A Con-Eventional Story: Mirai Matsuri 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

For a less Event Simulator version of this, check out An UnCon-Eventional Story: Mirai Matsuri 2019

Top Gun Reference

Huh, now what kind of venue calls itself “The Top”?

Is it because when you’ve reached the top, you’re always high? 

Also, really?

Calling your network “THE TOP FREE WIFI”?

Which doesn’t even…work.


…meh, skip this crap then. Now,

Stair Towards the Venue

Before the towering steps upwards near the venue entrance, one of many ways into the site where Mirai Matsuri takes place, stood a pair of fluffy mascot monkeys.

George and Pearl, as explained by the venue staff, originates from both Georgetown and Penang island, a short but sweet backstory that adds to their adorableness.

But if cute stuff isn’t your kind of thing, the nearby giant robot statue would suffice.


Featuring a discount Bumblebee, as an Original Character Donut Steel under what appeared to be some sort of discount arcade machine, with buttons and coin slots waiting to munch up tokens to be played.


That is an effing weird place to be putting your venue’s name on.

False Sense of Morning

The heck?


Like a flashlight that turns itself on and off again every minute, the above projection shifts from darkness to light, as the cycle of a walking CGI Dinosaur moves across the screen till the end of the hall.

Surrounded by all sorts of food stalls, and a wax museum.

…and yes, the Dark Side of the Force is strong in this hallway. 🤔

Opening Day 2

Well that was odd, some Day 1 that was, with nothing happening outside of some folks just chilling around.

Guess should come back later.

*The following day*

And we’re back, with the network still being The Top at not working.

Oh hey, there’s a crowd of…formal looking people? 

Ah right of course, the Chief Minister of Penang, who’s name…is not Lim Guan Eng, but that other guy.

One signing session of the Mirai Matsuri billboard later, the scene shifts to the stage, where the formal looking men in suits are requested to place their hands on the projector screen, like a discount Biometrics (Stuff that scans for your fingerprints, DNA, physical data etc) reader.


The screen soon fades, and under the sun’s unblocked rays comes the video for Mirai Matsuri’s opening ceremony.

Followed by what one would often expect from pretty much any opening ceremony.


Featuring, an opening speech by the guest of honor, the Consulate General of Japan, Mr Shinichiro Kanoya.

One quick google search, would reveal that this man is a super big deal, when it comes to promoting Japanese related culture in Penang.

Basically, a VERY big deal.


Side note, the choice to play the Jurassic Park theme song whenever someone is called up on stage to receive their certificate by Shinchiro is a bit too on the nose.

It’s clear that the man is old, but did the music choice had to remind the crowd as well?

Even if the venue has that nearby Dinosaur Theme Park that sort of fits the bill.

Toying Around

As the Opening Ceremony cleans itself up, with some downtime for attendees to scatter and mingle, 

A makeshift museum table of toys welcomes visitors to grab ALL THE PICTURES with.

Especially with some coming with various documents, verifying just how real the figures standing before the public are.

But hey, while toys on display can’t be bought home, that’s what the many vendors at the event are for. 

To bring you ALL the SOFT served plushies to pick from,

Or HARD core figures to figure out how to best spend one’s funding.

Alternatively, taking in the sights of what toys vendors have to show works as well.

And of course, setting up the scene for, Top 10 Anime Crossovers. 🤔


…yes, who would win this fight.

The Talking Performance

“Welcome on stage, <Insert Guest Name here>!” announced the Emcee, every few hours according to the schedule.

It’s one thing to always expect dancing or singing acts as ‘performances’, but hey, who made up that non-existent rule?

Featuring a workshop conducted by Chihiro and Sakana from Taiwan, along with Q&A sessions between the crowd and local guest cosplayers, the slow just as well applauded segment was always met with crowds liking the segments.

Cheers, applause, and the strange calls for the guests to step on them were interesting to observe from the distance.

And 10% question what did one signed up for.

Which brings the event to,

A Crowd of Duty

Crowds are often never the highlight of any event.

At the same time, without crowds, an event is just an empty gathering.

All event long, no matter which part of the venue you stand by, be it near the guest cosplay booths, way at the front of the venue or just passing by, there’s always a howl of cheers on the stage frontline, with each performance, workshop, session with a guest.

This is before you also include the scenes where the crowd themselves square off for Day 2 and Day 3’s stage games.

Including one against the dance troupe Dreamin, in a game of which team could pose off the best against one another, all friendly competition fun to watch, laugh and stare dumbfoundly at the crowd team’s antics.

But also, stand witness to seeing someone attempting the 20th Anniversary Challenge. 😮

Food for Thought

Like any event, eventual exhaustion would catch up to everyone.

Be it because of excessive walking around the venue, or that internal alarms for meals are ringing all over the place, there’s always food to pick up nearby.

What would you get for lunch?

A serving of popcorn?

Merry old Marrybrowns?

Or the surprisingly well portioned and priced meals at the 3rd floor food courts.

RM 7 Kuay Teow indoors is somehow more worth the value than roadside stalls or coffee shop servings of the same dish.

One Last Over-view

If there was a way to sum up Mirai Matsuri, it would be best summed up with a view from a high place. 

After all.

This venue is called The Top.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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