A Con-Eventional Story: I Love Anisong Matsuri Malaysia 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

Deja Vu

Hasn’t this been done before? 👀


Only difference being one floor earlier to get off this Quill City Mall elevator. 🤔

Since they’ve sealed off the elevators near the ballrooms. D:

Which makes some cents sense, since one entrance is easier to filter through. 🤔


Crowds line themselves up as early as 8 am-ish, awaiting the tag wearing staff to permit access upstairs into the event hall.

The long stretch of a ticket booth awaits visitors to pickup their Matsuri Area “On-Site Only” tickets, with a banner attatched above mentioning the “Ticket Processing Fee” for it as well.

A measly RM 1 for Matsuri Area tickets, but RM 4 for Concert Tickets regardless if it’s VIP or GA Class.

…so essentially RM 42.0 blaze it bucks for 2 days worth of Matsuri Area tickets.

Now that’s dank.

Until April 20 next year.

Getting High Up



Wait what? It’s go time? Oh okay.

Ride up the nearby often empty escalators up onto the convention centre floor, as a towering arch seperates the event entrance from the free to hangout area outside.


As the nearby walls to the right, house a long stretch of cardboard showing what the event has to offer.

…assuming people don’t accidentally bump a prop (Or Basketball) onto it. ;-;

Before the entrance’s towering arch, several Quill City Mall seperators form two routes towards the event venue, a distinct entrance and exit if you will.

Strap on the ticket slip around either arm, and the folks guarding the front entrance gladly allow passage into a long hallway that reaches the venue itself.

On occasion, and timing of the day, both routes share the role as entrance and exit, making it kind of not needed for the Matsuri Area if you think about it.

But regardless, upon reaching the end, the first sight that comes, be a…familiar one.


The fine folks of Nongfu Spring are back, and boy do they want to spring some tea on attendees.

…minus the coupon discounts they were handing out like candy during the last event here.

But hey.

It very likely tastes Tea-reffic.

Booth-rder Patrol

One quick drink break (Or not) later, and the road seperates to the left, towards the Concert Hall where the stages are set, and right where art booths await.

There’s only one Right way to take here. 🤔

Step right up down the right path, as well boothed art booths featuring doujins, clothes and your everyday anime merch awaits your eyes to meet them.

Also, these look like the most comfiest setup for Art Booths since…

Also x2, was that a booth with the cast of both Love Live series accompanied by Eevee evolutions? :O

That looks dank- *headshotted by brick*

To The Game Cave

Is only accurate if the room where the game booths were setup was a dark and stormy night.

Alas, it’s a brightly lit heaven for folks looking to kill time for the day.

Or sign up for the day’s fighting tournaments that guarentees a ticket to a future event, over in Penang.


…it’s not a PAM, but it’s a good enough alternative until CF Mini.

Oh hey they have Mario Kart 8 too, and…

Aw come on! They swapped over to Smash?!

Super Smash Bros mind you, not actually…you know.

Or not.

Yeah best not.


Booth-rder Patrol, Part 2

Ooh, well this is a neat sight.

It’s the Pop Team Epic booth that the event mentioned, with a fabulous portrait of the series protagonists sitting by a traditional looking house.

While on opposite ends of this here ‘booth’, the smaller protag’s looking to try her hand at the force of balance.

…also, sincerely hoping that liquid isn’t actual piss.

That said,


People of all forms, attendee, cosplayer and occasional staff take turns to either write up or draw their dankest Pop Team Epics, for crowds to behold.

Whether you’re writing or drawing, there’s always a dank meme or dozen to get a good laugh at.

At opposite ends of the Pop Time Epic Booth, comes the AFA Shop.


Armed with all the official goods…goodness, and of course, Guest Cosplayer and Artiste Merch that sells out super fast, it’s got stuff to check out!

It’s certainly worth getting, as it’s sort of needed for the occasional Guest that’s seated nearby, for a line of attendees awaiting to get their hard to get signatures.

Huh, that’s odd, wonder where the guests are at now? 🤔

Ah well, onwards!

The Mini Staging Point

Standing before the opened doors of Ballroom 2, crowds of attendees with booths stationed by both sides of the hall welcomes people towards the stage within.

Orange lit lights with a mesh of white fills the air, with the thick frosty chill of air conditioned air surrounding all.

But it’s the stage within that would get people’s attention.

The Cyalume Dance World Battle stage, Supported by Lumica to carry this Day Stage event, welcomes DJs of various sorts to bring on the tunes.

And of course, inspire the crowd to dank-nce.

Mispelling intended. 🤔


Be it trying to bend it like a Jojo,


Or doing one’s best Jurassic World impression.

In short, a whole lotta Dance Dance Revolution going on in here, without the recorded high scoring.

Besides the rowdy band of disciplined crowd dancers in this front, a nearby booth next to the stage area arms itself with goods for concert going, perfect for attendees looking for the night show later.


And some…unusual candy.

Flashy Candy.

Or…Flashndy, if you will.

As the stage area’s blaring sounds of music eventually dies down on occasion, plenty of booths await one’s visit to kill time until the next act takes the stage.

Which includes,


A show of Golden Eggcellence,


Some dank designer designed shirts, 🤔


9 of the 13 Rider decks from Kamen Rider Ryuki, :O

And of course, miniatures of characters you’re Fated to draw, or eventually draw.

…or not.

Hey wait a sec, is someone singing Happy Birthday? o.O

Birthday Surprise

As the nearby crowds dabble into the lyrics for “Happy Birthday”, the name mentioned during the song explains about who’s coincidental birthday it was.

An event staff member approached the three guest cosplayers within the Sony Photoshoot booth, with a cake in tow, as a lone candle sat on top for the birthday girl to eventually put out.

The unusual occasion to celebrate someone’s birthday is never a bad thing.

Watching the 6pm

Oh hey would you look at the time, it’s 6pm already.

And…strangely, some folks are still lining up the still closed out Ballroom 1.

Oh right, the Anisong Concert.

*looks at Matsuri Pass Ticket*

Guess that’s a big skip then, as the doors open for crowds to behold a 4-hour performance from Japan’s finest within Quill City Mall.


What happens within, stays with those within. 🤔

Until the next one.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

Also, Happy Belated Birthday to the Guests of the Event, Miss Ying Tze! 🙏

And, thank you to the two guests, Miss Suitao and KingTwCosplayer for dropping by! 🙏

And as usual,

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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