An UnCon-Eventional Story: Season4Otaku 2019


UnCon-eventional Stories are event recaps more on the event itself than the experience.

Wonder what the event is like in the field? Check out A Con-Eventional Story: Season4Otaku 2019

Credits to the Season4Otaku Official Facebook for the featured image, and the various images seen in this post.

I DO NOT own the rights to any of these photos (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to Season4Otaku.


Just so we’re clear.

Season4Otaku is NOT the 4th time the organizers are hosting this very event.

Rather, the 4 in Season4Otaku means 2 things.

The 4 seasons of the world, Springtrap, Summersama, Autumnmatic and Winter Is Coming.

But also, it literally is the word “for”.

Thus the name, Season4Otaku, which is a SeasonForOtakus.

The FAQ is this?

Season4Otaku 2019 is the 4th iteration of Season4Otaku’s continued run at a small scale ACG event, dating as far back as 2016.

This is most likely why most of us thought the name Season4Otaku was literally the 4th time they were doing this event.

Season4Otaku Promo

Announced on the literal last day of 2018, Season4Otaku was already armed to the teeth for their 2019 show.

What’s interesting to note is that, this is one of the few events that don’t really bank on an exclusive guest to gain attention for their event.

Rather, they capitalize on the performers performing for the event to bring in folks than anything else, rather than bank on a handful of folks.

Which is very consistent with Season4Otaku’s past iterations. 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to the Season4Otaku official Facebook for the images

Featuring the likes of some familiar performers as seen from previous events, such as Harmonia ACG at PopCon 2019 and Beat Fang at ACG Fiesta 2019, there’s still plenty of amazing singers lined up to take Season4Otaku’s Center stage.

From the fabulous looking Raika Kurosu, to the awesome Team Manboobs, I swear, hanging out at Season4Otaku is the equivalent of living through a Music Player that doesn’t stop playing its greatest hits.

Which varies depending on the performer, but hey, I honestly thought we were listening to the song being sung by the original artist to be honest.

That’s before you include the huge lineup of performers for the Singing Competition, who’s names are not available for privacy reasons. (Because, duh. And piss off you stalkers.)

Side note, don’t let Beat Fang’s logo intimidate you, they performed some very dank dances to Vocaloid songs.

Don’t judge. It looks cool.

Speaking of judging, the same performers they brought in would serve as judges for the various performances over the weekend. 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to the Season4Otaku official Facebook for the images

Different folks for different competitions, but all round awesomeness ensures.

Regardless of who’s participating in which competition, it’s super cool to see the judges publicly encourage even those that didn’t do so well, a gesture that’s very admirable and likely the reason why they were called in as judges to begin with.

Also a quick shoutout to the many cosplayers that attended both days, even though there aren’t a lot of em there are still plenty of dank memes to reenact at the event if you look hard enough.

Of course, the show wouldn’t start without the magnificent Emcees to kickstart the show.

Credits to the Season4Otaku official Facebook for the images

Featuring Dante, from not Devil May Cry and the towering Junnie, who previously Emceed at ACE 2019, Season4Otaku’s show will go on.

Like that song from Titanic.

That said, performers are just one half of Season4Otaku’s arsenal, if the many artist/doujin  booths found at the event are any indication.

Credits to the Season4Otaku official Facebook for the images

If the floor plan is any indication, the hall housing nearly 30-ish booths give or take still manages to give enough space for folks to move around.

Though I should mention that the two Exhibition Booths from above, were shifted over to the Rest Station part of the event hall.

For reasons that…I’ll sum up as, Sushi does not last well under the effing sun.

Oh, speaking of which, N26 and N27’s an interesting pair. More on this in the next few days. ;3

And that about sums up what Season4Otaku 2019’s got.

Organizers, this is the part I highly recommend you guys at least check out moving forward.

The Good Goods

  • Event: Isolation

I have to give props for an event being hosted at an external venue, compared to the many others that would usually be hosted at a mall, mall’s convention center or college, depending on who you ask.

There’s a strong benefit to such a venue, such as ensuring the people attending are really in it for the event, compared to the many normies I’ve seen at previous events that often play the, “Is the event free to enter?” card, before either scurrying off or line up for a ticket.

Far as I noticed, pretty much everyone I’ve seen at the event were folks I’ve seen attend events like these before, and are very likely to hang around longer than folks looking for a quick peek and run.

Very good choice, but…well, you’ll find out soon enough.

  • A Foodproof plan

Getting Sakae Sushi to setup shop as the event’s food booth is a very good choice, since it saves the need for attendees to go out of their way to find food.

There have been past events that do this as well, but hey, least this ensures attendees don’t have to go on a detour and miss the lunchtime shows on stage.

Prices are very debatable, but meh, least they have Oden on Day 2.

Future events, do highly consider bringing in food people to do food stuff for attendees if the option presents itself.

  • The Direction-tor’s Cut

One thing about Season4Otaku that got my attention was the consistent presence of posts that showed visitors how to attend the venue itself.

Granted, the full credit for the directions to Season4Otaku’s venue does go to the fine folks over at Ami Ai Cosplay World, but what’s important to note here is how the Season4Otaku page itself acknowledged their help in directing folks to the venue by foot.

This is added by Season4Otaku’s own attempt at guiding at the event, via their own album showing the various tips on parking at the venue itself.

Regardless of how you slice it, it’s an excellent idea to help attendees find their way to the event or well, just let them get a feel for what to expect until event day.

Though to be fair, I’ll admit this could’ve been done out of obligation given how unknown the venue is, but hey, any means to ensure your attendees can reach your event venue should be just as important.

After all, an event is worthless without people attending.

  • Luck of the DRAW! MONSTA CARDO!

I forgot to mention this back in the ACG Fiesta story, but one thing that I do love about events is when they reward the attendees who stayed through all the way.

Via simple gestures like Lucky Draw numbers that reward folks with goods, prizes and in this case, plushies.

Credits to the Season4Otaku official Facebook for the images

Granted, the lucky draw tickets are only available for the folks who brought tickets, and at prices as piss cheap as RM 15, why wouldn’t you?

Even a one day trip to the event could make it worthwhile.

Credits to the Season4Otaku official Facebook for the images

Just look at em! All fluffy and stuff.

…hey, at least you guys aren’t stuck with a pass that kind of ensures I won’t get any of the lucky draws. :feelsbadman:

  • Guest who saw that coming?

I’ll be honest, I really did not expect some of the things that happened at Season4Otaku to happen.

Ranging from,

  • One of the performers adding a bonus to the last Lucky Draw on Day 1,
  • One of the performers playing rock paper scissors with the crowd for a photobook,
  • The surprise appearance of an Emcee from a previous event!
  • Rise and Shine, Mr Freeman, Rise and Shine 

I swear, none of this stuff are things I’ve seen happen at all, at…any of the previous events so far.

Which sort of gives Season4Otaku this one edge that it has over the many much bigger scale and renowned ACG events in Malaysia’s scene.

I’m genuinely unsure if this was how previous Season4Otakus have played out, though it is telling of why it’s still an ongoing event, since starting out in 2016.

  • Hall of Shameless Plugs

Okay, not a big deal but holy crap, the number of public places to plug and charge your electronics is too damn high!

This is a very good thing by the way.

The Bad Blehs

  • B-Lightbox

Okay, just gonna address this REAL quick, since Lightbox really doesn’t have much impact towards the overall quality of Season4Otaku itself.




Also, what’s with these closed doors on the 1st and 3rd floors that never open all day long?

And the pitch black room where they they likely shoot horror movies on the 2nd floor?

What kind of building is Lightbox anyways?!

  • A Public Plug

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d argue that the booths attending Season4Otaku deserve a public shoutout, if not just a quick slideshow reel of the booths attending the event.

I’d understand if the booths attending would like to remain unknown until the event day itself, but even then, it just seems weird that only a handful of booths get a public shoutout.

You’d think that a small scale event like Season4Otaku would benefit not just itself but also the folks running their respective booths.

  • A Time to Do Something

One weakness Season4Otaku sort of has for it is that…if I’m being honest, it is sort of limited in terms of things people can do at the event.


  • watching the performances,
  • meeting the performers,
  • browsing the booths,
  • meeting friends/new people,
  • grabbing a photo with people/cosplayers,

And many other activities I’m likely missing, it is sort of…well, I guess…

It’s not boring per say, it’s just really limited once you’ve exhausted all your options.

Something as simple as the ACG Fiesta mini game booths would suffice, you don’t have to go out of your way to bring in board game cafe/store people into the fray.

The point is, to keep people engaged enough until either the Emcees get back on stage to do some giveaways, or the next performance is ready to roll.

That said, the stage giveaways are also a pretty strong activity to involve the attendees, but I would suspect that the organizers might be limited on how much merch they have to give out.

But the point is, Engagement.

Regardless if it’s something from an activity booth or stage giveaways, consider adding something for folks to hang around at the event.

There’s plenty of options I reckon the organizers can think up, so in them I sort of trust moving forward.

The Sequel?

Like many events I’ve covered so far, the sequel is often something uncertain.

In the case of Season4Otaku, I would insist on a 50/50 chance on it having a sequel, because it highly depends on if they make an announcement come the end of this year.


For the love of god, please don’t reuse Lightbox “only one toilet at B1” Sungai Buloh again.

Worst case they do, but even then I’d gladly take up the chance to rag on Lightbox over that one pickle again.

The Verdict

Season4Otaku 2019, despite coincidentally being the 4th one the organizers have done this year, certainly makes so many surprise plays that it’s really worth the visit.

I cannot recommend it to folks who expect it to be on the same level or tier as events that come with high profile cosplayers or foreign guests.

BUT, it is  is a very enjoyable domestic event, especially for those looking to just chill and listen in.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

And special thanks to the Season4Otaku folks for, allowing us to do coverage on the event itself.

You guys are amazing folks to work with, and I’m still very shocked, at…actually having my Media Pass approved.

I cannot stress how much I appreciate having the honor to serve as media for the event.

That said, to the readers as well,

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better here.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures from my end, or the fact I just need to drink more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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