An UnCon-Eventional Story: I Love Anisong Matsuri Malaysia 2019

UnCon-eventional Stories are event recaps more on the event itself than the experience.

Credits to the Anime Festival Asia Official Facebook for the featured image, and the various images seen in this post.

I DO NOT own the rights to any of these photos (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to Anime Festival Asia.


…okay first, jeezus that title is long.

Second, no, you guys aren’t going to find me ragging on the concert quality here, since that kind of stuff really isn’t my cup of tea.

Also, them ticket prices be whacked yo! D:

Even if they did cut the prices by about RM 100 bucks on Day 1. 🤔

That sure pissed some people off.

The FAQ is this?

I Love Anisong Matsuri Malaysia (ILAMY) 2019, is an Anime Festival Asia (AFA) organized event, featuring a massive Day 1 nighttime concert over at Quill City Mall.

This ain’t just any regular ol concert, this is “I Love Anisong”, where you got individuals and groups that hail all the way from Japan just to perform here in Malaysia.

In short, you’re not dealing with the average ACG Concert anymore. ;3

First Contact

Logo - OG.jpg
Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the image.

Intially announced on April 12th, ILAMY entered the scene to many people’s surprise given the AFA name was kind of the last thing you’d expect to see return to Malaysia of all places.

Regardles, it was certainly a welcomed sight as details would roll out by the end of April.

Registration Open Season

Creator's Hub.jpg
Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the image.

Before the event’s announcements kicked off, ILAMY also called in for registrations of exhibitors to be working with, and artists under the Creator’s Hub.

Apparently there was such a high demand for Creator Hub (Artist Booth) slots AFA eventually reopened registrations for a Wave 2 on May 16th.

But booths and artists aren’t the only ones called in, as regular folks were also tempted by various things to register for.

Cosplay Singles.jpg
Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the image.

The Cosplay Singles Competition, as an ongoing AFA tradition across many past AFA based events.

Its return to Malaysia welcomed folks to sign up across many calls for registrations, May 1st, May 10th and May 15th.

Game Tourney.jpg
Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the image.

Those looking to relive Saturday Night’s Alrite for Fighting would be pleased to know that the folks over at Flash Vision also hosted a Fighting Game tournament, for various titles that come with cash prizes just for playing.

Opened for registration across May 29th, May 30th, and June 4th.

As a bonus, just by making the Top 4, you’d get to attend the Penang Esports Festival just for that very tournament!

So basically, a 20 buck investment into another ticket for a future event.

Also, a bonus of having a free to play area, that involves Mario Kart 8.

Spoilers, the Switch is NOT fun for big hands. D;

Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the image.

Last but not least, and certainly the biggest highlight of them all, the chance to win Autographed posters by the various artistes performing at ILAMY itself.

The rules stated can get a bit…complex, but in short, all one needs to do is, grab a VIP Ticket, register for the ballot, then just sit tight and wait for the winners announcement, which eventually came on June 7th, Day 0 of the event.

And frankly, with the frequency AFA kept pushing this, it was clear that they really wanted Concert Goers to really grab this chance, all across May and June you’d never hear the end of this one promotional material. As seen on May 2nd, May 6th, May 13th, May 20th, May 23rd, May 27th, May 31st, and June 3rd.

Anyways, stuff to sign up for aside, we now take you to where the,

Lineup Starts Here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the images.

The first wave of announcements on April 19th cornfirmed the following,

  • Ticket prices (With sales starting on April 25th, but announced seperately.)
    • VIP – RM 350 + Rm 4 Ticketing Fee
      • Access to Reserved Seating Area for the June 8 Concert.
      • Access to Matsuri Area for Day 1 and Day 2.
      • Chance to win an artiste pre-signed autograph poster.
      • Special Event Poster
    • GA – RM 250 + Rm 4 Ticketing Fee
      • Access to Standing Area for the June 8 Concert.
      • Access to Matsuri Area for Day 1 and Day 2.
      • Special Event Poster
    • Matsuri Access – RM 20 per day + Rm 1 Ticketing Fee (Per Day)
      • Access to Matsuri Area for Day 1 and Day 2.
Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the image.

This was followed by May 1st announcements on,

Performers and Guests aside, there’s also plenty of Creator Hub folks,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the images.

To toss some funding to for some dank self-made stuff.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the images.

For all your anime goods needs that we never judge people for buying. 🤔

…what? D:

Well if the Exhibitors and Creator Hub folks weren’t around, the AFA Shop‘s definitely got you covered for burning money. 🤔

Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the images.

You got ALL them official Anime Merch (Especially them Pop Team Epic stuff), plus,

Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the images.

ALL THE GUEST COSPLAYERS AND PERFORMER MERCH! (Featuring, in case you forgot, bless4, Luna Haruna, Mashiro Ayano, and Mili.)

That sellout faster than your average YTber that starts their vid with “A lot of you have been asking”.

But what if you wanna just see stuff in the field? D:

And can’t afford a 3-digit priced Concert Ticket! D;

Well…have no fear! For the Matsuri Area’s here!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the images.

DJ Soba takes the stage, standing before the Matsuri area where a Kotobukiya Booth awaits visitors to check out their lineup of Frame Arms Girl model kits for show. (Probably Purchasable at the next event…big MAYBE.)

Activity - Booth
Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the image.

For the artistic bunch, or memers looking for dankness, the Pop Team Epic Booth’s got you covered, housing over 8 plus templates from Pop Team Epic for you guys to meme till you drop.

And post on a literal wall like Facebook but not really.

Event - Workshop
Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the image.

But yes of course, those looking to try out some photography, would find the Sony Cosplay-Graphy Workshop awaiting folks to try their hand at some actual cameras to take pics of the Guest Cosplayers and/or occasional passer-by cosplayers.

This is totally not a glorified commercial for Sony Cameras, I swear.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the images.

In case you thought you needed a concert ticket to see the Concert Hall itself, relax as the venue’s open for all to enter come Day 2.

Featuring Live Screening sessions of the Love Live Sunshine Movie, and a 24-minute preview for Cencoroll Connect, the ice cool hall has got things to show for its fridge simulating temperatures.

Activity - Big Stage
Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the image.

Of course, this being an Anisong Event, surely there are folks who’d want to gas Guest GUESS the anisong eh?

And that about sums up everything to take part in come Anisong, which now brings us to,

In Formation Counter

Event - Floor Plan
Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the image.

From the Floor Plan released on June 5th, it’s clear that the event has taken over the entirety of Quill City Mall’s 6th floor, essentially turning it into one massively shaped space for an event, both ballrooms included.

Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the images.

Need to plan for the event’s plans?

From Day Stage Schedules, Guest Cosplayer Schedules, and Lumica Stage Timetables, AFA’s got you covered with intel to work with.

It’s all up to you to play in the field.

The strange absence of a Day 1 schedule for the Day Stage is…weird, after all, if the stage’s going to be used for the Concert anyways for Day 1, why not just mention that anyways?

Just seems like an odd thing to not mention to clear up confusion. 🤔

But anyways.

Event - Sneak Peak
Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the image.

Dayum those stage lights look pretty. :O

The Good Goods

The Good Goods brings you ALL the best bits an event has to offer!

Please keep in mind this is only for the current iteration of this event, which may or may not repeat for future events.

  • From lands AFAr AFAr away

We have to give credit where it’s due, and well, the AFA Folks are certainly worth praising just for being able to put together this whole concert to begin with.

Especially considering that they brought in actual performers from Japan itself!

This is a really big deal, since there aren’t a lot of organizers in Malaysia that have the connections or trust to bring in folks from Japan, and it takes a VERY well reputable organization for the Japanese to place their faith in.

AFA, is one of those organizations, next to the folks who run Comic Fiesta and Animangaki.

Well reputable groups, armed with the portfolio of confidence to woo the overseas folks over, are our best chance at ever seeing any Japanese artiste or groups perform here.

  • Addvertising

Personally speaking, I really don’t like ads, nor do we care much about promotional material when they spam themselves to death.

However, I can acknowledge that AFA did a pretty Metal Gear Solid job in presenting their stuff, so much so that well…

Okay I’ll be frank, this praise exists because they literally plugged every single booth/art booth you’ll be seeing at the event.

Which, yes, it’s nothing new, but how many events can you think up that go out of their way to feature some of an art booth’s merch as part of the promotional material.

It’s one thing to just mention “X booth is here”, it’s another to say “X booth this here, and they’re selling XYZ for the event, go check them out!”

But yeah, it’s good stuff is what I’m getting at.

  • Pot Memes Epic


Dank stuff.

Probably the best bit about the event, getting to publicly bring out everyone’s meme game by giving a booth for drawing your very own Pop Team Epic quotes, memes or event cutsom bits of art.

…maybe we should’ve asked if we could do a highlight reel for the stuff that was posted there. D:

  • Take No Risk

Event - Weapon Policy.jpg
Credits to Anime Festival Asia for the image.

I’m always a sucker for seeing event organizers looking out for attendees, and in this case comes the much appreciated post on June 5th, on Costume Weapon Policies.

This is an excellent guide for attendees who do bring in props that ressemble firearms, and serves to remind us that, although cosplaying is fine, there are boundaries none of us should ever cross.

The betterment of others, even the normies who would likely never give a F, should be priority one.

The Bad Blehs

The Bad Blehs brings up some…bad stuff, about events, which need to be talked about since no event is without issues that can’t be fixed for the future.

Future Organizers and/or spies from other event organizers, you can learn a thing or two of what not to do at your event here. (As a guide, so that you’re not too busy repeating history.)

Please keep in mind these are only for the current iteration of this event, which may or may not repeat for future events.

  • Timing Most Inconvenient

One thing that definitely shot ILAMY in the foot, was the unfortunate date they set for the event.

For those of you unaware, June 8th 2019 is Day 3 of Hari Raya Celebrations, which may have been a factor to the sort of thinned out crowds at the time.

Now granted, yes it is true that because this date was a festive holiday, the organizers may have thought it was the best time to host an event like this.

HOWEVER, you guys do realize that there is a large chunk of attendees that would put family traditions first over event attendance?

Especially in Malaysia, where apparently we have waaaaay to many holidays that we can’t ever complain about.

My point is, the timing of Anisong in the middle of Hari Raya festivities is a bit awkward, since this isn’t the kind of holiday where people don’t have tradition based obligations to prioritize.

If the holiday was say…something like I don’t know, maybe National Day, then you’d likely rake in the profits for the armies of attendees that could attend.

…not saying we Malaysians aren’t patriotic, but rather we’d want to celebrate our patriotism is more ways than one.

In short, avoid hosting it during holidays where like, there’s tradition based obligations such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali to name a few.

Christmas is totally fine though, for Oreo’s, made by Hashire’s.

  • Emcees on MC?

This seems like a super odd ommission from the Matsuri area activities, as I suspect the concert likely had an Emcee to take the stage during the night concert on Day 1.

Hell, even the Cosplay Singles contest had some Emcee folks to direct things during Day 2!

Which just leaves the open stage area where…it’s kind of difficult to tell if there’s a reason to check out the activity there at all.

Since Emcees would often give a clear indication of a stage area nearby, essentially giving long distance signals telling attendees that something’s going on.

Emcees are like so stapled for events, such that not seeing them in action just seems a bit off to be honest, even if it was for the measly Matsuri area which feels more like an add-on activity than the main attraction.

What I’m saying is, the outside Matsuri area could’ve used some folks, or Emcees if you will to keep things rolling out here, even if they would only garner a small crowd of dance-loving crowds.

  • Unscheduled Plans

Just to be clear, because the schedules for ILAMY were shown above, I am well aware of the schedules released for the event.

The pickle here I’d like to bring up is this, why didn’t the organizers just…merge the Event Stage schedule with the Lumica Stage schedule anyways?

If there’s stuff happening on Day 1, such as the lineup of DJs for the Lumica Stage, why didn’t you guys just made a Day Stage Schedule for Day 1 anyways?

Why go to all the trouble highlighting stuff happening in the Concert Hall for Day 2, but skip mentioning that the concert is on Day 1, on a printed schedule thing.

Also, if there’s one bit of promotional material the organizers should’ve spammed, it’s the schedule, since you shouldn’t take the risk and assume just because it’s out there that one day, everyone will see it, since there’s a strong possibility people may miss it.

In the future just…list out everything happening at the event, Lumica Stage or Concert hall, doesn’t matter.

Just make sure One schedule is all it takes to inform the public of what’s going to happen, instead of a bunch of schedules that get confusing.

The Sequel?

The last time AFA held one of their Anime Festival Asia events here in Malaysia, like actual AFA, instead of their I Love Anisong spin-off, as far as I could recall, that never had a sequel in Malaysia, which is kind of a bummer.

But understandable considering it’s well…Malaysia, it comes with certain pickles that get in the way. *cough*itchyF-Sticks*cough*

However, I would deduce that this could be a great stepping stone for future AFA events here in Malaysia, since times have literally changed since at least May 2018.

As times change, so to does the potential for a return as well.

Whether or not we get an actual AFA again remains to be seen, but baby steps people.

So yeah, we’ll have to see what happens moving forward really.

The Verdict

While I Love Anisong Matsuri Malaysia 2019 does come across as more of a concert than an event, I’d argue that it’s an excellent beginning to well…potentially bring back the AFA name here into Malaysia.

Don’t get me wrong, the event is by no means is perfect, since the Matsuri Area has issues that can be fixed up.

But I doubt most of us would be against the idea of AFA being back here again.

That said, really looking forward to AFA’s plans for 2020, since well…AFA’s schedule’s armed for the rest of 2019 as of writing, so meh.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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