An UnCon-Eventional Story: Toys Anime Games Comic Con (TAGCC) 2019

UnCon-Eventional Stories are event recaps more on the event itself than the experience.

For a less event simulator version of this, check out A Con-Eventional Story: Toys Anime Games Comic Con (TAGCC) 2019

Credits to the TAGCC Official Facebook for the featured image, and the various images seen in this post.

I DO NOT own the rights to any of these photos (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to TAGCC.


You know, it’s kinda hard to talk about an event at PWTC without bringing up the topic of History.

That one subject everyone hates.

But loves to repeat its mistakes.

…thankfully, no such mistake happened this time.

The FAQ is this?

Toys Anime Games Comic Con, or TAGCC for short, was a 2-day event held at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), on the weekend of 22nd to 23rd June.

Yes, that PWTC.

The same venue where Comic Fiesta 2016 and Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 setup shop during their respective events.

…and that’s about all I could recall about ACG events at PWTC tbh, I could be mistaken.

That said, it is interesting that TAGCC sort of has the Comic Fiesta group working with them, almost as though it’s an event under the CF brand. 👀

…which sort of confirms my 50% suspicison about TAGCC being a sort of CF Simulator before the actual CF, 6 months early.

It’s even on the same-ish date/timing (3rd weekend of the month), what a coincidance.

Anyways, moving on.

First Contact

2018 X-Mas Promo
Credits to TAGCC for the image.

Initially sort of ‘teased’ in a Seasons Greetings post for Christmas of 2018, the TAGCC 2019 logo was a heavy hint of an almost guarenteed sequel to expect.

Word about TAGCC’s 2019 show would get teased again, starting with a video highlight of their 2018 show on January 16th, while asking if folks would be down for the 2019 event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to TAGCC for the images.

A cover page update on January 21st and 25th would confirm the venue and dates, followed by a formal announcement on January 25th.

And that’s how TAGCC’s first contacts were made.

Registration Open Season

Credits to TAGCC for the images.

Calls for booth registrations rolled out around April 4th for Art Booths, and April 29th for Crafter &/Or Creator Booths.

Kind of convinced that the latter booths also include those shop booth things you’d see at events all the time.

Credits to TAGCC for the images.

Registrations for the event’s contests would only show up around May, featuring classics like a Dance Competition (May 15), Cosplay Contest (May 20) and an Art Competition (May 21).

But also, since this is a Toy Convention and all, TAGCC also featured a Model Kit Contest (May 14), which would make great…

Role Model kits.

…uh, anyways.

As part of TAGCC’s sort of “Push” in getting people to go for Early Bird Tickets (June 12), it came with the chance for attendees to gain a slot for the event’s lucky draw pool.

Credits to TAGCC for the images.

…I swear we didn’t intentionally made the Smartphone pic the biggest, WordPress did.

With the chance to walk away with all sorts of IronWe love you 3000Men, some not phoney Realme phones and a Stormtrooper.

The confusing part were the calls for registration, which seems…a bit weird.

Since you could just do a live event callout and it’d work just as well. 🤔

But we get it, since crowd sizes get too big for the winners to hear or reach out to the stage on time.

I just want to hear people spam “Balik” again when someone doesn’t show up for their prize, if called. ._.

That said, no worries attendees who bought tickets during the event, for you had until Day 2 to register up, according to the TAGCC folks anyways on June 18th.

Also results be up at the time of writing, check em out here.

Lineup Starts Here

It should be unsurprising that TAGCC, being a toy based event, would hammer home more marketing of toys than anything else.

That because of the sheer amount of stuff to see, we’re just gonna skip, since you can find most of the stuff featured at the event over at the TAGCC Facebook page.

But first, can’t exactly attend an event without tickets.

June 15 - Tickets Plug
Credits to TAGCC for the image.

From your standard announcement of on-site tickets for grab (June 15),

Credits to TAGCC for the images.

To a Ticket Bundle that got sold out within 3 days, :monkaS:

Credits to TAGCC for the images.

(Top Left) To that other event where we sorta got our tickets from, 👀

(Top Right) To some promotional bundle that offers toys with tickets, 🤔

(Bottom Left) To a Rahmadan themed batch of Mini GT Tickets,

(Bottom Right) And a “Create a Superhero” giveaway by those RealMe folks.

Essentially, no event I’ve seen so far this year has spread ticket access to their event about as hard as traffic police wanting to drop you a saman.

That said, there’s plenty of reasons to pickup a ticket or 2, as TAGCC welcomes onto the Event stage,


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to TAGCC for the images.

In this corner, hailing from both Malaysia and Hong Kong, TAGCC brings you,


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to TAGCC for the images.

Aaaaand in this corner, starring on TAGCC’s Event Stage comes,


Credits to TAGCC for the images.

TAGCC having to do with Toys, and Anime also brought in some very notable artists in their respective fields, both local and foreign 😮


Credits to TAGCC for the images.

But of course, some fabulously planned panel talks by fellow artists on stage.

Featuring, a talk on the future of Malaysia’s Webcomic scene,

To a Behind the Scenes (BTS) look at the art of games and toys,

Moving from a Graphics Race to an Audio Race,

And a Stage Panel, with Mr Keita Okada.

All that is said,

June 21 - Uncle Liang Plug
Credits to TAGCC for the image.

Massive shoutout to the Uncle Liang display section, featuring some awesome looking good stuff made out of…recycled parts. :O

And that about wraps up what TAGCC’s got to offer, with plenty more to check out over at their official Facebook if you are curious about the 2019 event’s offers. 👀

The Good Goods

The Good Goods brings you ALL the best bits an event has to offer!

Please keep in mind this is only for the current iteration of this event, which may or may not repeat for future events.

  • News Story Time

For those of you unaware, TAGCC actually got some local news coverage on the event a couple days back.

…The GOOD KIND of news, mind you.

Which is great to be brutally honest, since the last time TV stations got together to give coverage of an event was during well, Comic Fiesta 2018.

This is a great buff for the ACG scene, by showing the public what events like these are truly like.

Good stuff that welcomes people of all sorts to attend.

Granted, one can argue because the Comic Fiesta Organizers are sort of involved with TAGCC, that’s why media people did coverage of the event, I’d argue back by saying well…



I mean, it is still the kind of coverage that’s beneficial to the scene, what’s wrong with that?

You can check out the interview/coverage video here. (Spoilers, it’s not in English unfortunately.)

  • Youth Got The Touch

Youth got the POWAAAAAH!!!!!

Credits to PWTC for the images.

This man, the one on the right, for those of you who don’t know, is our Malaysian Sports & Youth Minister, Syed Saddiq bin Syed Abdul Rahman.

Regardless about what you think of his BS statements in politics, I would argue that his presence at the event is important for the scene in the long run.

Since he’s pretty much the only guy, that can spread the good word of events like TAGCC to other government entities, ensuring things well…remain as progressive as it is today.

Let me clarify here, basically, we’re NOT asking for government involvement in running ACG events, F-no.

What I’m getting at is this.

If there’s anyone who can convince other government parties that ACG Events are about as harmless, normal and beneficial to the country,

It’s the man who’s head of the Ministry that’s sort of indirectly involved in the activities the ACG scene does in Malaysia.

Hell, this is the guy, that brought in the DotA 2 KL Majors last year, and has done nothing but continue pushing for stuff that most of us youths like over the course of the last year!

I’d confidently say he’s a very strong ally to entrust our faith in.

It certainly beats having some old outdated religious F-stick declaring everything they hate as “Haram” without a 2nd thought.

Assuming they have brains to even make half a thought.

Though they probably spell thought without the “ugh”.

  • It’s Time To Du, Du, Du,…Du, Du, Du, Du, Du, Do!

Jeezus there’s so much to do at TAGCC, such that I’m kind of bummed out that they ran out of machines to play with. D:

I’m serious though, there hasn’t been an event with so much stuff to go round and do stuff at since at least…as I recall, Anime no Jinsei 2019.

The one thing that I can confidently say about TAGCC is that regardless of what you’re there for,

Be it cosplaying, photography, meeting guests, playing games, playing children’s card games, getting merch, not getting merch, lining up, or whatever,

There’s just so bloody much to do here that…

It really is a Comic Fiesta Simulator, minus the traffic jam induced crowd sizes.

  • Toying with People

Arguably one of the best bits of TAGCC has got to be the huge ass pile of toys and…display booths for ALL THE TOYS.

Even some pretty cool stuff like the Kamen Rider Ryuki stand that’s just F-ing amazing stuff to at least get a picture of.

And quite a large showing of toys that I suspect, are kind of difficult to secure permission to be put on display here, since they’re likely precious artifacts from overseas or something.

Either way, the toys on show will make your inner 5 year old glee with joy. 😀

  • An Extension Plug

Jeezus, there’s so many plugs for events here you’d think that TAGCC is an extension.

Geek Summit in the following week, Animangaki in August, there’s quite a lot to love and look forward to be honest, with the way events willingly let future events piggy back off each other.

Wait, what’s that?

What do you mean there was a <Redacted x2> booth?

I don’t recall seeing nothin. 🤔

You sure it wasn’t just a dream? 🤔🤔🤔

All I saw was an empty booth, almost as though they were,



Again. ;3

  • 6 Buck Cup o Spaghetti Noodles

It’s surprisingly filling, albeit kind of small portion wise.


Food be good.

The Bad Blehs

The Bad Blehs brings up some…bad stuff, about events, which need to be talked about since no event is without issues that can’t be fixed for the future.

Future Organizers and/or spies from other event organizers, you can learn a thing or two of what NOT TO DO at your event here. (As a guide, so that you’re not too busy repeating history.)

Please keep in mind these are only for the current iteration of this event, which may or may not repeat for future events.

  • The Pickle-WTC

This is probably an unsurprising issue to bring up, but we need to talk about it anyways.

For those of you unware, ACG Events have been hosted at PWTC before, most famously Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Malaysia 2012 and Comic Fiesta 2016.

Interestingly, the former event ceased to ever host itself locally ever again.

However, CF 2016 had one common PSA flying around the community at the time, which I’ll sum up as “Avoid certain cosplays, because trouble. @thirsty Fsticks.”

Granted, far as I’m concerned, nothing happened at TAGCC this year, but you can’t deny the fact that some F-Sticks were roaming around the event.

Which brings up the question,

…why, the ever living F, did the TAGCC organizers pickup PWTC as the venue instead of…anywhere else.

This place is literally right outside the HQ of a certain party named after the answer you’d give them when they’re asking for votes.

“Um, no.”


But anyways, regardless of the reasons as to why PWTC as the venue, I’m not going to rag on it much since it is a pretty great venue coming back to it now.

However, one thing I want to suggest is well…keeping an eye out for attendees, even if they aren’t the organizer’s ‘responsibility’, ensuring their safety should be considered.

Because the slightest incident implicating anyone at an event will be something that involves the whole event anyways.

Especially if it goes public.


This is near the venue that did <Redacted x2> 4.

Let’s not repeat history guys, even though it didn’t this time.

  • Where’s the Side Activity Plugs?

One thing I found weird about most of TAGCC’s promotional material was that…they barely if not never mentioned anything about the things you could do at the event.

Yeah there’s toys, concerts, guests to meet, but what about everything else?

It’s kind of weird the only thing that got a public plug was the Matchroom Area Carnival thing, and everything else got skipped.

But given that TAGCC is the main event housing all these small activities, not mentioning them just seems like a huge oversight.

Now just to be clear, I’m aware that plenty of these 3rd party folks who have activities at TAGCC did do their own promotion.

But it is kind of weird that the TAGCC page chose to not bother plugging these announcements, like, they didn’t even shared that stuff onto the TAGCC page.

Why is this important you ask?

Well, TAGCC being the main hosts makes pretty much every promotion they pull, reach the highest amount of people possible.

Which is important since people are more likely to notice side activity plugs from the main host itself, than the very specific 3rd party companies who run these side activities.

In short, just promote the things people can expect to see or interact with at your event.

A simple share button, is not that hard to click.

It is when FB is lagging for a living again however.

  • Early Burden Tickets

…you know, some events stretch the term Early Bird so much it makes you wonder the term means,

  • “Early to get” Tickets or,
  • “Early Access into the event” Tickets.

Even though it’s both for TAGCC, I have to ask this.

What the F was the point of holding people up on Day 1?

Like…your event staff ushering people had to explain it as “They’re limiting people from entering the hall”.

…gonna just say this is some bullshit.

Why would you limit people entering the halls anyways?!

People who attend events would have their own objectives in mind when they get there, and not everyone who dragged themselves to the event early is interested in getting TAGCC exclusive toys!

Those that are, would lineup patiently for them anyways, whereas everyone else would just go round to whatever it is that interests them to begin with.

Ie, lining up Bullshittingly early for the guest booths on the 4th or 3rd floor etc.

If the concern is that people would cause a jam inside the hall, you guys are really underestimating the amount of space the PWTC 4th floor hall has because we’ve encountered literally no jams across both days.

The only jam at the event was caused by the god awful managing of the crowd size on Day 1, and that’s frankly it.

Since it was confusing to tell, if we’re still lining up to enter the hall or we’re lining up to purchase toys.

Or worst of all, forced to lineup like we’re on some kind of shitty forced tour of the event’s stuff, as though we can’t just walk around to see the stuff ourselves, or check it out later when it’s not as crowded.

Anyways, ragging on this issue aside, I would like to suggest a solution on how Day 1’s long ass crowd could’ve been handled.

From the get go, setup 2 lines, one for Toy Buyers the other for regular attendees.

Everyone who’s there for Toys, would get first priority to go in first obvs, then let loose the attendees, at the same time or like 5 minutes later.

What’s important here is to enable the crowd to start rolling into the event, because most attendees not interested in lining up for toys will move to whatever that interests them anyways.

Be it looking at the toys on display, or Rushing B to lineup for the guest meet & greet booths etc.

In short, trust in attendees to manage themselves, holding them up does nothing but well…piss people off to be honest, since most if not all of us would rather get stuff over with than be held up by traffic jams.

Also, who the eff likes traffic jams anyways?!

Prolly those rat bastards too busy taking photos of road accidents I bet. F those people.

The Sequel?

Gonna go on a bold gambit here and say, yeah, TAGCC might be back to be honest.

Assuming, no dumbass parties try to pull the same bullsheet they did to sort of deter AFA from hosting a sequel event in Malaysia, I’d say a TAGCC for 2020 might happen by default.

Of course, this is all speculation, which could be confirmed by Christmas if they choose to put up their logo for next year up by then, again.

The Verdict

Do you like Toys?

Do you like Anime?

Do you like to play some Games?

Then come on down to TAGCC, for all your Toy, Anime, and Gaming needs because TAG, you’re it!

…or rather everyone’s it.

…well sheet.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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