An UnCon-Eventional Flash Mob: AnimeのJinsei 2019


UnCon-eventional Stories are event recaps more on the event itself than the experience.

Wonder what the event is like in the field? Check out A Con-Eventional Flash Mob: AnimeのJinsei 2019

But also, ANOTHER Event that same weekend! Via A Con-Eventional Concert: Rock OnGaku 2019

Credits to the Domain Animation Official Facebook for the featured image, and the various images seen in this post.
I DO NOT own the rights to any of these photos (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to Domain Animation.


Well, this one certainly took awhile.

Note to self, always setup UnCon-Eventional Stories to come out 1 week after an event announces their Closing post, that’s usually the best time to bring this feedback stuff up.

Oh…crap, we’re live?

Okay then.

The FAQ is this?

Anime No Jinsei 2019, is an ACG event held on 27th April 2019, over at Cheras Sentral Mall, but proclaiming itself as Malaysia’s 1st Anime Cosplay Flashmob.

Credits to the Domain Animation official Facebook for the images

Organized by the folks over at Domain Animation (DA), a group that specializes in Screening Events for various anime movies.

We’re talking Screenings for movies domestically, that if you look hard enough you can find that they’ve done these screenings for anime movies for at least 2 years already, if their events page is to be believed.

With screenings dating as far back as April 17th 2017, it’s safe to say that the folks running Anime No Jinsei have quite the reputation in running things.

Just that, Anime No Jinsei is their first ‘Event’ event, is all.


Credits to the Domain Animation official Facebook for the images

Promotion of the event kick started around April 2nd 2019, with a Post-April Fool’s post that could be brushed aside as more of a joke than anything else.

But as we all are well aware.

Some jokes, get going ALL THE WAY.

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Credits to the Domain Animation official Facebook for the images

Information about the event, such as its venue of Cheras Sentral and admission fee of NOTHING trickled out as the months uptil April rolled itself out.

In short, this one-day event’s starting to look really tempting to drop by and check out.

Especially with the guest announcements that would follow up.

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Credits to the Domain Animation official Facebook for the images

One thing that Domain Animation kept doing throughout the event’s promotion, was consistently putting up blurred out images of their guests attending, whilst getting the public to take a guess at who they are.

Eventually they did announce the attending guests shortly after these teaser pics went up, but hey, anything to get people excited or have something to look forward to.

Considering that this is apparently something they’ve done consistently before, during their anime screening events of the past, it’s fitting for them to keep this trend going.

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Credits to the Domain Animation official Facebook for the images

What’s also worth noting, is Domain Animation specifically mentioning various folks handling the event’s Production and stuff.

But also, the videography side of things, to be handled by folks such as Insert Here Production and Otoko Studio.

This certainly rings true, considering that I firmly recall quite a handful of folks working on consistently recording footage that way, way more reliably than all the godawful blurry pics I could ever manage. ._.

Credits to the Domain Animation official Facebook for the images

But what’s an event with the Emcee cast to take mic things happen, featuring the talents of Mr Rayken Tan and Mr Jay Chai to take center stage.

Spoilers, they do it with both languages! Which is a pretty neat execution for the event, as small scale as it was.

The Quick & Answers

So, moving forward from this UnCon-Eventional story, would be a brief segment where we talk about the motives behind events.

Assuming we managed to find people willing to talk about it.

That said, here’s a quick rundown of Anime No Jinsei,

  • It is/has a Flash Mob
  • The event indirectly promotes Cheras Sentral
  • Main objectives?
    • Promote anime
    • Encourage the positives from it
    • Let the public know about the ACG scene in General
    • Not just another commercialized event

I don’t know about you guys, but a mutual partnership between an event and a mall is usually the Safest means to ensure your event is legit and safe enough to attend.

That said, it’s also neat that any event tries to push for promoting itself, without considering too much about being commercialized and stuff.

Although to be honest, events held in malls without tickets to sell tend to be difficult to commercialize anyways to be quite frank.

But yeah, that about sums up what we got.

Now, onto the feedback!

The Good Goods

  • Them Nice Suits

Can I just say, the blue lighting black shirts that the event staff/volunteers wear are some of the most fabulous looking shirts I’ve seen for event staff?


Jeezus please keep these designs, they look really awesome.

I’d gladly get one if we could.

  • Team Community

One thing that surprised me at the event, was finding out that apparently, some (Unsure if most) of the volunteer folks were people from the scene as well.

Like, people I’ve ran into at events as regular attendees or booth people, working as staff for the event that day.

I just, find that not just cool but also really rad since this like, an indirect way for the community to give back.

They could’ve chosen to attend as regular attendees and let someone else take the job, but no, they chose to work out to help out!

That’s an admirable thing, and is very cool that Domain Animation has folks from the scene itself to staff its crew, as small of an event as it was.

  • Metal Gear Smol-Solid

It would be dismissive to not mention the fact that Anime No Jinsei is a 1 Day event, that lasted a good 7 hours from 12 pm, give or take a delay.

For a very small scale event, they certainly did a superb job, nothing went horribly wrong, the flash mob went off without a hitch and all in all, good stuff.

They even had a segment in the end where ALL the guests/performers tagged along for the closing performance to end the night on a high, a fitting end to a short small scale event.

What I’m saying is, the team handled the event so well, that even with the morning setup time needed to put things together, things went off without hitch, and nothing can be more blessed for an event that things all going according to plan.

Or according to cake.

  • Game’s Not Over Man, GAME’s NOT OVER
Credits to the Domain Animation official Facebook for the images

I do love it when events try to keep people hanging around with activities to do at the venue itself, given that keeping people around naturally is often a challenge considering that, boredom is all it takes for people to bail.

Not Anime No Jinsei of course, with the huge lineup of minigames for visitors to pass the time whilst getting a gift out of it.

The fact that ALL these games are not repeated games from a Previous Event is testament to just how well, refreshing it is as well.

I always find something to do at an event to be complimentary to ensuring people actually hang around, since it ensures there’s stuff to interact with other than just chilling with people.

  • Flashy Standout

This is the ONE thing that makes Anime no Jinsei stands out.

It’s a mf-king Flash Mob, coupled with all the surface level stuff of an ACG event.

And that’s pretty neat actually, since it gives itself an edge over many typical ACG events that you can close both eyes and predict what they would be featuring.

Far as I could recall, this is something that I believe is rarely explored amongst ACG events in general?

If yes, then by all means Anime no Jinsei keep this train rolling.

Use that stand out aspect no other event organizer is doing to keep the future shows rolling!

The Bad Blehs

  • What’s the Food Floor Plan?


Okay…this one’s a bit of a pickle.

It’s great that the event had a floor plan with the nearby Starbucks marked on the map to indicate where the event is at, but outside of that there’s really…not much else.

Yes yes, I know events have no obligation to ever mention other stores and stuff, but when you consider that a venue like Cheras Sentral, which is kind of new and and kind of unknown to people, it’s just…well, hard to assess where everything is.

Especially when it comes to food stuff.

I don’t about you, but I cannot for the love of god take Starbucks seriously as a food place, cause eff those 5 buck doughnuts.

My point is, a mention or two about places to dine at the venue will help the floor plan immensely, since it ensures visitors at least have some place to temporarily stop for food then come back later.

Again, not needed or compulsory, but would be highly appreciated for future iterations of this event.

  • Out of Bad Blehs


I’ll be honest, I really can’t see anything else wrong with Anime No Jinsei here.

I’m serious though, and I’m not even paid to say this sheet.

Outside of maybe considering trying a 2 day shtick, but even then a 1 day show can be good if handled properly.

The Sequel?

As of writing, the post event celebrations are up for almost a week now, and the sequel is…up in the air frankly.

It’s, very 50/50 if they’d be able to pull this off again, even though it has all the well executed mechanics of an actual execution.

Which is a bummer, because this is the first event since at least uh…Coscon and Star Supa Comic that I can highly recommend you check out.

Small scale done well, always beats big bloat done with getting people <Redacted>.

The Verdict

Do YOU have a day to kill?

Want to spend it doing something active?

And not sit around trying to not toss your mouse/phone at the wall because of South East Asia Server Feeders?

Then come on down to Anime no Jinsei!

And maybe bring doughnuts for lunch.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better here.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures from my end, or the fact I just need to drink more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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