A Con-Eventional Concert: Rock OnGaku 2019

Con-Eventional Stories/Other activities are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

A quick Power Plug on what this event is about!

Credits to a fellow photographer for the various images seen in this post.

I DO NOT own the rights to any of these photos (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to said photographer.

Rated Floor 18

This definitely looks like the place.


Doorway of stickers, musical equipment all over the place, shirts lined up by the corner, whole lot of Rock themed stuff all over.

A super dank venue for a concert to be quite frank.

And a whole lot of…an old friend named Darkness. ._.

The lighting, not the actual phenomenon.

But hey.

That ain’t gonna stop any photo taking folks!


Considering the lighting that sort of works, things do look bright enough to well…

Give it a Shot.

They Band Together

“Oh, um, here for a band ticket or walk in?”

“Walk in”, was the response, to the counter lady by the door.


One 20 buck payment later, the lady passed over a white badge, with a pink circle featuring the words, “ROCK ONGAKU!” on it.

Like a miniature flag of Japan, but with a pink circle instead of red.

Well that’s neat, makes more sense than the usual paper ticket.

Though it makes sense to make them pins, as at that very same table, a plastic bag housed several other badges named after the various bands to play at the event.

Glycerin Affair, Torque Six, Vittoria no Koe, Miracle Beat, Walker, Himemetal.

Oh, so that’s why the had the whole ‘buy tickets from the bands’ thing.

You’d get an exclusive badge that the performers would have too!

Hey, what th-

*Transmission Interrupted*


Wait a sec, there’s one band that’s playing that we forgot to give a Power Plug to?

Well then, lettuce give em one as well.




Credits to the Rock Ongaku official Facebook for the image

ASTRALLÈS are very new in the scene and they’ve decided to make ROCK-ONGAKU! 2019 stage their debut stage.

There are five of them, and they cover mainly anisongs from Japan.

Give it up for Astralles, and their fabulously Astra-nomical showing!

Anisong the team brings to the table, is likely to add more rock to this already rocky concert.

Okay we’re good to go, now back to the stor-

Show Must Go On

*Transmission Reestablished*

Well that was odd.

Oh hey a band’s taking center stage.

Alrite, eyes open, earplugs on standby to not go deaf, and let’s do this.

Act 1: Glycerin Affair, PILOTS THE START!

“Welcome to Rock Ongaku 2019!” declared the Emcee, as the stage sets itself up for the first band of folks looking to kick start the show.


A unit of strangers, that play and sing in sync with one another, with each song that rolls out.

Say what you will about concerts, but it is natural to watch singers either stand still on stage to sing, or dance to the beat as the songs starts picking up pace.

Like playing a rhythm game, only minus the controllers, replaced with doing it with irl stamina.

In short, pretty neat way to kick start what to expect of the show’s performers.

Especially when anisong could be played. 🤔

owo, what’s the playlist? (In no particular order)

Act 2: Torque Six, BRINGS IN THE MIX!

Oh…so their name is a pun!

…but how?

Well…thank the Emcee for asking the crowd to loudly reply “Six”, when he says “Torque”.

A recurring thing throughout the event, getting the crowd riled up for the next act.


That said, the band Torque Six is still way less Torque Six than your average SEA Casual Matchmaking server.

Anyways, while the band does not come with 6 members, they did bring the crowd a Rocky mix of not just the usual brand of Japanese songs, but also.

One of their personal tracks, in local Malay, if memory serves.

An unexpected, but welcomed mix into the night’s musical pool.

Credits to a fellow photographer for the images

But no fret if you missed the show, for the band has you covered with a brief recording of, would you call it a,

Hit in the USA? ;3

owo, what else is in their playlist? (In no particular order)

Act 3: Vittoria no Koe, IS INTENSITY INCARNATE

Oh, so that’s what the Plug meant by accompanied by a band.


As one of the first few bands to use a conductor music stand, Miss Vittoria laid up a file of sorts before kicking things off.

Credits to a fellow photographer for the images

An intense roar of emotion, compliments the consistent stream of rock the band plays, as Miss Vittoria sings her heart out.

Also, did she just name dropped Rurouni Kenshin? (Or Samurai X, as it’s known in English)

Specifically the last ending to sing to? Because it’s her favorite anime of all time? o.O

Should totally check it out.

owo, what else is in their playlist? (In no particular order)


Speaking of checking things out, it’s ASTRALLÈS’s turn to take the stage!


…hang on, are you sure these folks are new to the scene?

Because they perform about as well as most of the previous performers!

Credits to a fellow photographer for the images


Oh…so that explains it.

They’re definitely worth the intended Plug earlier then, because…

…it’s difficult to put this in words.

Just see them in action, that’s the one take away from this.

Because holy crap, if beginners are this good already, how are more people not attending their gigs?

owo, what’s the playlist? (In no particular order)

Act 4.5: ???

At the more than halfway mark of the show, a break period kicks off for the crowd to grab some dinner, rest and well, air since things are getting warmer as the night goes on.

No need to actually go downstairs from Floor 18 of course, since there’s food up here!


It’s the best thing to cheese the night down.

Also, hey why’d the lights went dark all of a sudd-…


Happy Birthday to you,” sang the crowds within the event venue.

Ending on a dud without anyone being wished.

Followed by the lights turning themselves back on.

…for a second there, the blackout felt kind of intended.

That or the venue Rumah Api was going to literally set itself on fire.

Thank goodness it did not.

Anyways, one brief break later.

Act 5: Miracle Beat, CARRIES ONWARD

Dammit, forgot to ask Liquid.Miracle to stream this.

He would’ve love these beats!


One of the lead singers mentioned that the band will be performing without cosplay.

An announcement greeted with applause from the crowd, despite it being the norm for Miracle Beat’s past performances.

Not that the costume matters much, since the band kept the show rolling onwards.

Imagine watching what an irl iteration of what a Light Music Club band would perform like.

owo, what’s the playlist? (In no particular order)


Masked up and good to go, the band calling itself Walker walks on stage for the show’s penultimate act of the night.


An artistic choice to arm each member playing an instrument with a getup, ranging from,

  • The Drummer’s Gas Mask
  • The Bassist/Guitarist’s Masquerade Mask, featuring a black cloth cover
  • The Bassist/Guitarist/Singer’s white cloth cover mask
  • The Bassist/Guitarist’s Japanese Demon Mask
  • And a fellow singer in a Luffy D.Monkey cosplay for the segment where he takes center stage for Walker’s walkthrough of a song from One Piece.

It’s one thing to dress up for the show, but another to get the crowd jamming along before the stage area.

A solid row of guests eagerly wave their arms to the beats, in a trance like state.

But who could blame them?

The songs are <Censored> awesome.

owo, what’s in their playlist? (In no particular order)


Closing out RockOngaku as the last team to perform for the evening, comes…

Hey wait a sec, isn’t that another same person from that earlier band? Quiet you.

One brief technical issue later, coupled with one of the band members playing “Fly me to the Moon” for 5 seconds to kill time,

The show does eventually get rolling on a…*transmission disrupted*

With a whole lot of BabyMetal to rock this Rumah Api inside out!

Specifically with Chocolate, lots and lots of Chocolate.

And crowds running into one another like a live screening of unplanned bull wrestling, with 100% less actual bulls. o.o

owo, what else is in their playlist? (In no particular order)

The Show’s End

Exhaustion looming, temperature rising and…

Time for a group shot, declared someone, as all the performers still hanging around to watch the show gathered for one last shot.


…hey wait a second.

Starting to realize they forgot to play Night Of Fire!

In a place called Rumah Api, it would’ve been perfect!

…actually in hindsight, prolly a good thing that didn’t happen.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

Also full disclosure,

I am NOT an Official Photographer for Rock Ongaku, I’m just a regular attendee armed with a camera to take shots of the event.

Also, I want to give credit to Miss Joey, a fellow photographer from the event that was kind enough to grant permission to use some of her photos for the story.

Thank you so much for the help!

Do check out many more amazing shots she took of the event here!

Anyways, as usual,

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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