and the various images seen in this post. I DO NOT own the rights to any of these photos (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to Coscon.


Gonna address the Elephant in the room real quick before we start, what do you mean the event the weekend before this?

That got cancelled remember? ;3

The FAQ is this?

COSCON! Is a very straightforward name for this newly formed ACG event in Malaysia, held on the last weekend of March 2019, from the 30th to the 31st.

With the event announcement live on January 20th 2019, the same day Coscon’s Facebook page was formed, the event introduced itself as,

  • A newly formed group of ACG lovers,
  • Hosting their first event 2 months later that year (In March)
  • Teasing cosplay doujinkas from Japan, Taiwan, China and Malaysia,
  • And already setting up the stage for competitions during the event itself

That’s the basic gist of how the launch was like, straightforward, exciting and armed with prospect.

But anyways, origin story over, let’s move on to what they’ve got to offer.

The most attention grabbing thing would be the wild claim that cosplay doujinkas (I’m not too sure why do they call them that, but we’ll roll with it) from outside of Malaysia were attending the event, and boy did the Coscon folks brought in quite the lineup.


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Credits to the Coscon official Facebook for the images

I swear, this event has the biggest lineup of visiting cosers from outside Malaysia since at least Comic Fiesta, which is a pretty cool thing to pull off considering the small scale of Coscon’s event.

That said, I’d be pretty ignorant to not mention that one of the featured cosers couldn’t make it to the event, for reasons that I’ll sum up as honorable.

It’s certainly a bummer, but things happen.

Anyways, what’s a Malaysian ACG event without featuring some folks from outside the state Coscon is hosted in.


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Credits to the Coscon official Facebook for the images

Featuring the Emcee talents of Mochii and Yuraa, alongside the guest judges of Rice Usagi, Jiawen and Ink Cosplay, Coscon’s got the crew to ensure the everything to be done at the event is covered and ready for action.

That said, here’s a fact, all of them hail from merry old Penang Island! Home of food, night markets, MORE FOOD and a surprisingly lack of events locally, outside of the postponed to 2020 Penang Anime Matsuri and yet to be announced Comic Fiesta Mini Penang.

But hey, it’s cool to meet folks from outside of the Selangor scene and stuff.

Last but certainly not least, the Performance power to have Coscon running at Peak Performance.


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Credits to the Coscon official Facebook for the images

From folks I’ve seen in action from previous events *cough*thepreviousone*cough*, Coscon was armed with a whole lot of stage action, coupled with the various competitions that day, hanging out at the stage area would make for a very deafening experience.

But people do love the High Deaf-enition.

So that about sums up most of the highlights of Coscon, but I do want to give a shoutout to all the vendors, and other coser booths that setup shop at the event that day.

Something that will be addressed more later.

The Good Goods

  • Do you know da Sun-wae?

You know your event’s legit, and worth the effort/safety when the very venue it’s held at outright just promotes it for you.

Especially in the case of a small scale, first time event like Coscon.

THIS, is some good dank promotion that doesn’t just promote the event to the public, but also ensures this is legal, ensuring attendees won’t get disturbed by random cops showing up to spook people into thinking there’s a terrorist threat nearby.

SunwayVelocity Promo.png
Credits to the Sunway Velocity official Facebook for the post

Also think about it,

WHY, would a mall, especially one under the Sunway brand in this case, promote an event at all, unless they already have ALL the cards to play. (ie, Permits etc)

Sunway Velocity gets traffic into the mall for the weekend, Coscon gets its attendees, it’s a win-win relationship to be honest, so frankly, it makes sense for Sunway Velocity to cover for its event.

Also, one quick glance at Sunway Velocity’s FB page shows that this is not all they promote by the way, as they have Events running all the time, so it’s nothing new to them to promote stuff.

In this case however, promoting Coscon gives attendees the assurance that they can attend the event without worry.

  • The CosContest

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to see an announcement for Coscon to extend their prize pool for the overwhelming number of cosplay contestants.

Initially pitched at a maximum of 10, they wound up with a whopping lineup of 30 contestants instead!

Credits to the Coscon official Facebook for the images

This is a pretty good move, being willing to open up a slightly bigger prize pool to cater towards more contestants, even though realistically only about 10% of them would walk away with a prize.

That said, Coscon’s willingness to extend is an admirable thing. I understand that not every event should do this, but it is something worth noting that future events can learn from.

Adapt, to what the situation calls for.

PS, I would like to ask the organizers to call their future cosplay contest the “CosContest” please. :3

  • Family Feed Mart

…what can I say? Having your event right outside a Family Mart right in the middle of Sunway Velocity’s Boulevard joint is the most genius spot since the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre when it comes to convenience.

Especially when it comes to FOOOOOD!

Credits to the Coscon official Facebook for the images

Just look at this map, they outright spell out Family Mart for folks to drop by for meals, and after two days of having their bowl dish thing, it’s just fabulously strategic.

This is before you include the rows of other nearby lots under the sun offering up other kinds of food if Family Mart stuff bores you.

In short, Coscon will make sure attendees are well fed, the one time when feeding in pubs makes sense.


2xmqot 2

No but seriously, the 2nd floor setup overlooking the stage area is effing genius.

It makes for some awesome “look up for the camera” shots that NO EVENT this 2019 (as of writing) has yet to do, so be proud of this awesome shtick, this is the one thing that makes Coscon stand out in comparison.

And the fact it’s perfect for a classic prequel meme.

  • One of Us! ONE OF US!

In all seriousness though, the idea of having the invited cosplayers hang around the event like us normal attendees is something that should be worth noting.

Often, during events I noticed that invited guest cosplayers tend to hang out at their booths mostly and not do a whole lot much, which kind of negates the reason to attend outside of their obligation to the event.

I do understand that not all Guest cosplayers like to roam around an event, but it is kind of “eh” to see them stuck at a booth all the time.

Coscon’s idea offers a nice change of pace to the idea of what guests can do at an event, other than their default obligations.

Although to be fair, guests remaining at their booths makes sense considering it is the safest place to be, and that fans would often lineup patiently to meet them anyways.


This is mostly with regards to the invited cosplayers from outside of Malaysia, but it does have an issue that we’ll get to shortly.

The Bad Blehs

Post launch edit:

Before proceeding further, please do give this Post Event Explaination by the Coscon Organizers a quick run through, as it sort of fills the holes and justifies some of the issues mentioned in this section.

  • Map Lives Matter

One thing that confused me about Coscon is the floor plan they laid out for their event, which lacks the sense of direction the base map from earlier had.


Credits to the Coscon official Facebook for the images

Looking back at it now, I guess the floor plan kind of makes sense, but before the event I was kinda clueless about how the event’s floor plan would work when I dropped by the venue a day earlier.

If the floor plan had a nearby landmark to give an idea on how the layout works, that would be enough frankly.

Given how the first map outright promoted Family Mart indirectly, I just found it odd they’d skip it here.

This is not much of an issue, it’s just something to consider for the future.

And come on, it’s Family Mart, I doubt most of us would be against the idea of knowing that the event has that joint from heaven to get food from.

  • Language Type Barrier

One of the few things that got kind of awkward at Coscon was when…the Emcees sort of resorted to conveying information in one language while skipping the other language.

With respect to the two Emcees that did a fantastic job all weekend long, it’s a bit alienating for the folks who don’t understand the language they use.

Just to be clear, this is NOT the fault of the Emcees, they did what they could, and that should be applauded.

But moving forward, I highly recommend the Coscon folks sit back and decide on the bits of information that MUST be made known, even if it means having the Emcees repeat it twice, but in 2 separate languages.

I definitely trust the Coscon folks for this, because I myself witnessed the stage crew working very closely with the Emcees, not too sure what they were talking about but eh.

In short, repeating the same announcement in another language or having the Emcees both utilize different languages is not a bad idea if it means ensuring everyone has an idea of what’s happening.

The last thing you want is to have your attendees confused and alienated.

…but hey, at least they’re not arrested.

JUST TO REALLY BE CLEAR, THE EMCEES ARE NOT AT FAULT HERE. The lessons learnt moving forward is more important.

  • Anyone got some Crowd Control?

The risk of open Mall events where the entry is free, is that it comes with the issue of crowds, the normie kind.

Now by right, normal folks coming to Sunway Velocity probably don’t give much of a crap about events unless they’re interested, but the space area between the outdoor exit and the event has to be addressed.

Because jeezus, I didn’t think that there’d be an event that simulates Comic Fiesta level crowds until this one. @.@

One thing I noticed across both days is the inconsistent positioning of those Sunway Velocity Car things, that for some reason even on Day 2 they’re still kind of in the way.

I’m not too sure if the mall has restrictions on what can be moved out of the way for an event, but if the option exists to clear out whatever space possible, I’d say go for it to be honest.

Plan B would be to consider a different part of the mall to host the event, which unfortunately during the weekend when Coscon happened, Sunway Velocity had plenty of other events ongoing all across the mall,which kind of explains why Coscon was at that specific spot of the mall for its event.

That said though, a different site for Coscon 2.0 would be interesting to see happen moving forward, if it’s still at Sunway Velocity of course.

Then again…losing out access to Family Mart is a tough choice.

  • Gas, Guess, Guest?

Okay, this one’s a bit of a biggie.

The weirdest part about Coscon was the issue of locating the invited cosplayers themselves, in a place where it’s Man Mountain Man Sea, it gets confusing to be sure which cosplayer is local and which one’s from outstation.

I also don’t recall any shoutouts about the invited cosplayers as well, and while I do understand the reasoning provided, which involves something along the lines of the invited cosplayers just chilling like most attendees, but it just seems kind of…weird is all.

This can be easily fixed by just giving a simple shoutout or something, that or make it more clear that these are the cosplayers not from Malaysia that everyone’s sort of looking for.

HOWEVER, given the context of recent events, this is really not that big of an issue, and it is very much understandable why keeping them under the radar is important.


Author’s Note: Point disproved and clarified from the post above. Check out the post event explanation provided, please go through it.

The Sequel? (Unknown)

I’m 50/50 on the idea if Coscon’s coming back.

If it is I wouldn’t mind a round 2, but given how it’s allegedly funded out of the pockets of individuals from the Organizers, getting that kind of funding together consistently yearly can be…rough.

But hey, here’s a quick not sponsored plug,

Credits to the Coscon official Facebook for the image

Coscon’s looking for Volunteers!

Not for tributes in Yugioh or The Hunger Games mind you, but people to join up.

I’m not too sure what the gig is, but I reckon the good folks running Coscon would be more than happy to brief you new recruits about it.

If you’re up for the gig of course.

Side note Coscon Organizers, if you can please at least pay your volunteers Lunch Money, it would make you morally higher than that S-Hole who doesn’t pay their lowest volunteers money for food.

But has money to burn on jail bails.

The Verdict

Coscon is short, swift and sweet.

Definitely a pretty dank event, with the super low price tag of FREEEEEE to attend, it doesn’t get any better than that.

There are issues that need fixing up, but the crew we spoke to are really capable folks, and in these people you should trust to run this event.

Especially when they got the event venue itself to help assure the public that this event’s legit to attend without worry.

And at this point in time, that’s a really good thing.

So come on down!


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

To the Coscon organizing folks, thank you so much for the opportunity to cover the event, it’s been a painful but very fun blast attending and covering things as it happens.

That said, to the readers as well,

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better here.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures from my end, or the fact I just need to drink more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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