A Con-Eventional Story: Season4Otaku 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

Enter, The Lightbox

The familiar all clear beeping from the MRT Feeder bus chirps out, as visitors dropping off the public transport at this stop are greeted by the towering sight of a brick brown colored building.

Identifying itself as ‘Lightbox’, with a blatant light bulb shaped figure above its name.


Two means of entry await newcomers to enter the building, either through the automatic sliding doors, or the manual door of pushing.

Either way, the first sight upon entering the building presents an escalator heading downwards, and a cafe to the left with staff setting up shop for the weekend’s coming.


And of course, an outpost for Pos Laju, every Malaysian’s “favorite” Postal Service.

A Level 4 Area

An egg white panel sat attached on the brick wall that houses the elevators upwards, with the brand name Schindler attaching itself to it.


It’s interesting that Schindler has a List, but also an Elevator brand.

Step into the Schindler branded elevator upwards, and the microwave button-like panels make pressing buttons tricky.

A simple tap not registering makes one wonder if they’re not dealing with the average elevator anymore.

Thankfully, the button for Level 4 of the building lit up, and the doors close as the ascension begins.

The elevator doors soon reopen, unveiling a close-quarter space of the sa,e gray floor pavement from downstairs.

The difference here, was the presence of a ticket counter to the left, staffed by a lone member of someone wearing a shirt bearing the name “Season4Otaku” on it.

Heaven’s Event Hall

Strap on the regular ticket or registered badge for either Vendors, Performers or Media, and the nodding staff guarding the entrance gladly welcome you into the venue.


Surrounded by brown bricks and curtains covering windows that block off incoming sunlight, the overhead windows kept the place illuminated by natural sunlight across the hall.

Vendors slowly setup shop for attendees visiting the venue around 10 am, with rows of tables housing merchandise from both artists and vendors.

Especially these adorable looking white puffballs of…unfortunately, not Bongo Cat, but still cute looking balls of “owo what’s this” goodness.


<Insert “owo”s here>

Enter Stage Right

The speakers started blaring out voices, as the two Emcees on stage welcomed visitors to Season4Otaku’s 2019 venture.

Even in the midst of a small sized crowd during the early morning, a generous serving of applause echoes across the hall.

Especially when they literally jump off the stage to continue the show.

That said, what’s a stage area for, if not for fabulous performers to sing their hearts content?

All two days long, the various Japanese songs sung by the performers kept the event hall sounding loud, clear and applauding,

Despite one of the performers being unwell to perform during their turn, the show must go on, and  they certainly kept the show rolling.

Of course, high performance Performers are just half of the singing crew to take Season4Otaku’s center stage.

The sound of music featuring courageous boys and girls taking center stage to sing is an admirable sight to see.

Especially considering that the judges for the competition were more than happy to give feedback and encouragement.

It’s like watching American Idol Live, only minus,

  • Simon Cowell,
  • vote rigging,
  • TV broadcast quality American Idol

That said, so many voices took turns on the microphone that all day long, it’s impossible to distinguish if the songs being sung were by the actual artist themselves.

It was as though the event hall was one giant MP3 Player, without the options to stop, skip or switch.

That is of course, when the Emcees didn’t had to announce, “Give it up for Technical Difficulties!”

…at least twice during both days.

Regardless, that’s a future band name right there.

Project Cosplay Runway

As most ACG events often do, cosplayers running around the event for funsies, casual strolls or competitions is nothing new.

But who could ever say no to watching folks suit up their costumes and put on a show for the audience. 


A generous pool of characters signed up for the contest, featuring cosplays from various Japanese and Western animations, and video games as well.

And what better way to close it out, than to see Team Manboobs reenact an iconic scene from Disney’s Mulan, with an astonishing degree of accuracy.

But also, guaranteed hilarity.

The People’s Performance

Singing and cosplay performances/contests are predictable, but Season4Otaku also features some unusual segments to take the stage, all for the people.


In a country of multicultural folks, the soothing downtime brought by Gu Zheng’s instrumental performances balances the non-stop flow of songs with lyrics.

If the instrumentals do not click with one’s attention span, then perhaps the panel talk with Team Manboobs and CK Takoyaki would suffice.


Stories about their experience at events overseas sheds some light over how cosplay culture varies, especially in Japan itself where things are rather…different, in comparison to domestic events.

And all this, despite not being the voices of singers or eye catching cosplayers, does balance out Season4Otaku’s action with a bit of reprieve.

Le Side Shops

One thing is clear about Season4Otaku’s venue, is the lack of food places within the event hall.

But no fear here, as the Sakae Sushi Vendors have got people covered.

Featuring many rice filled packets of onigiri, and a nice warm serving of Oden for folks attending, brunch or lunch is covered.

Water included, but liquid necessity is found at the Ticket Booth outside, a brief but reachable stroll.

While munching down on food, be it a bento of curry rice, an oden bowl of spicy stuff or something brought from home, the booth next to Sakae Sushi makes for an interesting pass time to check out whilst digesting.

Ruby’s Cosplay Shop, brings forth a towering Saber/Artoria Saber costume by its booth, for potential future buyers or folks looking to rent it.

But also, plenty of wigs for those hairy cosplay situations.


And what better way than to close out both days of Season4Otaku, than to have the Emcees and/or performers still at the event try their hand at rewarding their fellow attendees.

By the Rm 15 ticket straps of both days, it comes with numbers that would reward one with the chance for a plushie, depending on the lucky draw’s timing.

…a benefit that unfortunately doesn’t include folks who applied for the media pass.



Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

Also disclaimer, most of the shots taken of the on-stage performers were picked out because these shots were,

  • the best possible shots taken during their respective performances,
  • had the least amount of motion blur (Because effing technology, mostly an issue with my camera unfortunately, or me, either or.)

That said, names of the contestants WILL NOT be disclosed for privacy reasons.

And that if I’m being honest, I don’t have the names of most of them anyways, so… skip!

Anyways, as usual,

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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