The Convention’s Etiquette: Pilot – Rule #3

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Please do wait patiently for people if they are busy.

Wait for an opportunity to approach them.

Watch with patience, and assess a situation before barging in.

The best intentions an go F itself if your approach comes across as,

  • rude.
  • disturbing.
  • a reason to ignore by default.

People’s personal priorities come first, everything else comes second.

Also, you guys have eyes right?


So Keep Your Eyes Peeled.


People can be approached at anytime during an event.

But there are both good and awful times to approach people.

Phase #1: Timing Time

Best times to approach

  • When a person is,
    • Standing/sitting around idly.
      • Not recommended to approach if a person is sitting down, since they might be Resting.
      • May be “Okay”, depending on the person.
    • Roaming around the event.
      • Either solo or with a companion/friends.
      • Avoid, if they appear tired.
    • Taking photos with others,
      • For taking photos of/with the person.
      • Best to tag along with other photographers, as not to drag the person around too much. (Highly Recommended)
  • In the case of Guest Booths with people lining up,
    • If it’s your turn, it’s your turn.
      • During your turn, avoid taking too much time, if there’s people lining up behind.
      • That’s just a dick move, since there’s always people who want to meet the guests. 🤔

Worst times to approach

  • When a person is,
    • Resting.
      • They’re usually sitting/seated in the event, or at a place to eat.
      • Includes having meals, fiddling with their phone etc.
    • Interacting with other people.
      • It’s Rude/Rood to interrupt. >:
    • Handling their merch/items.
      • Involves signing, or providing their stuff etc.
    • Preparing/removing their costume.
      • Includes doing makeup, suiting up or taking off their costume. (For cosplayers wearing armor etc.)
    • Preparing their pose. (For photoshoots.)
    • Departing the event.

These are only suggestions, since depending on the person, some of the scenarios to avoid approaching may be okay.

But, they are NEVER guaranteed to work with every person you meet in the field.

One advice I can give,

Watch the situation, then decide if it’s the best time to approach.

That said, there is also one upside.

BEST CASE, the person approaches you instead. 😀

Phase #2: How to get people’s attention?

Plan A, call out to the person by name.

  • Do, approach and address the person by their name.
  • Do Not, shout like a madman,
  • SUPER EFFECTIVE, at getting people’s attention.
  • Formality is Optional.
    • Addressing someone as “Mr/Miss”.
    • Recommended IF,
      • It’s the first time meeting.
      • The person is quite a high profile person. (Celebrities etc)
    • Avoid IF,
      • The person asks/requests not to address formally.
      • You know the person well enough.
  • If you forgot or don’t know their name, ask,
    • “How may I address you?”
    • “How do I call you?”

Plan B, wave in front of them. (Highly Recommended)

  • One of the best ways to approach people, since
    • You avoid having to touching them.
    • It’s also a universal sign to contact someone.
  • Avoid doing it from super far, since people might be mistakenly jebaited.

Plan C, give the person a shoulder tap.

  • Recommended only as a LAST RESORT.
  • Usually effective to get people’s attention.
    • Once you got their attention, explain your reason to contacting them immediately.
  • Shoulder Taps run the risk of not going through the first time.
    • Sometimes, you might need multiple taps since some costumes might block people’s senses.


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