A Con-Eventional Story: Toys Anime Games Comic Con (TAGCC) 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

O Deer

First, typo intended.

Second, jeezus, crowds are already gathered in there before 7am?

It’s not even December yet!

…wait, *glares at TAGCC’s Event Partner*

Oh of course, that explains it.

Morning Simulator

Under the brightly lit white lights of the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), crowds of  youths swarm all around the 2nd floor (The floor you enter from), eagerly awaiting the doors of TAGCC’s event to open up.


Long lines of crowds stretch across the reflective pavement, as the lights illuminate the hall into brightly lit simulated morning.

Which was needed, as the pouring rain outside the event hall ensured sunlight wouldn’t be seen outside for awhile. 

Event staff armed with signs for newcomers patrol the halls, ushering the slow but steady flow of attendees coming to lineup early.


Ticket booths were flooded by youths looking to sit around and kill time, as ticket sales only start rolling out at 9am, a good…few hours later.

…which begs the question.

Isn’t this kind of like Comic Fiesta mornings?

The signs even have Comic Fiesta written on them!

Borrowing reused equipment like the signs is one thing.

But it’s surprising they borrowed the early morning crowded as F concept too.

Oh well, not like TAGCC’s gonna be like a CF Simulator or something.

O Deer, not again

…unfortunately, it is like a CF simulator.

Long ass crowds, delays to enter the hall, people rushing like madmen to lineup early?

It’s like Summertime Christmas.

But access into the hall does come of course.

Which brings the story to,


Step right up ladies and gentlemane, for this tour train takes off about…now!

Upon entering this fine illuminating Level 4 Hall of PWTC, look to your right to get a glimpse of some figures on display.

Starring, the TAGCC Mascot who’s name is…kind of not mentioned much.

But also, a handful of fellow Gundams to give a prelude, for what you’re about to see on this here tour.

Tour Stop #1: Malaysian Diecast Expo


First up, right infront of your very eyes near the entrance hall, comes the Malaysian Diecast Expo, armed to the teeth with cars, toy cars, and actual cars.

No! Bad attendee! No trying to hijack the cars like in GTA!

The toys and the real ones!

Tour Stop #2: Standalone Projects x2

From this here Diecast Expo, the front road leads to this wide open space here,


To your right, near the Naruto Shippuden booth, stands the fabulous exhibit for Zen Creation’s 1/6 Naruto Action Figure,


Looking good for action, with a whole lot of hands to give. 🖐

Now over behind this here booth, stands the Unknown Projects booth that houses the magnificent 1/5 Kamen Rider Ryuki statue.

That’s so prestigious, they have literal chains to keep people from getting too close and/or touchy with this gift from the gods. :pogchamp:

Plastic chains, but you get the gist people, no touchy.

Tour Stop #3: Toys to Marvel at

Next up, comes the fabulous CO Lab, near the Unknown Projects booth, where rows of Premium Statue Collectibles stand tall.

And a Thanos statue looking to ask you to watch Endgame again.

…maybe he likes getting beaten again?

Also…huh, do you hear its call?

Also x2, it’s getting kinda hot…oh of course!

The nearby Hot Toyz booth, the tour’s next destination, onwards!


Under the thankfully not burning hot lights of the Hot Toyz booth, an array of Marvel Cinematic Universe toys take turns getting eyed and pictured by nearby attendees.

And on occasion, visited by Spiderman cosplayers taking pics with the locals.

Hang on…do you hear that?


It’s…calling… 😮

No bad Tour Guide!

Okay, back to the roads people, before the Endgame comes back to take up another 3 hours and 8 minutes! D:

Moving on, near the Hotz Toys, likes the Sheldonet booth where even more toys await folks to get a look see.

Including a Civil War Reference. ;-;

Ah well, not like they’re gonna fight again or something.

Right Cap?


CIVIL WAR 2 Echoes

…uh, better get a move on it is. D:

Tour Stop #4: Banpresto Change O

Moving on to more fluffy lands, the Banpresto booth brings out a flurry of Pokemon plushies.

Alongside small cameos from other series and…hey isn’t that Cerberus from Cardcaptor Sakura there right there?

Guess he could pass off for a Pikachu.

But also, plenty of Metal Gear Solid figures in display cases from Dragonball,

And surprisingly, Harry Potter too! 😮

Snape looks super solid.

Almost like he’s…Solid Snape. ;3

Tour Stop #5: Side Show Alley

Step right up people, as we head rightwards towards a flurry of booths filled with hidden toy flavored gems. ;D

Exhibit A is for anime, as the Good Smile Company booth stands smiling,

Bringing smiles to people with all sorts of good stuff they’ve got going on inside,

Exhibit B is for Buildup, as a row of figurines leading up to a fabulous looking Oda Nobunaga statue.

That really makes you wonder if Keanu Reaves would star in a Samurai flick. 😮

Exhibit C is for Classics, featuring Lego built Harry Potter sets,

Alongside a cast of idol girls from various anime,

And a Kill Bill Suit wearing…Monkey?

Well least he has a car.


But the coolest of them all, a Lego tribute to some pretty cool folks.

Exhibit D is for Disney, or more accurately their properties across two booths that highlight everything that’s in this 2019.

Unfortunate it lacks the parts for a “Hello There”. D:

Exhibit E, is for Entertain, as an old booth resurfaces to bring on more Wayang Kulit works of wonder into TAGCC.

They even made one for the mascot, that’s dedication to the gig!

Exhibit F, is for Finale, as the best is saved for last.

That Uncle Liang, the Recycle Modeller booth features some of the best OC looking crafts since…well.


And that discount R2-D2 that would “Ah General Kenobi” faster than someone with Grevious names.

Crowd Of Duty

The tour’s over folks, as people within the event hall patiently await in lines for their respective attractions.

Especially outside the Coffytiam booth, as heaps loads of people patiently await the arrival of fellow guest cosplayers for their meet & greet sessions.

Even when time passes 6, the crowds still patiently await their gods from foreign lands.

A strong showing of commitment to the cause. 🙏

Of course, there’s plenty of stuff for locals to squeal about apart from lining up.

By crowding up.

Featuring panel talks galore, by fellow local webcomic artists, and performances aplenty, there’s always one common showing.

A tight knit crowd watching and listening the show.

So much that a call to retreat was needed to avoid getting squished. ;-;

OwO what’s this?


Some Plugs for future events, and a Matchroom Carnival?

Well, onwards downwards it is, as down the escalator the trail goe-

*Transmission Interupted*

Cut to Commercial

The following program is interupted to bring you, a lunch break.

Here at PWTC, the staff ensure that’s there’s food types aplenty for attendees to be so food of themselves.

From Rice that’s Chicken or Mixed, to all sorts of 👌 looking cakes on the sidelines.

Of course, that’s before you include the occasionally fried up foods ready to serve your appetite any time of the day.


And once you’re done, consider dropping by for some desert, featuring ALL the Nestle branded icecream sticks to pickup.

It’s even on the way upwards to the Main Entrance back into the event hall!

So come on down, grab a quick bite, and you’re good to go again.


Lower Ground Control

*Transmission Restored*

Down the various escalators and/or stairwells that connect the upper levels of PWTC’s Level 4 Event Hall, a flurry of attractions greets folks descending downwards to thankfully, not a form of hell.

Depending on who you ask.

From this towering view over the lower levels, the grand sight of stores conducting workshops and ongoing tournaments was transparently clear.


As hallways were stuffed with white booths shifting between shops selling anime merch, cosplay gear and/or serve as an exhibit for other ventures.

Such as the magnificent display of works from fellow Malaysian artists many follow on social media, just to see their web works.


At the booth opposite of the nearby showroom, surrounded by the event hall’s hustling sounds everywhere, a lone artist concentrates on his work.

The man draws interest from a small crowd formed in front of his table, as he slowly colorizes his sketch with blue.

As the sketch shows a blue outfit wearing man, making his first move in the game of Shogi.

Path of People

Where crowds gather, the narrow roads between artist booths tend to be the only path onward.

Not that the booths are bad, but because there’s always something to get people’s eye in events all the time.

Be it Guest Cosplayer booths, regular artist booths or toy booths featuring a RM 99 sale for figures that make one figure out one’s life choices.

Even across the hall, where tables setup with gaming equipment and televisions for attendees to partake in would remain filled with people.

Folks armed with controllers, in front of monitors and/or TV sceens looking to toss some fighting games around for the day.

In the midst of all this, a standout booth nearby gets people’s attention,

Well there’s certainly no Straight Roads towards this booth.

Since you’d have to make a turn just to reach the play area.

One quick conversation from the staff that mans this here booth of No Straight Roads, reveals that…this is a one year plus project still in the works.

But it looks so good! 😮

Ah well, only time will tell if the finished project will do well.

Certainly something to look forward to for sure. 🤔

But if games aren’t up in one’s interest radar, the nearby Micro Drone Academy should get people’s attention.

As a small drone occasionally flies around an obstacle course, steered by…people wearing VR headsets and Controllers. 👀

Certainly putting the virtual into reality eh?

As the day nearly ends, a booth of Magic Rain seeks to let some folks lighten up a bit.

From the nearby wall of sticky notes housing answers to questions answered by many anonymous attendees that day.

Whilst also plugging the returning Cosplay Commuter this October.

Huh, it feels like something’s almost forgo…of course!

Who could forget paying the Ministry of Hobbies a visit?

With a very strong message of Taking Control and Governing one’s own hobbies. 🤔

Children’s card games were not a mistake.

Thankfully, not again

Like the bright sky outside, one can sense the slow but eventual arrival of evening, as the lights within the hall slowly dimmed itself out.

As did, any chance of another incident.

History, has been avoided from being repeated.

For everyone’s sake.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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