A Con-Eventional Story: Geek Summit 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

Also x2, before we start, a fair WARNING.

We here at SiteInRelief have ZERO TOLERANCE for plagiarism.

A message to any dumbass F-Stick looking to take our words out of context.🤔

Try something, and well, let’s just say.

Sri Hartamas is a very easy place to weed out. ;3

The Other Summit

30th June 2019.

Somewhere at the land of the rising sun, nations gather for a high stakes G-20 summit to decide the world’s fate.

Meanwhile, another summit was brewing in Malaysia.

To decide the fate of Malaysia’s representative to Japan. 👀

Are you Shah Alam about this?

Beneath the towering Ideal Convention Centre (IDCC) within Shah Alam, after a Rm 6 buck Grab ride from the Shah Alam KTM station, a sunny morning greets Geek Summit’s convention hall on the 7th floor.

Despite the isolatated location for the event, a steady flow of attendees were slowly crowding into the hall as the clock ticks past 10 am.


“Hi there, here to get a ticket?”

Oh yes of course.

One complicated series of registering on a com, plus a RM 15 buck payment later.

The ticket appears!

In the form of a purple chop mark.

Of a squid.

On one’s arm.

That…eventually fades into purple mush as the hours pass.

That thankfully, still works well.

Approaching the entry door that says Hall 6, the nearby banners on the left would get one’s attention.


A bunch of familiar Plugs that tagged along for this event. 🤔

Well, it is a “Summit”.

Having other events tagging along makes sense as well.

Hall does it look?

It looks like heaven rained orange lights, like a wedding banquet hall minus the incessant white tables crowding the place.

But instead, tables crowded with PCs primed with Counter Strike: Global Offensive for people to pickup.

And Rush B.

And language.

Cyka bly-LANGUAGE! *tosses shield*


Aw man, the highway to the Danger Zone’s closed.

Kinda wanted to check out which weapon in this CS:GO side mode can be considered a…Top Gun.

Probably the P-90.

Also holy crap, is someone playing CTR (Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled) over there?!


It is! 😮

Eh, how hard can it be?

<One and a Half Races later>


…apparently drifting is hard here. :feelsbadman:

Ah well, that’s one game for the checklist to pickup after Internship.

The Backdoor Workshop

Right by the back of the event hall, a large distance away from the stage area’s occasional music filling the event hall.

A wall of white panels surround an interior of chairs, with a projector setup at the front for various Innofaire Speakers to take turns presenting their various talks.

Topics of various intrigue, from IT to boardgames await fellow workshop attendees.

…all entering through an entrance that comes across as a sort of ‘back’ door.


If it works it works!

A Crowd of Conversation

As the crowds start building up, the massive hall’s opened spacing gives way for people to roam anywhere.

Most flock over to where the guest cosplayers are stationed, taking turns to take pictures and/or suit up some merch.

But on occasion, dive into conversation over topics observers can only imagine.

As the surrounding sound obscures everything.

Thankfully, the food booth next to the booth of Magic Rain is always opened for business.

The tangy fragrance of Pasta Oden grabbing people’s attention.

For the price of 8 bucks, the serving’s surprisingly…enough.

Not too much, but enough to get back in the field.

Just make an order, pay up, stroll around the hall a bit, then comeback to pickup a bowl of noodle goodness.

Also, oh hi there TV3 news team! o/


Oh, the Emcees are setting up for the performers.

To the Stage!

Opening Stage <Insert Performer here>

Kicking off Geek Summit with a song that involves Legends not dying, (Because respawning was invented)

And a song about letting things go, (Advice some folks should consider taking. 🤔)

The morning crowd was warmed up and good to go for the day’s main event.

As time slowly builds towards the big show.

Tales of the WCS 

Featuring, a workshop segment where Malaysia’s 2018 representatives, Team Valkyrie drops in to give a run down about how the WCS works.

Couple of interesting pointers here, such as how the competition involves making everything from scratch, from costumes to props.

Which was certainly an interesting discovery, given how there’s a mix of both in ACG cultures all over the world. 🤔

Up next, a skit presented by Team Japan, from what can be deduced to be a fasicnating display of art that’s…just amazing to behold. 😮

To describe it would be to spoil it, so finding an external recording of the performance would be more appropriate.

…spoilers, none of that here.

Anyways, onwards!


Up on stage, a segment for the event’s Alumni and guest gives insight into the WCS itself, hightlight many intriguing aspects of the competition’s history.

Such as how the guest speaks…Indonesian?

It’s understandable since both Malaysia and Indonesia share the same-ish language…but it is…surprising they made their claim first on this too.


Ooh, look at the time.

As the lineup of invited guests slowly take up their seats before the front stage.


For the time is now.

…not for John Cena.

But rather, the WCS teams. (Check the full show here, credits to the videographer who recorded the performances, full credit to him.)

Malaysia’s Finest Fantasy

Act #1: Team Kuramaker


Starring a man in one of those flex suits you see at body builder contests, plus a discount Ken from Street Fighter.

This Tekken themed skit takes puts the Street Fight into Street Fighter.

Way more than that live action movie ever did.


Wonder if someone could do a skit for Mortal Kombat.

The movies, not the game.

Act #2: Team Thousand Sunny


In this One Piece inspired skit, featuring two dankly dressed characters from the series, both wielding the biggest fists you can find this side of SEA.

One mechanical looking, the other a giant prop that could be mistaken for Hulk’s dislocated arm. ;-;

Featuring a fight scene that ends with the big man fighting off-screen man, in a finisher that leaves you wondering.

…could a really big rock (Or fist) beat paper.

Act #3: Team BananaChoco


Featuring a Detective Conan skit on the classic Conan versus Kaito Kid shtick, the WCS 4th wall break was certainly a highlight of the skit.

As the show ends as fast as it started.

Of course, with a soccer ball.


There’s a reason Detective Conan topped in Japan during Endgame release week. 🤔

Act #4: Team Excurrybun



Wait so…what flavoured buns are these here folks now if they’re not curry?

Hang on, what’s that sou-….is that a pyramid shaped meteor headed for…oh F-


Oh thank god, what no-…did that Sphinx thing just fell to the floor?

But why tho…oh.

It’s a Tank.

…o deer.

Showtime Walking


Applause hails each team’s fabulous time on stage, with generous cheers for each team’s performance.

Even internally, there’s this awe that’s difficult to describe after seeing such high end performances in action.

Which makes one wonder, what were the past WCS entries like if they’re this amazing today? 🤔

Questions for later.

As a familiar band from a previous gig walks on stage.

A dank mix, of Digimon, Tokyo Ghoul and Original Songs by Walker certainly walks the crowd through a performance that reminds people.

On how music, even at ACG events, can involve more than just the tunes you hear from anime or games.

Soon enough, the time for judgement has come.

Terror to Triumph


The results are in.

As the faces of stress could be seen before the faces of some teams.

This was it.

This was make or break.

…as the name of Malaysia’s representatives echoes across the room.

The team announced broke down onto the floor.

Followed by crowds of people rushing forward to get photos, record videos and…presumably comfort their realization.

Uncertain if they were crying tears of joy or relief.

Perhaps both, seeing as their composure was recovered relatively soon.

Even so.

Team Malaysia’s Champions for the WCS are here.


And to Japan, will this team continue their fight, before the world’s stage.

As will, the future Malaysian teams looking to join them next year. 🤔

The Day’s Closing

With the WCS wrapped up, all that was left is…one last show.

By the fabulous Mr Johan Yusof, featuring a whole lot of smooth tunes that fits the mood of closing out the event’s show.

Plus, the man is the closest thing to an ACG Michael Jackson description, since he too can dance. 👀

Genuinely curious if he’s considered trying the moonwalk. 😮


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.

A message to fellow Malaysian readers.

Especially the ones who took part, were involved and had to do with both the WCS and Geek Summit itself.

I…have to apologize for having to see you guys suffer through some BS that stems from some ratshit’s grudge against the WCS.

An apology won’t change history, nor will it repair the damage done.

But…last time I checked.

The scene after the previous incident, was still alive and kicking.

And boy was it kicking so hard there was genuine light at the end of this tunnel.

Until it collapsed again.


Point is.

You guys, especially the ones who took the stage that day for the WCS.

Keep doing what you do.

So what if you missed this year’s chance to represent?

You guys have got more guts that a whole lot of folks in the scene to, well.

Not just make props and costumes on your own, but to also take time to setup all this skit related stuff that takes god knows how long.

Whatever happens moving forward.

We here at Siteinrelief (S.I.R), are honestly excited to see what the future holds.

Be it whatever excursion you guys will do from this point on.

There’s only one direction to walk in life.

And that’s forward. 🤔

…though if you involve a remote, it might accidentally turn into Fast Forward.

A message to anyone outside of Malaysia reading this.

First, on behalf of the people within Malaysia’s ACG scene, I must apologize for the recent incidents that…frankly speaking.

Should never have happened.

Even as someone not involved in running events, apologizing seems like the only thing we could do.

Yes, I know, apologizing won’t change history.

Or the damage it’s done.

But it beats not being able to do anything after the dust settles.

Also, this apology exempts a certain rat bastard in the scene.

So assume that one F-Stick didn’t apologize for causing all this.

Hint, it’s the same organizer dipshit that intentionally caused the incident in March.


Rest assured, you guys coming over to attend events as regular attendees will be fine.

However, should you choose to not come out of safety, that is understandable.

Your safety comes first.

The well being of our overseas allies, always comes first.

When the incident in March occurred, the only thing on our priority list was the safety of the detained.

It remains the same case even today.

None of us intended for this to happen.

That said.

We here at Siteinrelief (S.I.R) pledge our SIR-vice, at your call.

If you’re in town, we have…eyes, and people everywhere.

Help, is always open here.

Hopefully, we’ll see you guys in the field. 🙏

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Page us anytime, anywhere, Amway offers will be shot on sight, no questions asked.


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