The Convention’s Etiquette: Pilot – Rule #2

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Kuzco’s right!

Keep those itchy hands where we can see em!



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Say it with me, class.





Very good, this will not be coming out for your exam.

*sees brick flying in the distance*

*To be Continued*

Whether someone is a Cosplayer or not, hands up.

NO ONE, has the right to touch anyone without permission.

Even with permission, avoid doing it.


1) Glomping (Tackle hugging)

Real Life is NOT an anime,


You could potentially,

  • Physically harm someone.
  • Damage people’s props.
  • Give wrong impressions about the ACG scene.

Glomping is only for 2 scenarios,

  • Online Chat Rooms.
  • Choreographed Glomps.

2) Physical Violence

If there is trouble, call in the following,

  • Event Staff.
  • Venue Security.
  • The Cops.
  • The FBI (If Malaysia had one!)

I know some of us want to deck scumbags in public, but let’s not turn guilty parties into the victim.

3) <Insert BS 4.0 here>

Basically, touching a person’s body because “Opportunity”.

And/or items that don’t belong to you.

You thirsty MF-Kers don’t CB.


Ninja Mudkip. 🤔

Watches. 👀

You. 👀 👀 👀

Don’t be surprised if one of you itchy F-Sticks gets Mudkip punched at a future event. 🤔


Exceptions to Rule 2 – The 5W 1Hs

1) Photoshoot Assistance

  • OwO What’s this?

    • Photoshoots that involve helpers helping out.
    • Usually by holding a cosplayer’s costume to assist in setting up that perfect photo for the photographer.
  • Who are involved?

    • Cosplayers.
    • Photographers.
    • Helpers.
      • People associated with either the cosplayer, photographer, or both.
  • Where at?

    • The Event Venue.
      • Usually a wide open space to accommodate multiple people.
      • Varies based on the venue itself.
  • When?

    • Anytime during the event.
    • Duration varies based on the photographer/s.
  • But Why? 🤔

    • To land that perfect photo shot.
    • Needs assistance from people to,
      • Hold a cosplayer’s costume.
      • Release it at the right time.
      • Have the photographer take the shot.
      • Can take multiple attempts.

2) Normal Gestures

  • OwO What’s this?

    • Everyday gestures between people.
  • Who are involved?

    • Pretty much anyone.
    • Usually people that know one another, or people with permission granted.
  • But Why? 🤔

    • Normal human interactions. (Because duh.)

3) Public Break Ups

  • OwO What’s this?

    • NO, not the kind of “break-ups” from TV Dramas.
    • YES, the kind of breakup that involves getting people off other people.
      • Meant to calm situation between parties that might get touchy.
  • Who are involved?

    • People too itchy to punch people.
      • Depends on the situation.
    • People not too itchy to punch people.
      • Event staff.
      • Regular bystanders.
      • Security detail for high profile people.
  • But Why? 🤔

    • Meant to keep people away from others.
      • Security escorting a Celebrity/Guests etc.


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