A Con-Eventional Story: Star Supa Comic #002 2019

Before we begin, a quick PSA.

As you may or may not know, a recent tragedy struck one of Japan’s most beloved animation studios.

If you’re interested in giving them a hand in their darkest hour, check out their online store. 

For the piss cheap price of 216 yen (About RM 8-ish bucks), you can get some high quality digital photos of good stuff instantly, without burdening the staff.

This is NOT COMPULSORY, only if you’re feeling up for it, then go.

If you can’t support them now, there’s always supporting the Official Release, for their future works.

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

Also, previously on A Con-Eventional Story: Star Supa Comic 2018

Return To Action

Under the familiar windowed lights on Mid Valley Megamall’s 3rd floor, on the outskirts of its Exhibition Centre, a familiar sight awaits.

A blast from the past less than 8 months ago.

Hey, isn’t that material from last year’s show?

To the right side of the hall’s entrance, lining up between those white separators for ticket lanes, literal early bird arrivals without early bird tickets sat patiently,  awaiting the ticket counters to startup their business for on-site tickets into the hall.

On the left side entrance however, plenty of eager early arrivals with tickets await the doorway to open up.

Just strap on the…hey wait a sec, aren’t these tickets from last year too?


Or take some time to relax an check out the outside sights.

With a directory of what awaits the attendees coming in.

Ceremonial Opening

Before the arising metallic doors, like curtains on stage signalling the beginning, attendees scramble forward into the hall, dispersing towards all sorts of directions.

Shortly afterwards, a crowd seats themselves before the stage, as camera crews prepare for the event’s opening ceremony.

Taking center stage alongside the event’s guests from various lands, as photographers scramble to take their group photos.

With the event’s introductions done and dusted, the stage is passed over to the event’s opening act, as music starts blasting out.

As a trio takes their turn on stage.

To bring the morning crowds some Starlight Sugar, to kick off the weekend long event. 🤔

Welcome, to Star Supa Comic #002/2019.

Hallway-wood Walkway


Stretched across 3 hallways in separate directions from the main stage, plenty of sights await visitors to explore the event hall.

As crowds split off in different directions, headed individually or in groups towards their destinations.

While some folks hang back in front of the stage, entertained by the Emcee’s requests for answering questions that involve recently released movies.


As nearby the entrance, folks who patiently lined up for tickets are rewarded with swift service, as the crowd sizes only jam up during the event’s early hours.

But where to go fir-…ooh! 

There’s vehicles in here!

Over to the first left turn from the entrace, two rows of Malaysia Itasha Movement  vehicles remain stationed idly to pose for photos.

Strapped up with the colourful glitz and glamour of various anime series across these branded vehicles, occasional cosplayers drop by to pose for the camera alongside these magnificent works.

…if only someone bought Children’s Card Games, then Card Games on Motorcycles could’ve worked.

Which makes one wonder…

What job did it took to shift these cars and bikes in here?

An Italian one? 🤔



Some good, important, and informative advice.

Activity Market

Taking a hard right turn from the entrance, and you’d come across a hallway of white booths surrounding attendes within.


…and a random crowd of people lining up early before some empty booths.

But…why tho.


Oh, that explains it.

Everyone loves getting in line early to meet people they idolize from foreign lands.

It’s not an event with invited guests if there aren’t people already lining up hours before the actual meeting time.

Nearby the guest booths, a steamy fragrance of warmth can be sensed nearby.


Joints of food stalls setup shop nearby, plying their trade of necessities, like food and drinks.

Such as Cola Chicken, that thankfully does not involve chicken served in a cup of coke.

But rather, on a cup of coke.

For 12 bucks.

…if price is a problem, there’s still the nearby joint selling cups of piping hot curry fishballs, for the low price of 5 bucks per that guarentees at least 10 or more pieces.

Served up with some…laksa-ish curry that’s thick in taste and mobile to carry around.

As…wait, wtf was that sound?

It sounds like…toy guns, cackling away.

Ooh, it’s the Water Blaster Zone!

…wait a sec, this entire place ain’t spilled with water…oh

The bullets are made of gel and…the crowds lining up to play are long AF.

Ah well, until this discount Genting attraction diminishes, there’s time to check it later.

Meanwhile nearby, familiar lyrics and beats from that one Paramore song could be heard. 

As the nearby gaming booth sets itself up with instruments aplenty, from simulated drums, to Taiko no Tatsujin Drums and a Dance Panel thingy for folks who want to not skip leg day.

That’s not the only booth armed with games to play of course. 

The nearby table setup for Blackshark phones awaits attendees to try their hand at their phone stations, whilst the neighbouring booth of Magic Rain welcomes visitors to SMASH some Ultimates at each other.

Because what else does one play with a Switch controller that desperately needs a size extension. 

Of course, there’s also bored board games, stationed a bit isolated in the back, but thankfully away from all that stage concert noise that would interupt their proceedings.

If the arsenal of games to try playing don’t get your attention, a huge stockpile of exclusive toys awaits people’s wallets to be emptied.

That said.IMG_9110

A Dice Tower probably beats all of that. 🤔

If only someone invented Dungeon Dice Monsters.

As the route leads people back out towards the stage, some fox ear wearing maids stationed outside a cafe setup greets occasional attendees passing by.

Some choosing to dive into the cafe for their services.

Others passing by however were…well.


Busy being tempted by free Takoyaki.



Oh, the mascot for Oyoshi.

That’s…not a Yoshi.

Ah well, copyrights exist for a reason.

Next on the list, to the…

Arena of Spectators


A towering blue arch serves as the entrance into the event’s E-Sports Arena, as crowds of youths swarm all over the place with activities aplenty for them to check out.

The main attraction of course, was the nearby broadcast of some ongoing Mobile Legends tournament. 

But what’s a Live broadcast without some Casters, that don’t cast spells to comment on what’s happening.

Like Twitch Chat, but more professional with standards.


And suits dressed for the job they’re doing.

The casters occasionally gestures the tone of their words, with his partner busy shifting the mouse to observe what’s happening in game.

Even if realistically speaking, the audience would never see the man’s gesture, it’s clear their enthusiasm for the gig is blatant for all to see. 

Meanwhile, a short distance away from the broadcast area, comes a literal field of Schrodinger’s Chairs, in states of being neither sat on or occupied by people.

Small groups of observers watch over the players playing at the various setups of consoles, giving the area an arcadey sense, as though the observers are patiently awaiting their turn to try their hand at a match or two.

Of course, there’s other sights to check out to kill time, such as the…

Artist Joint

Near the back entrance that spills out attendees into the Food Junction food court of Mid Valley Megamall’s 3rd floor, comes a spacious plane of tables that house the various works of artists across the country. 

All across the table rows, one can find artists, cosplay booths and often times, a conversation or two during the event’s down time.

As this place is often isolated enough to create conversations, without the annoyance of sound mucking things up.


Also…did that photographer just took a pic of this shot?

*raises Mid Lane Finger*

*BODY LANGUAGE!* *shield flies over*

The spaciousness may seem wasted without the presence of crowds, but a fine balance is found as attendees within the area freely roam around quickly.

Without much fuss or issue with moving around.

And on occasion, one might stumble upon an unmentioned booth that dabbles in Guest Cosplayer merch. 😉


Right behind this Character Factory with…a VR simulator?


Well, at least it adds character to the…character?

Access Stage Area

On occasion, while passing by, the stage area boasts actitivies aplenty.

Such as by the numbers guest panels featuring the various invited guests.

Where it’s challenging to tell if these segments are rehearsed or all on the spot stuff, giving attendees the honor of watching this Saturday/Sunday Morning Live show.

But invited Guests aren’t the only ones to take the Panel segments, if the 2 Masterclass segments and WCS Panel are any indication.

From exploring the arts of Voice Acting, to Developing Stories, and talking a bit about the World Cosplay Summit, there’s stuff to entice folks to stay awhile, and listen.

You might be surprised at what you learn.

Such as how Team Malaysia had been fielding representatives to the WCS since 2011. 👀

Just like…The International. 😮

One awesome sight to see on a seperate day, was a Live workshop segment where attendees are tasked to make props.

Or well, sort of get the gist on how to make props, on the spot.

While it means a much smaller crowd turnout, it’s one of those rare workshops to see in the field, especially in front of the stage.


But nothing gets a crowd gathering like a performance they don’t get to see domestically outside of events.

As crowds gather for one of the Event Guest’s scheduled performance, that involves a lot of…Baka Oni-chans.

…apparently, this is what happens when you have a younger sibling. ._.

Huh, well that’s odd.

It’s someone’s birthday?

Oh, neat.

…uh, that guy is getting dragged on stage, and the performer from earlier’s…uh…wait, did she just bless him with a sort of birthday gift? 🤔

Ah neat, well that outta be a blessed birthday to remember for that lucky guy. 🤔

And no Spainish FFF Inquisition, don’t go around Scythe-seeing people like the sickle from Harvest Moon.

Anyways, where was the story going…ah yes.


More like Thank You Event, and See Yo-…

Wait…what’s tha-

*Transmission Interrupted* (Check Back Soon 👀)


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

PS: To the guy who got blessed by Miss Ola Aphrodite for his birthday, grats man! 🙏

That said, we’d like to thank the iStar Group folks, for giving us permission to conduct coverage for the event.

And for ensuring the event went as well as it did.

We look forward to the next one next year! 🙏

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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