The Convention’s Field Guide: PWTC Convention Centre 🤔

The Convention’s Field Guide is a series on lending folks a hand, while they’re out in the field for an event.

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The following information was compiled on June 2019, and information seen here may or may not be accurate months or years later into the future.

PWTC Convention Centre

Ah Putra World Trade Centre, or PWTC for short, the site of that one Comic Fiesta that one time people famously know it as, “The one at PWTC“.

Also the same venue where Anime Festival Asia (AFA) came by Malaysia back in 2012, only to never have a sequel again.

*glares at the building next to PWTC* 👀

Anyways, this is,

The Convention’s Field Guide: PWTC Convention Centre 🤔

Drop Zone

PWTC Base Full

The area surrounding PWTC might seem crazy hard to run around, but no worries, since there’s ONE thing to keep it simple.

The Skybridge


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The Skybridge (Yellow Circle) links up to pretty much everything surrounding PWTC itself.

Sunway Putra Mall, the LRT and KTM stations for Putra? You name it.

Basically, once you’re on the Skybridge, you’re pretty much at the event already.

It also comes with Protection from Traffic, Sun and Rain.


Also, Signs to tell you where to go, so skip getting lost! ;D


Entrance A-1: Skybridge Putra KTM Entrance


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If you’re dropping in from Putra KTM, you’re gonna need to walk a bit to reach Entrance A-1.

From Putra KTM‘s exit, head left. 👈

Follow the shaded pedestrian walk until you reach the end, the entrance onto the Skybridge is located there.

Alternatively, you can consider crossing the road before the Skybridge to reach Sunway Putra Mall or Rush B towards the PWTC Entrance.

Watch out for cars and/or the weather however, because the Skybridge will be a safer option then.

Safety comes First. 🤔

Entrance A-2: Skybridge Sunway Putra Mall Entrance


Same way to start from Putra KTM‘s exit, just head left from the exit. 👈

Entrance A-2 is on the 1st floor, which might need some navigating to find if you happen to be running around the mall.

Entrance A-3: Skybridge Putra LRT Entrance


Right out of the Putra LRT gate, turn right, and keep following the Skybridge forward, and you should reach the PWTC stairway eventually.

It’s literally a very straightforward walk. ._.

…with at least, two right turns.

But hey, those right turns are the right ones to reach the venue. ;3

Rush B: PWTC Entrance

IMG_6981Miss this place?

More on it shortly.

Also, See #1: Entrance below.

Exit C: Hotel Seri Pacific Exit


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There’s an extra exit you can grab early if you’re coming from Entrance A-2 or A-3 of the Skybridge.

It’s about the same distance walk to reach the entrance into PWTC, but is an option nonetheless.

One upside, Exit C will put you right in front of Entrance A-2, which can lead you right into Sunway Putra Mall.

Field Intel

#0: Field Maps

Highly recommended to keep around, in case you need it to navigate the area around PTWC, and inside. 🤔


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PWTC Venue Map Source & Google Maps Source.

#1: Entry Point


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*CF 2016 flashbacks*

Anyways, for folks approaching PWTC on foot via the Skybridge (Or not), this is what you should be looking for upon arriving.

Or this view, if you’re arriving via transport from the other side.


Either way, the entrances into PWTC are fairly straightforward to reach into the building.

For folks approaching PWTC via the parking area, you might want to consider the following spots,


These 6 spots positioned right in front of entrances into PWTC itself, which will bring you into the following entrances that exit via A-1 and A-2 on the following map.

PWTC Layout Entrances

Entrance A-1 (From E4, E7, H1, H4, around that area) will bring you into the following exits, depending on which parking spot you take up.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s highly recommended to take the stairway towards the dark ceiling by the end, not the stairway towards the CIMB bank.

The dark ceiling stairway will lead you towards the site of the Event Hall itself, which is faster than having to go around.

Entrance A-2 (From F13, C16, C17 around that area) is fairly straightforward,


The stairwell is literally right in front of the sight of PWTC‘s Level 3 Event Hall, just one floor lower.

Whatever your choice to enter PWTC, we wish you good hunting in the field.

#2: Food


Riverside Cafe appears to be the only restaurant placewithin PWTC that provides food stuff for visitors.

Apart from some sundry shops within PWTC, it may be more strategic to grab meals from Sunway Putra Mall instead of hanging around PWTC.

Plans of Action?

  • Plan A (Best case), Dine at Riverside if,
    • You’re not rushing B in a rush B.
    • It’s not crowded af.
    • Food Quality uncertain.
  • Plan B, head over to Sunway Putra Mall.
    • Plenty of Options.
    • Family Mart near Entrance A-3, the Sunway Putra Mall Skybridge entrance.


  • Plan C, consider packing food stuff from home.

#3: ATMs


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

ATMs within PWTC are limited to only CIMB or Bank Rakyat ATMs, from what we found out there on Sunday (June 16th).

It’s uncertain if they will have the ATMs from other banks back in action.

Thankfully, there are backup ATMs over at Sunway Putra Mall if you need them.


Maybank and CIMB ATMs on the LG Floor, just find the stores for either Burger King or Nene Chicken, and you’re there.

There’s also a Public Bank ATM somewhere on the 4th floor, according to Sunway Putra Mall‘s directory. (Pic N/A unfortunately.)


Alternatively, the Putra LRT Entrance has a CIMB ATM pass the ticket counter.

Plans of Action?

  • Plan A (Best case), Use the PWTC ATMs.
    • ATMs tend to work with cards from any bank.
      • RM 1 cost if it’s a different bank. :notlikethis:
  • Plan B, fall back to Sunway Putra Mall.
    • Guarenteed multiple ATM Options.

#4: Facilities

…of course PWTC has toilets, duh.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once you approach the open hall within PWTC, two sets of toilets can be found on Level 2, way at the back after taking a massive left or right.

It’s uncertain if there’s space within for attendees to change up into or out of their costumes, but we leave it to them to handle that.

#Bonus! In-site Info


Credits to the TAGCC Official Facebook for the photos.

Floor plan intel is up from TAGCC as of June 19th, which should be useful for you guys to run around.

Check up more intel over at the TAGCC Official Facebook.

Also, there’s apparently an accompanying event alongside TAGCC this weekend.

Some Matchroom Area Carnival or something, just keep an eye out for it out there.

Also x2.

Beware of “Certain prollytickle Parties”, that may be getting itchy hands again. 🤔

Slap them with some Etiquette.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

We hope this guide could help you guys out in some way in the field! 🙏

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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