A Con-Eventional Story: Tanabata Matsuri & Anime Street

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

A School Day



This place is called “The School”?

…what kind of venue names themselves after the one thing nobody would willingly visit on the weekends?!

Genuinely hoping this isn’t some grim foreshadowing of the event’s turnout. ;-;

Straightforward Street

Beneath the windowed sky above, where the sun’s morning rays pierce through its transparent mirrors onto the white reflective pavement, a quiet morning awaits attendees that slowly build up over the day.


Look upwards, and the sight of various coloured lanterns hang out above.

Coupled with some high ground above for some downwards photo shots.

Standing right before the lineup of chairs for future audiences to take a seat, some intriguing figures stood right by the stage.

Bamboo tree looking figures, upon closer inspection, a clear replica of actual trees presumably.

As various bits of paper hung all over its leaves, with words written on its coloured surface.


Well ain’t that a pretty worthwhile thing to wish for.

Stock of Tradition

As the early hours of the event takes things slow, there was time aplenty to explore the various booths setting up shop.

Especially the various booths stationed along the walkway towards the stage, featuring intriguing things from Japanese culture. 

Such as a setup for trying out Yukatas.

Aka a ticket to attending Bon Odori in the coming weeks.

These fabulous looking dresses often seen in animations and/or live action movies/dramas certainly looks the part.

Or works of art for various accessories that fit the dank beauty they present.

Be it shapes of flowers, or little stuffed toys looking for a future owner.

And a fan paddle one could use to toss at an unsuspecting person’s head. πŸ€”

Don’t do that. >:

That said, there’s stuff for the kids to toy around with as well.

Some plastic cups await toy guns to take them down by the Shateki game table setup.

Near a plastic pool of cardboard sea creatures armed with magnets for fishing.


And of course, some good old stock of toys, plushies and various merch you’ve come to expect to see from the ‘Anime Street’ part of this event’s name.


It fits the idea!

Also it’s…technically Japanese culture, to some degree.


Just kinda wished the cardboard cutouts were placed more strategically all over the place, than confined to various corners.


Better go look around for food too.

Now to browse,

The Venue’s Menu

While The School’s interior boasts food stalls aplenty, one would be wise to check out what lies outside and around the event itself.

Outside the open auto doors of The School, a hallway of trucks form a makeshift night market-esque setup, prompting occasional visitors to await patiently in front of said food trucks.

As their food literally descend from the heavens, handed to them by the chefs of said food trucks.

Packaged nicely in small toasty cardboard boxes.

Meanwhile indoors, a small booth housing various Japan branded snacks awaits an owner to pick them up.

…to mercilessly eat and/or drink them apart. πŸ‘€

That was kind of morbid.

But alas, that is the destiny of foods. πŸ€”


Speaking of, some traditional goodies await as well.

From fish shaped Taiyakis that come in Red Beans, Chocolate and Cream Cheese, to sweets and Mochi aplenty.

Hey wait a sec, isn’t that the name of one of the gues- *headkicks*

Thou shalt not be rood to thy event guests! >:

DuelDolist Kingdom

Ah, it seems the stage area’s slowly picking up, as the Emcees get the crowds rolling with some Q&A giveaways.

“You can do your homework on Facebook for the answers,” one of them suggested to the crowd, as no one had yet to head up to answer the question.

One question though, who the F does Homework in a place called The School? πŸ€”


Among the questions asked, one involves explaining what does Tanabata mean?

As the Emcees give a quickie about the origins of Tanabata.

A folk tale about two gods who became lovers, got seperated, and are only allowed to reunite on this day.

Kind of a neat little story.

Ooh it’s stage show time, better step back a bit.

Lights, Stage Camera, Action!

Stepping right up on stage, comes cosplayers of various ages, in suits of all sizes.

From skits, to singing and/or dancing, small spacing is just a size to the contestants of this cosplay competition.

On occasion, the 3 guest judges would pass back feedback about their works, often inspiring them with confidence their future endevors.

Up next, a flurry of performances featuring both solo singers and dancing duos.

Hey, what’s with the crowd chanting ‘Sayur’ (Vegetables in Malay) for that one singer? πŸ€”


Imagine watching performances so fluid, that not even the long wires of a mic (If used) could get in their way.

Movement timings so well choreographed, you swear the guy who choreographed High School Musical would be sweating.

Onwards, as the stage makes way for a Makeup Tutorial by one of the guest cosplayers, featuring a sort of willing (Well, kinda) Emcee participant. πŸ€”

A clear distinct difference could be seen on the Emcee’s face, after the makeover’s…over.

One side more painted than the other, which really makes one wonder how in-depth most cosplayers go when it comes to applying their makeup.

If any. :monkaS:

As the day moves onwards, the Emcess call upon fellow folks in the crowd to step right up for the next challenge.

Wait…what’s all this calling for this “δΈ€εͺθ€θ™Ž” about? (That’s “Two Pairs of Tigers” in English.) πŸ€”

In this discount Game of Thrones, involving more plastic chairs and less disappointment than the lastest season of your favourite show, various volunteers for this tribute battle to sit.

But…there can be only 1. πŸ€”

In a discount knighting ceremony conducted by one of the guest cosplayers, the Champion of the chair humbly accepts his prize.

To be signed later as the guests return to their booth, followed by mobs of regular folks looking to just chill.

Speaking of chill.

It was time now, for some traditional dances to take the stage.

A folk dance for the Tanabata Matsuri presumably, with music that sounds a lot like a trek through the ancient times.

The second dance, features a wide crowd of folks both young and old clacking these handheld instrument things.

As its clacks echo across the duration of the song.

It’s like if “Let’s Twist Again” was written by ancient music composers, that’s how these tracks sound like.

And they’re F-ing awesome. :O


The day’s end approaches, but what better way to end the show than to join up the noodle eating competition.

Which settles dinner for that evening, as the stage was joined by not just some event staff, but also some adults watching from the crowd.

All of which likely had a spicy experience for this little eating contest.

…could use some meat though. ;-;

But hey, who could complain about free food?

Also, that ain’t so spicy in hindsight. πŸ€”

The Day’s Last

The evening draws near, as does the event itself.

But alas, that’s what an after party DJ is for. πŸ€”


Taking the stage to close the show up, plenty of attendees still hanging around gather to party rock the evening for a little while.

As…why hello there little one.


Now what brings you he-…


…o deer.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.

Check out more stories over at S.I.R House, of Content 2019.

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