A Con-Eventional Flash Mob: AnimeのJinsei 2019

Con-Eventional Stories/Other activities are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

Credits to GOHAN Photography for the various video links seen in this post.

I DO NOT own the rights to any of these videos/recordings (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to GOHAN Photography.

The Early Game

Stepping into the pale white pavement of Cheras Sentral mall, fresh off the connecting Taman Connaught MRT Station, the towering view from above brings forth the sight of…

…event staff running around still setting up stuff.


…well they did say they start at 12 PM.

Coming over earlier is frankly about as productive as visiting Mid Valley at 7 AM.


Ah well, might as well take the elevator downwards.

Oh hey,


That’s a neat sight to catch on the way downwards.

Mini Game Time Started

Well, until the staff finish setting up and the guests start rolling in, least there’s some minigames to kill time with.

Which brings the event to,





GAME #1: Shooting Board (Hawkeye Simulator)


owo What’s this? You shoot arrows and hope they stick.

Pros? You get to feel like Hawkeye/Arrow. (We in the Endgame Release Week now)

Cons? Having to actually learn how to aim. ;-;

GAME #2: Catch The Fish (Fisherman’s Unfriend)


owo What’s this? You use a ‘fishing rod’ to grab more fish than the staff.

Pros? Just pull out the fish, no need to wait for a bite.

Cons? It has a really…really, long line. ALL. DAY. LONG.

GAME #3: Roll The Ball (Balls of Balance)


owo What’s this? You roll balls down, and have it enter a cup.

Pros? Rolling! Balls! Excitement!

Cons? Physics, Gravity, The Cup misbehaving. o.e

GAME #4: Throw Ball (Slam Dunk Remake)


owo What’s this? You toss small basketballs into the hoop.

Pros? It’s like playing in the NBA.

Cons? You can’t Slam Dunk, because it won’t count. ._.

GAME #5: Cup Game


owo What’s this? You arrange plastic cups upwards, before the staff member finishes.

Pros? It’s a more entertaining version of the World Cup.

Cons? The staff being super OP, please nerf. :notlikethis: (No seriously though, they’re really really good)

GAME #6: Ring Toss


owo What’s this? You toss rings, to land on points.

Pros? You can put a ring/rings on it, and you get to reload until you land all 3 shots.

Cons? You need to fite another player for the game. :feelsbadman:

And that about rounds up the minigames…hey, wait a sec.

How come everyone’s clearing out the middle walkway?

…and why are the minigame booths closing shop already?

Also…wait, music? Dafa-…

Oh rite rite, it’s time for,

Le Flash Mob!

An empty chair takes position before the crowd that surrounds it, as from out of nowhere…

A song that has been played before blasts itself across the event site.

Followed by event staff pushing a trolley to drift around the chair, occupied by a young man playing an Erhu playing to the song’s beats.

As the closed out, the team swiftly cleared out, making way for several other folks to take over the walkway’s stage.

Featuring members of Kiseki•奇跡 taking turns to perform under music sung by the guest cosplayers on stage, starring musical tracks like,

To keep the show onwards for a good 15 minutes, as the dust settles for AnimeのJinsei to finally get started.

Would you like to see more? Check out the fabulous recording of the show by the folks over at GOHAN Photography!


The Frontline Stage

“Welcome to Anime no Jinsei!” declared one of the event’s Emcees, with the crowds slowly gathering to grab a seat near the stage area.

Behind the seats, stood camera crew hanging back to record the show, as the eccentric Emcees kept the show going.


In…hang on, English and Chinese?

One language per person?!

And they can both switch at will?!

Holy shee…


…gah anyways.

What’s a stage event without a giveaway or two?

Especially when the Emcees are declaring what they’re giving out to be official merch from Japan.

You just gotta identify the anime with bikes in it.

…wait a sec, only one anime does things with bikes the best.

Crowded Control


As the day starts rolling along, crowds take turns either lining up to meet the guest cosplayers, or try their hand again at the game booths.


For the photography folks, a massive red carpet floor near the elevators welcomes itself as a natural spot for photoshoots, as various cosplayers hang around that very site.

Or just some folks looking to sit, rest and share play someone’s Nintendo Switch. 🤔

The 7 Hour Ending

As fast as the event kicked started, so too did the cruel crawl of time eventually closing the day out.

Swift, short, small.


That about sums up AnimeのJinsei’s brief 1 day event.

Yet, it’s undeniably a Solid first showing.

Metal Gear Solid effort.

Also, nanomachines.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

Brief intermission, because this needs to be addressed.

Massive shoutout, credits and thanks to the folks over at GOHAN Photography, for granting the permission to share their video recordings of the event.

Just to make it clear,

THAT, IS THE GUY, who plays the Erhu at various past events over the year.

Go show him some love.

…and maybe ask him about Hayano. (I don’t know what’s that about, but something something event memes)

Also, special thanks to the Domain Animation folks we spoke to, for helping us out in giving some information about the event, which is a story to come later.

But also the fantastic folks who attended the event. That said,

As usual,

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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