An UnCon-Eventional Story: Geek Summit 2019

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Credits to the Geek Summit Official Facebook for the featured image, and the various images seen in this post.

I DO NOT own the rights to any of these photos (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to Geek Summit.


Za Warudo World: “The G-20 Summit is the most ambitious crossover of the year.”

Geek Summit 2019, ft WCS: “Hold my beer.”

The FAQ is this?

Credits to Geek Summit for the image.

Geek Summit 2019 is a One-Day event held on June 30th 2019, at Ideal Convention Centre (IDCC), Shah Alam.

Not exactly an ideal place considering it’s in Shah Alam.

Although, considering the 7th floor of IDCC is very reminicent of the upper floors from KLCC, the venue is both nostalgic yet fitting for Geek Summit to take place here.

Now it would be dismissive of us to not mention the fact that Geek Summit was originally going to be a 2-Day event.

Credits to Geek Summit for the image.

Which unfortunately got scaled back to 1 day, for reasons that…I don’t know why.

But, it does give them plenty of space to do a 1-Day event well, like a certain Flash Mob did before.

Better to stick the first landing well, than crash into prison without a parachute.

First Contact

Geek Summit’s first official contact with the ACG scene took place around May 2nd.

With an out of nowhere Video announcement that they would be hosting the Finals of the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Malaysia 2019.

This was interesting, considering that the Malaysian held WCS events had always been standalone, according to what info we managed to dig up about its history.

To be specific,

  • The 2017 show was held at MyTownShoppingCentre
  • The 2018 show was held at The Rift, Mid Valley Megamall

Essentially, you could boil down the past WCS events to a glorified contest for seeing who’d be representing Malaysia in Japan for the WCS.

However, given that the 2019 WCS is associated as part of Geek Summit’s lineup, this gives them the benefit to not just have the WCS for people to watch.

But also, all the attractions you’d come to expect from regular ACG events.

Which can be good for all parties involved, be it attendees, folks competing for the WCS and people running the events in general.

Registration Open Season


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to Geek Summit for the images.

The usual by the numbers calls for registrations played out as follows,

  • Basic & Premium Booth Registrations – May 29th
  • Volunteers as/for Tribute Summon Registrations – June 10th
  • Innofaire Registrations – June 11th
  • Media Registrations – June 13th
  • Round up of all the Registrations – June 14th

Now you might be wondering what about those looking to participate in the WCS?

Where do they fit into this?



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to Geek Summit for the images.

Geek Summit also promoted the original April 11th posts for the various regions of Malaysia to sign up at.

Ranging from Northen, Central and Southern regions respectively, as the registration dates were extended until June 4th.

Which gives plenty of room for the various regions to suit up their respective representatives for the Finals at Geek Summit on June 30th.

Lineup Starts Here

So Geek Summit’s lineup is rather interesting, since it features quite the large mix of foreign and local folks attending the event.

Let’s get the WCS related judges out of the way first, since their presence at the event ensures they’d hang around the event as well.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to Geek Summit for the images.
  • Mame Mayo & Mio, the 2018 WCS Japan Representatives!

Wait, they got the WCS representatives from Japan?!

Dafaq, how do we not know about this until event day?!

Whatever you think of the matter, there’s a certain level of prestige to witness judgement from folks who hail from the WCS’s host country. :O

Credits to Geek Summit for the image.

Huh, the name Hikari means light in Japanese.

*looks again at photo*

Whoa, the photo’s radiating brightly. o.o

It’s almost as though the person’s a…Shine in the Dark.

Credits to Geek Summit for the image.
  • PTYTB, the Art Atelier from Vietnam!


Bad audience! For expecting a Vietnam Flashback joke.

But holy crap, those suits she makes looks simply fabulous. 😮

It’s like a cross between, the Malaysian styles of costumes from East Malaysia, and the unfamiliar blends of PTYTB’s personal touch. :pogchamp:

Credits to Geek Summit for the image.
  • HIKO, a Guest Cosplayer from Taiwan!

Let’s see here a bit…holy crap, she has activities from all the way back in 2006?!

That’s like 13 years worth of experience in this stuff!

Definitely the kind one guest we should’ve tried meeting in person in hindsight. ;-;


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to Geek Summit for the images.
  • Shinku & Dova, the 2018 WCS Malaysia Representatives!

Next up, Team Malaysia from 2018, as they return to action here at the Summit!

What was pretty cool was seeing them explain a bit about how the WCS works, and what they expect in the field. 😮

Which is very reminicent of a certain other team’s panel talk at a previous event on the same topic.

Credits to Geek Summit for the image.

And they’re back, as Team Manboobs returns to watch over the next team to take up the Team Malaysia slot for 2019.

You may remember them from Season4Otaku, where they talked a bit about their time during their WCS.

Which lines up accurately with the 2018 team’s description of the experience over in Japan. 😀

With the judges etc settled, comes the participants of the WCS 2018’s finals.

Check out all their performances here. (Credits to the videographer behind that compilation.)


Credits to Geek Summit for the image.


Aka, that team that did the Tekken Skit.

A sketch that shouldn’t be Tekken for granted. 🤔

As they will certainly Kuramake your day.

Credits to Geek Summit for the image.


Aka, that team that did the Detective Conan Skit.

That 4th wall broke the WCS Finals by pin pointing the event’s location. :monkaS:

…okay but why the name Banana Choco.

Banana Splits are great deserts but…we’re still confused at the name. @.@

Credits to Geek Summit for the image.


Aka, that team that did the Fate Skit.

That…wait, is that a Tank?

Oh it is a tank.

Also, did that guy just toss a pyramid from out of nowhere? 👀

…man, Yugioh Duel Monsters has got nothing on this.

Credits to Geek Summit for the image.


Aka, that team that did the One Piece Skit.

You want a One Piece of these boys?!

They’ve got arms.


Credits to Geek Summit for the image.


*disc scratch*

Wait a second, there was another team?!


…aw man.

Kind of a bummer we didn’t got to see em in action. ;-;

Regardless, we’d look forward to see them in action next year I suppose. 🤔

And that about wraps up for the WCS related guests and people.

Which brings us to, Geek Summit’s lineup of Infofaire speakers!


Credits to Geek Summit for the images.

It’s raining Talk Panels, so lettuce round up,


Credits to Geek Summit for the images.


Credits to Geek Summit for the images.

Jeezus, that’s a whole lot of speakers.

But it is cool to have things that well, have some involvement with the ACG scene to listen in on.

Last of all, the usual stuff most ACG Events would come to expect.

Credits to Geek Summit for the image.

Emceed by Mr Jay Chai and Ms Rina Tan, the pair brings out Geek Summit’s lineup of guests and performers on stage all Day 1 long!


Credits to Geek Summit for the images.

It should be noted that one of the 9 featured guests weren’t performing that day, we’d leave it to you guys to fill in the blanks. 🤔

That said, as the day passes in batches, groups of performances take turns entertaining the crowds on stage.

From solo singing and/or dance performances by Catnipx, Aya and Amelia Khor, to group dances by ‘Kiss Marry Kill’, ‘Starlight Sugar’ and ‘Ennea’.

As the day rounds out with Walker walking us through a performance that bands together.

With the fabulous Mr Johan Yusof closing out the day’s show.

And just like that, Geek Summit’s show can be summed up as this.

Which now brings us to,

The Good Goods

The Good Goods brings you ALL the best bits an event has to offer!

Please keep in mind this is only for the current iteration of this event, which may or may not repeat for future events.

  • Platform Most Needed

Say what you will about Geek Summit’s event, but GS has one thing going for it.

It’s the Host Event for Malaysia’s WCS Finals.

As mentioned earlier, Malaysia’s WCS had always been its own standalone event.

Usually with the WCS show as the main attraction and…that’s about it.

By tagging alongside Geek Summit, it enables the event as a whole to offer not just the main WCS Finals for people to watch.

But also, offering pretty much anything a regular ACG Event could do.

Performances, meeting guests, you name it.

Hell, in theory, you could even have a meet & greet session for the judges invited from overseas during the event.

In short, a whole lot of convenient stuff is what we’re getting at.

  • Chop Chop

Now…so far, from all the events we’ve covered so far, Geek Summit’s tickets are probably the most…interesting of the bunch.

It’s literally an ink chop on your arm.

Of the mascot (I think?) Squid you see on Geek Summit’s material.

It’s arguably, thinking about now, probably the most efficient form of tickets since well…

Those all access tags you get as event crew.

Granted, tags are expensive AF to produce, so this Ticket Chop thing actually works just as well.

One suggestion though, perhaps you guys could consider putting it on say…cardboard or paper next time?

Like, chop a piece of card or something, since ink might be something some folks are allergic to.

…I don’t Biology for a living but eh, it’s just something to consider.

  • Ease of Access

By god, I’m probably going to take the piss out of the IDCC shortly, but I will say this.

It’s bloody convenient there’s like almost a toilet for every convention hall up on this 7th floor joint.

It beats having to take an elevator to the ONLY TOILET at a certain place.


That said, Geek Summit having this food booth along with a dining area’s pretty neat too.

Granted, I’d argue the food booths could’ve been positioned in front of the walls where the workshops were being conducted.

As its positioning kind of caused a slight bit of trouble to manuvere around, especially when people are piling up that same place for food. 🤔

In short, there’s food and toilet convenience, what more is there needed?

I swear, Backstroke of the West never gets old.

That said, you know what else doesn’t get old.

An event hall with ALL THE COMS to play at.

Which, unfortunately only features Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

But hey, at least there’s Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled to try out too! 😀

Apparently I cannot drift for S***.

Like a certain event before, having an arsenal of stuff for your attendees to tinker with ensures it’s highly likely that they’d stay at your event longer.

Plus, it gives attendees a reason to relax a bit, until the next stage show takes their turn on stage.

Granted, I would’ve given props if you guys had Left4Dead hooked up across 4 Coms. ;-;

That or someone share their Megaman X Legacy Collection plox. D;

  • Crisis Command

Those of you expecting us to not mention the little ‘incident’ that stabbed Geek Summit in the back can go F yourselves.


You thought we were gonna sweep it under the rug?

And spread misinformation about how the people who were not arrested are fine.

Whilst trying to play the whole “I won’t rest until all my friends are out of jail” card.


One second…*vomits*

Ugh…jeezus that was asinine to type out.

Apologies to you fine people who had to be subjected to that. D;


Credit should be given where it’s due.

Information about the detained guests had been published consistently since July 1st.

This came 1 day after the incident, with updates consistently coming out each day.

Except for Thursday, following the Day 3 update that involves them having to wait on the Immigration officer to come in on Friday.

As the situation finally wrapped up on Friday. (Chinese version here, Japanese version here.)

Despite the days following the incident being very tense, and difficult to assess the situation.

The daily updates was a small, but effective explaination about what was going on.

Which certainly beats some deluded F-stick trying to play the hero.

By not telling people Jack F-ing Sheet.

…like some kind of edgelord with Protagonist Syndrome.

That would explain that F-stick’s choice of costume during that event.

The Bad Blehs

The Bad Blehs brings up some…bad stuff, about events, which need to be talked about since no event is without issues that can’t be fixed for the future.

Future Organizers and/or spies from other event organizers, you can learn a thing or two of what NOT TO DO at your event here. (As a guide, so that you’re not too busy repeating history.)

Please keep in mind these are only for the current iteration of this event, which may or may not repeat for future events.

  • Panel TalkBlocked

Hokay, gonna be very brunt with this one, seeing as how one other event sort of made this mistake too.

If an event is going to hold a panel talk or workshop thing, that is separate or not held on the Main Stage.

For the love of god, PLEASE put that activity in its own room. D;

Its own soundproof room that won’t get punched in the face, by load as F stage performances.

I’m of course talking about the small area within the Geek Summit venue, where they were conducting workshops of sorts.

Yeah, that area at the back surrounded by white blocked off walls etc.

I’m not against events wanting to have workshop segments.

But I am kind of concerned that attendees of these workshops won’t be able to extract the most out of said workshop, all because of sound interference from other sources at the event.

…which can be kind of counter intuitive.

Basically, just…give em their own soundproof place pretty please.

  • The Summit’s Limit

Geek Summit really needs to work on the Summit part of its name, seeing as…that part of the event kind of fell flat in my view.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really on board the idea of an event for casual networking with other people in the scene.

Since well.

It is important for the ACG community to communicate and connect with one another.

Rather than just be another event, where people attend, meet up with friends, take a pic or dozen and then…that’s it.

Geek Summit gives a Purpose for communication and that purpose is important to have, in order for the scene stand as one.

Regardless of Race, Language, Gender or whatever BS that separates people.

We’re really down for it and well, we’d like to see it happen more effectively than wind up like…just another event is all.

That said,

  • The Sound of Summit

One pickle I’d like to point out during the event, is how sound can be fecking detrimental at trying to have a conversation.

Not the stage performances mind you, that stuff being noisy is fine.

Since well, it is on the schedule and all.

However, it’s the intermissions between performances that kind of get me.

since the music playing in the background kind of makes talking difficult, because of the annoying need to raise one’s voice.

Why not use some, literal BGM background music during intermissions?

Or well, just lower the music volume so people can talk with one another better.

Just something to consider to fit the whole, Summit motive.

  • Light no Other

Bright lights are oftena blessing or curse for photography crews at events.

And I’ll be honest, it’s kind of tough to take shots of the stage performances with lighting that’s…really really dark.

…I get it, the darkened lights are meant to accomodate the stage performances when they’re live.

However, can’t we at least have the lightings on when it’s time to take photos?

That just seems like the one coincidental time where we could use the lighting for stationary photos.

Sure, some of us would squeal “AAAAAHHHHH MY EYES!!!!!” after being in darkness for so long, but hey.

I’d take a bright idea for photos, long as it means we can take good shots of the event to preserve.

  • Ticket Tactics

As cool as the chop mark tickets were, I would like to kind of suggest perhaps you guys could consider erm…

Regular ticket arm band things?

As predictable as those are, there’s a reason most events go with it.

However, the chop mark ticket thing can work too.

Just well, in the future, consider putting those chops on some…cardboard, to serve as a ‘ticket’ of sorts.

I say this because it’s hard to tell if some attendees won’t have allergic reactions against ink based chemicals.

Even if 9 out of 10 people wouldn’t have any reaction, it’s best to play it safe.

Also, the online registration thing’s confusing AF.

…that I’m still reeling from the confusion as to why make it so complex to get tickets. ._.

Perhaps a pre-registration Google Form would do?

If you guys would still prefer to do online tickets.

The Sequel?

Geek Summit’s fate hangs in the balance, and as of writing…well.

TL;DR, shit happened, now the situation’s cleared, but damage still done.

However, without getting too deep into things that are better off as its own topic.

We will say this.

Imagine if theoretically.

The WCS Finals Malaysia for 2020 is still held at Geek Summit, and it goes off without a hitch.

Now, imagine the comeback story for that.

As the crowds celebrate Team Malaysia’s representatives.

While the local news picks up word about the representatives taking center stage to Japan.

Because well…achievements by our fellow Malaysians, overseas or not, is often news that’s newsworthy to local news outlets.

Because by that time.

For you see, you S-hole likely reading or not reading this (Does he even know how to read tho?)

You’re not dealing with the average Malaysian ACG Event anymore.

It has become the Legend, the Legend that you fear.

A comeback, that is so real.

It’s adding more to the scene by correcting its past mistakes.

With action so packed, scum who hate the ACG scene would dust themselves into sand out of hate.

Especially that one S-hole of Sin.

As his ashes never stop turning into sand.

…and we hate Sand.

It’s Course.



And it gets everywhere.


…Kinda like you, Mr “Trying to run <Redacted> <Redacted> 5.” ;3

The Verdict

Geek Summit 2019 is, in my honest view, a very interesting experimental event that has potential to play out well.

It just needs some polish, more communication and ultimately…eh, time to work itself out.

Whether or not the Malaysian WCS Finals continues being hosted at this event, that remains to be seen.

However, I wouldn’t mind seeing that good stuff in action at the next one.

Whatever the future holds.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.

Also reminder.


Say it with me class.


Good…but AGAIN.


Don’t be a dumbass and go provoke them.

To go hunting for enemies, is to ensure one’s own destruction.

Pretty sure most of you guys are smart enough to not do that.

A message, to,

Local folks of the Malaysian ACG scene.

I don’t care if you’re a regular attendee, cosplayer, influencer, prop-maker, organizer, or someone with hate boners for people in the scene.

For now, keep watch over the local ACG scene.

Assure your international friends, if any, about their safety if they are coming over.

Do not, let any of our overseas allies fall on our home turf.

Malaysian Immigration is a ruthless opponent.


We can ensure that no one else gets shot by them, even with false reports.

Permits exist to be acquired, go get em.

One payment for permits, can save an ACG Scene’s future.

Also, if you need help, just ask.

Not us obviously.


We know people.

Also, there’s plenty of other people, who know people, who know things.

You can start with these here good folks, they do both English & Chinese.

You just have to…start with an ask.

Trust me, most people don’t eat people for a living.

Especially through Messenger or whatever people use to send messages.

What do you think people are, Hannibal Lecter?

Point is.

Stand together with one another.

Having the same interest for a mutual thing is something that shouldn’t be seperated by BS like race, religion, gender, <Insert other separation term here>.

A message, to,

Folks outside of Malaysia reading this.

Whatever decision you make on whether or not you choose to come here again for events.

I leave that for you to decide.

However, if you are coming over as an event guest, or boothing at an event.

Bug the ever living crap out of our local organizers for the permits.

They have a responsibility to your safety, and nothing is more important than that.

Demand proof of the permits, or just walk away.

It’s the perfect indicator for us to hunt these organizers who’d throw people under the bus down.

Safety is always priority one, nothing else matters.

Side note, a crude reality check about Malaysia’s ACG Scene.

Malaysia has idiots out for revenge, fame, riches and well, on occasion…thirst.


1 shitstain, is not an accurate description of an entire scene.

Just like how 1 bad apple is not a description of an entire tree’s worth of apples.

I’m certain most of you people outside of Malaysia know this idea.

About how 1 subset of idiots making something you like look bad, is NEVER an accurate description of the beauty you see in the thing you love.

Trust in the ACG scene here.

They’re good folks worth your time.

I’ve seen it.

As someone who’s only been in the scene for…well, less than a year here to be honest.

You’d be forgiven to think that we’d defend them blindly.

Uh no.

We’ve taken the piss out of domestic events aplenty.

And we’re always concerned that we’re on someone’s hypothetical blacklist (And/Or Kill List) since we brought up some points about events certain parties may consider it not an issue.

Or a form of ‘insult’ to their belief that they can do no wrong.

…and that terrifies me every F-ing day.

That said.

It has been an honor to interact, and meet some of these people.

Even the people outside who come all this way to Malaysia.

…what I’m saying is.

You’d have to see for yourself to decide.

Because some things…are just worth fighting for.

This has been SiteInRelief (S.I.R).

Hope to see you in the field. 🤔

Check out more stories over at S.I.R House, of Content 2019.

Also, siteinrelief has a Facebook page now!

Page us anytime, anywhere, Amway offers will be shot on sight, no questions asked.


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