An UnCon-Eventional Concert: Rock Ongaku 2019

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UnCon-eventional Stories are event recaps more on the event itself than the experience.

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Credits to the Rock Ongaku Official Facebook for the featured image, and the various images seen in this post.

I DO NOT own the rights to any of these photos (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to Rock Ongaku.


Two things.

You’re not going to see that many photos here, just a whole lot of WORDS.

Also, full disclosure.

Prior to this event, I’m not really been someone who can sit through performances for more than 10 seconds.

…which is often a challenge to overcome, when you practice the arts of event coverage.

That said, it’s more of a personal issue, than something the event is at fault for.

Though, after Rock Ongaku!, I will say there is a certain bit of, fun, in seeing this kind of stuff unfold, so that’s nice.

Anyways, on with the story.

The FAQ is this?

Gonna level with you for a second, and say that the Power Plug for Rock Ongaku! from a couple of weeks back would sum up what I’d write here anyways.

Since, there’s really not much to say about the event other than that.

But, for those who’d like a quickie,

Rock Ongaku 2019 is a concert, held on 28th April 2019 at Rumah Api, Ampang, featuring the MANY talents of both the local Malaysian ACG/Music scene’s bands, groups etc, rocking all night long to J-Rock, J-Pop and Anisongs.

Just to be clear, this Rumah Api is not an actual house on fire. (In Malay, Rumah Api directly translated is literally House Fire)

And yes.


That was my first thought when the venue’s name came up. 🤔

The Good Goods

  • Multiple Mixup

What makes Rock Ongaku! stand out in my view is this oddly fitting bit where two bands, Torque Six and Walker if I recall, brought out their own original tracks to play at the event.

In Malay.

This is the part where some of you are going to screech “HERESY”, but fak that.

It’s not everyday you get to hear people’s original tracks at events, without going out of your way to dig this kind of stuff up.

Although Rock Ongaku! sells itself as more of a Japanese Rock Music kind of gig, I’d say the mixed pool of music is a good pick.

This not only introduces audiences to original tracks they could potentially like, but also give a platform for bands to try out their original tracks in the closest thing to a live show as they can get.

Even if it was in a language most of us would…only learn enough to survive past SPM.

Most, not all.

We still need some degree of the language to make Mamak orders work.

  • Open Grounds

One thing that confused the fak out of myself at the event, was being very uncertain if the room where most of the bands were hanging out was a public area.

As in, us normal crowd folks can just drop in to say hi.

Or check out the venue’s catalog of pretty rad old school rock magazines by the bookshelves within the room.

But anyways.

If it was intentional that the back room could be accessed by pretty much anyone attending, I can dig the idea.

Consider that the venue itself is sort of its own Rock Music themed store, with all its shop stock lying around, it just makes sense for people to have the sort of freedom to check out the store’s stuff.

  • Focused Band Aid

This is something that just hit me like a truck when writing this.

Outside of a handful of ACG events I’ve covered so far, I’ve noticed that bands rarely show up unless there’s the stage area set for them to suit up.

Since most ‘band’-ish performances at events tend to either be singing troupes, dance groups, or groups that do a mix of both, usually accompanied by music a PA system would handle, rather than a band.

I’d go so far to say that outside of the 1.5 bands from Rock Ongaku!, I wouldn’t have heard of the other 5.5 if it weren’t for them playing at this event.

The fact that pretty much ALL of them are bands makes it, kind of cool, since you’d get to see ALL THE SKILLED PLAYS LIVE, in close up Live-Definition.

…when the damn lighting doesn’t stop effing around.

Overall, it’s really neat and cool that Rock Ongaku! has quite the focus on bands as part of the show’s stuff.

Beginners or veterans, it’s a very good platform for performing bands to show their stuff.

  • Not a Badge Idea


Probably one of the coolest aspects of the event was the opportunity for attendees to purchase tickets from the event’s performers themselves.

What you do get, is an exclusive badge that members of the band also wear during their event.

It’s like a customized ticket, but as a badge and likely lasts longer than paper.

This is a very cool idea that, far as I’m aware most events don’t do this, for reasons I’d chalk up to production costs.

But this is something to definitely keep doing if production permits of course.

One thing I can sort of suggest adding is swapping out the same text that’s shared by all these badges, with uh, the logos of the bands instead.

So you can definitely tell for sure this badge has that band’s brand on it.

Not all bands have this I’m certain, but it would be really neat to see in action.

The Bad Blehs

  • Your Schedule has been…Unscheduled

One thing that was severely lacking for the event, despite its first attempt, was the strange lack of a schedule.

…I understand if most of the event crew were busy rehearsing and stuff, and lacked the time to make one, but a simple schedule listing the order of bands performing will do.

Specified time slots isn’t needed in this case in my view, since between,

  • Emcee announcements
  • Crowd Interactions
  • Equipment setting up
  • Unforeseen technical issues
  • Intermission breaks

Schedules with times listed on them could sometimes stretch the schedule itself, causing impressions of ‘delay’s or whatnot.

No schedule at all just leaves people hanging on who’s going to perform next, and I would argue, it’s more important to give info on who’s performing when to the audience as priority one on a schedule.

The time stuff I…personally would suggest skipping, but hey it’s not something that should be avoided if it helps.

  • Effing Physics

Yeah no, just gonna say fak 2nd hand smoke.

Not by people in the event venue btw, just the fact Physics carries that crap in the air.

So yes, eff Physics.

(Just to be clear, the folks who do smoke, you guys are fine, you do you. I just want to rag on Physics for 5 seconds.)

  • V for Ven-new

I’m genuinely uncertain if concert venues are supposed to be this blistering warm as the day goes on, but then again I’d chalk it up to the orange lighting being a discount sun all night long.

That said, how the organizers can handle this issue depends on two things.

Do they want to scale upwards, or retain the small scale of this event?

If they do the former, it’s likely that you guys have to check out alternate locations for performing gigs like this, especially if a hypothetical sequel would bring in a bigger crowd than the one for this year’s show.

The latter however, would give the organizers more opportunities to work out some of the venue’s kinks, ensuring things go smoothly if not better.

At the same time, still support the domestic music scene’s stuff, since well…regardless of what genre of music you’re into, an opportunity to support a fellow facility is always a positive.

In short, really up to the organizers on this one to retain or opt for a new venue, whatever happens is something I’d leave to them.

Long as they keep the show less piping hot in the middle of what’s essentially Malaysian Summer at the time, I’m good. (The lighting for photos can be handled, someone more capable than me got some good shots, so lighting isn’t the pickle here.)

  • The Direction’s Cut

Similar to a complaint I had about ACE from February, I would love to see a sort of guide to the venue itself.

Partly because, well…

On the flyer I was given, it just said Rumah Api, Ampang.

Little did I realize, apparently Ampang has 2 of these listed on Google Maps.

I actually accidentally went to the one at Ampang by accident, then realized “Hey! None of these damn buildings look tall enough to house an 18th floor!”

…I will admit this is more of a fault on my end.

At the same time, I wouldn’t mind if, moving forward a guide to the venue would tag alongside the page’s promotional material.

Be it for people driving to the venue, or attending via public transport.

In short, just a note about which Rumah Api specifically, and a brief rundown of why that one will suffice.

The Sequel?

Like the end of Terminator movies, the line “Future is not set in stone” sort of fits Rock Ongaku!’s destiny moving forward.

I’m genuinely uncertain if there’s going to be another next year, the impression seems to paint it as more of a small independent gig, rather than something under an established group.

One thing though.

Given that they managed to tag along this year’s Season4Otaku to promote their debut show, I’d lean on that event to hear or potentially see or hear anything about it.

The Verdict

Going to have to brutally put this out here.

This is NOT an ACG event, rather a CONCERT, which well…let’s take a look here.

The cons? It’s likely only people interested in the event, music, or bands that would attend this sort of things, which is probably a what, 2 out of 10 ratio out of the entire pool of people who attend ACG events and stuff?

Essentially, a very niche crowd.

The pros? You get to focus on the concert, rather than have to worry about all the other event related BS that usually gets in the way, which is great since you can pool all the funding into neat stuff like those Band Badge Ticket things.

I would say it’s great that Rock Ongaku! can focus itself for the band performances, but going forward it’s uncertain if they have plans to scale bigger, which would potentially bring it more issues as the size goes up.

In short, cannot recommend if you’re not into this sort of music or concerts in general, but I can recommend if you’re looking to see some dank Live Action bands playing super up close.

Just well, bring an earplug or a dozen, save an eardrum or two.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

Once again, Special Thanks to the Rock Ongaku! people for giving the opportunity to cover the event itself, it was a blast to try our hand at something unusual up till this point.

A very interesting challenge, that definitely has a lot to each about how to cover events and all sorts of other aspects.


If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better here.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures from my end, or the fact I just need to drink more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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