An UnCon-Eventional Story: Star Supa Comic #002 2019

Before we begin, a quick PSA.

As you may or may not know, a recent tragedy struck one of Japan’s most beloved animation studios.

If you’re interested in giving them a hand in their darkest hour, check out their online store. 

For the piss cheap price of 216 yen (About RM 8-ish bucks), you can get some high quality digital photos of good stuff instantly, without burdening the staff.

This is NOT COMPULSORY, only if you’re feeling up for it, then go.

If you can’t support them now, there’s always supporting the Official Release, for their future works.

UnCon-eventional Stories are event recaps more on the event itself than the experience.

Wonder what the event is like in the field? Check out, A Con-Eventional Story: Star Supa Comic #002 2019

Also previously, on An UnCon-Eventional Story: Star Supa Comic 2018

Credits to the Star Supa Comic Official Facebook for the featured image, and the various images seen in this post.

I DO NOT own the rights to any of these photos (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to Star Supa Comic.



Yes indeed, here we go again.

The FAQ is this?

Star Supa Comic (SSC) #002 is the 2019 sequel to Star Supa Comic, the famous/infamous event that many regard last year as well…

That event after CF.

…yeah, kind of hard to not call it that at the time, even today I had to mention ‘that event after CF’ on various occasions.

But anyways.

Hosted by iStar Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of The Star Group, Star Supa Comic is basically their take on an ACG Event at good old Mid Valley Megamall.

Again. 🤔

Thus, the earlier joke.

Side note, this is the first sequel to an event we’ve covered so far. 👀

First Contact

Credits to Star Supa Comic for the image

Fun fact about SSC’s first contact.

They actually made the announcement for their 2019 show on January of this year.

Less than a month after their last one.


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However, the difference for the 2019 show would surface on May 16th, with a teaser for the event’s launch.


The same venue where they unveiled the event’s 2 mascots under the SSC name, Lady Shiori and Ryo.

According to the press release, it explains the two mascots like this,


Lady Shiori,

  • Protector of the East, who was brought up by the monks from The Temple of Leyfarus.
  • Armed with her two swords Meiyo (honor) and Eiko (glory), she controls the elements of water and earth and weaves her sword through battles with grace like no mortal.


Sir Ryo,

  • Guardian of the West. He is the master of the elements of fire and wind and was brought up by the Meteora ArchMage.

Also, how come Ryo doesn’t have a “Sir” in his name?! The guy looks like a Dragon Knight for F’s sake!

Some of you might be wondering what’s with all the fancy “Launch Event” stuff.

Well, it’s for a simple but important inaugeration ceremony.

It was at this very event, where Star Supa Comic was bestowed official recognition from the International Otaku Expo Association (I.O.E.A).

Which makes them a well recognized event for their content presented.

But more on this later below.

Registration Open Season


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

Calls for registrations played out as follows,

May 24th

June 14th – Cosplay Runway Registration

July 6th – Volunteer sidekick Registration

Also, while technically not a traditional kind of ‘registration’, there were also some external giveaways for a bunch of sponsored phones that involved people doing stuff.

Twice. (Or 1.5, since the 2nd giveaway involves people having to visit their booth.)


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

July 5 – Win a Blackshark x1 (Green Pic)

July 11 – Win a Blackshark Mk 2 (Other Pic)

Also x2, Blackshark X Star Supa Comic? We’d ship it. 🚢

Lineup Starts Here

Now then, at the risk of sounding like an absurdly long commercial break, let’s get this lineup rolling.

SSC is proudly sponsor spammed sponsored by,


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

July 4 – Blackshark (Pic N/A, but see above and the video linked here.

July 5 – Oyoshi Malaysia, that does not include any actual Yoshi/s.

July 10 – Colorvue In Malaysia, to make some Eye Contact. 👀

July 11

  • Jantzen, water you waiting for?
  • Sades Malaysia, where it is SADE that these headphones sound good.

July 12

SSC tickets can also found at,


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

May 11 – AMG Chan

May 24 – Star Education Fair

May 30 – Various Mid Valley Megamall stores

June 30 – Geek Summit

July 3 – CosDreamers Japan

SSC invites the following guest Guest GUESTS,


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

May 25 – Hailing from Thailand to Thai up some loose ends, comes,


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

June 3 – Dropping in from Indonesia and Taiwan, comes,

  • Ola Aphrodite from Indonesia, drops by to say ‘Ola’ (Hello in Hawaiian).
  • Coscat Props from Taiwan, a Propfessional with Standards.


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

June 17 – Standing by for launch here in Malaysia, comes,

SSC welcomes on Stage, the following performers and masterclass classes


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

June 12 – RFB X Project (Day 1 Concert)

July 5 – 5 Minute Heroes (Day 2 Concert)

July 12 – Starlight Sugar (Opening Ceremony Act)


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

July 11, starring,

  • Hands On Prop Making, by Coscat Props
  • Light Up your Cosplay with LED, by Leon Noel
  • Voice Acting for Animation, feat,
    • Azman Zukiply
    • Ida Rahayu Yusoff
    • Su Ling Chan
    • Steven Bones Everything (Wait, wat? Ok, ask the Printed Schedule for this.)
  • Story Development, feat,
    • Usamah Zaid bin Yasin
    • Wan Hazmer bin Wan Ab Halim
    • Aidi G.V.
    • Saqina Latif

SSC is also starring, the following Ryan gigs,


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

July 10, find the following Doujin Booths, including,

And many more booths out in the field!


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

First announced on May 26, joining the E-Sports Arena comes,

  • Casters Adam “Spartanker” Faiz & Radzi “Ikuto” Rahman (July 1st)
  • The following invited Teams, (July 11th)
    • Xpax X-Assins
    • Pro Assassin
    • MyA
    • Flash Vision
    • Red Synergy X
    • Todak (Wait, these people are a team too?!)
    • Red Zero
    • Geek Fam


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

Last but not least, some other booths stationed around the event, go get em!

July 8Dream Squad, a team of guarenteed teamwork!

July 9Kindle Hobby Shop and Vivae Board Game Cafe, for all your Bored Board Game Needs!

The Good Goods

The Good Goods brings you ALL the best bits an event has to offer!

Please keep in mind this is only for the current iteration of this event, which may or may not repeat for future events.

  • 14 buck Redemption Arc 🤔

Some context, last year, there was a booth at SSC that sold Takoyaki for 14 bucks.

…and boy was that bleh.

However, this year, things have changed surprisingly. 👀


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Credits to Star Supa Comic for the images

Since they’re giving out Takoyaki servings like WINGS!

With some help from certain, foxes. :3

No strings attatched to a trap door below or falling construction material from above.

All it took was for us to blow our cover in the field…by having to post some pics on FB. ._.


Oh right, they also gave out Oyoshis for attendees.


…what’s up Yoshi?

Ah, I think Yoshi’s going all “:o” on it.

  • RFB Jam Project

You know how Endgame is the most ambitious crossover of the year?

Clearly they’ve met their match.

Put together a band of Malaysia’s finest performers in the ACG scene, alongside some fabulous orchestral folks, and you’d get a damn well put together concert that…

I’ll just say this to sum up our thoughts. <Insert Sidetrack Story Here>

  • Attendees, in SPACE

Jeezus, there’s so much space in the event hall you just need to turn off gravity and suddenly everyone’s floating in outer space.

…wait, wouldn’t that make a spacious place ‘inner space’?

Point is.

I love the layout of the event itself,

Since you have the activities that involve communication, ie board games, stationed WAY back of the Harajuku (Right from the main entrance) hall.

Away from all that stage noise that would interfere with such activities.

There’s also space aplenty to run around, more so than last year I’d argue?

You’d almost never get jammed, outside of the crowds rallying at the Meet & Greet corner, but other than that there’s always a way to get around the place.

Hell, even the ticket row things that lead people into the hall are positioned so well, there’s plenty of room in front of the exhibition hall for people to chill at, compared to last year where those things were stretched way to far forward.

Very good handling of space out here.

So much so that…the attendees are genuinely in Space. ;3

  • Doujin Plugs

It’s great to see some very specific promotional material that focuses on the various doujin booths opened up at the event.

Since well, I don’t know about you, but one thing we’ve noticed across various events is that art booths tend to just get a brief mention and…not much else.

So to see stuff being promoted alongside the doujin booth’s name by the event page is pretty dank stuff, since it’s like a sneak preview of stuff you can look forward to see in the field.

It’s good sheet mon.

  • Sequel’s Relapse

I mentioned the following things being great benefits that made SSC worth the effort last year, those being,

  • An Indoor Event
  • Internal Toilets
  • Double Exits (F YESH) \o/

Genuinely unsure how much feedback from last year’s story was taken into account, but I will say that it’s great that tickets are distributed at more places this year.

From AMG Chan to Geek Summit, it’s great that they’re getting out there dishing out tickets.

…granted it’s still Selangor based, but hey.

There’s always CosDreamersJapan to swing by when at Times Square.

  • The Star Solution

I’m aware that some folks in the community have various ‘concerns’ about why an existing organization like The Star Group is stepping into ACG Event scene.

And let me assure you folks, that them stepping in to run their own stuff is a benefit to the ACG scene more than anything.

For a couple of reasons.

First being well, they’re an established brand name.

Because of their established reputation, government entities are more likely to trust them when it comes to certain requirements for running events.

ie, Permission slips come to mind.

The Star Group’s large reach also brings in certain ‘parties’ that you’d never see consistently at ACG events, most notably being that entire E-Sports Arena at Hall 2 (Shinjuku Hall).

In short, a serving of reputation goes a long way.

Second, they’re NOT idiots.

They have experience in running events, like the many Education Fairs and/or other expos that occasionally show up.

Also, during their event last year, they did not come into the ACG Events scene guns ablazing, thinking they know to run such events better than everyone else.

In fact, SSC specifically went to consult and partnered with Animangaki for advice and guidance.

Rather than jump into running an ACG event blindly, they chose to find assistance for their event instead.

Which wind up producing a very solid show last year.

The same show that would propel them with the prestigious IOEA status, a thing most events can only hope to achieve.

I’d trust them to take care of event management, since this kind of stuff can be deadly and stressful for us normal folks to think about. ._.

Third, they’ve got balls.

Credits to Star Supa Comic for the image

To stand by a scene marred by various controversies that have occured in 2019 alone.

Which is a great thing since they themselves know about it, and intentionally made promotional material to assure the safety of their guests and attendees at the event.

Speaking of balls, it’s certainly pretty brave of well-established companies with an event organizing group under their belt to pursue ACG Events in general.

Something you don’t see from many established organizations, especially ones that aren’t built from scratch like Comic Fiesta and Animangaki over the years.

It takes guts to dive into the pool of the unknown, and continue onwards.

Last point, an indirect influence.

As you all know, The Star Group runs The Star Newspaper (No shit), arguably one of the most circulated PAID English newspapers in Malaysia across Malaysia over the years.

This reach is important.

Since them dabbling in the business of running ACG Events can help push the notion that ACG events are pretty normal occurences.

Which helps blast out the misconceptions the general public tends to have about events like this.

And in this year of the storm, any help the scene can get to push back the backlash helps.

The truth, shall set these people free. ;3

The Bad Blehs

The Bad Blehs brings up some…bad stuff, about events, which need to be talked about since no event is without issues that can’t be fixed for the future.

Future Organizers and/or spies from other event organizers, you can learn a thing or two of what not to do at your event here. (As a guide, so that you’re not too busy repeating history.)

Please keep in mind these are only for the current iteration of this event, which may or may not repeat for future events.

  • Ticket People Off

This was an interesting highlight of last year’s event, where if I recall, Day 2 tickets were sold cheaper than their base price.

Which was a genius idea at the time, since it’s a strong incentive for people to still attend the event, especially those who didn’t went in on Day 1 but showed up for Day 2.

…and that’s why this is a bad bleh since they didn’t do it this year. D:

…which I genuinely hope wasn’t because we put this as a ‘Bad Bleh’ last year. D;

We bring this up because well…SSC being an event held at Mid Valley Megamall, it’s GUARENTEED to attract armies of normies who…let’s face fact.

Are apparently/unfortunately too cheap to burn money for ticket entries.

But dumb enough to still donate to those bastard begpackers over at Sungai Wang.

My point is this.

Some ticket sales, even if they aren’t at full priced, still bring in that small bit of revenue that’s still revenue.

Which always beats no sales that guarentee no revenue.

I know what you’re thinking, wouldn’t this piss off the people who bought early tickets?

Especially if it creates this scenario where it’s slightly cheaper to buy on-site tickets?

I’d say…yes.

And no.

Yes, it would piss the people who bought early tickets off.

But here’s the odd duck to explain the ‘no’.

Those who got early tickets for SSC, can’t access the hall until 10 am on both days anyways, just like those who have to line up for tickets.

So to some degree, the early tickets are the same as regular tickets, since the only benefit you get is not having to lineup for on-site tickets.

And you save up on 5 bucks I guess.

But anyways.

The ticket discount thing, in the event you guys are still interested in doing it.

Ideally, just do it for Day 2.

To use this year’s event as an example, you could’ve cut the price to 20 bucks, which would make the grand total to 45 bucks for those who bought on-site tickets for both days.

Again, it’s Day 2, the last day of the event.

If there was a time to push for last ditch ticket sales revenue, the last day of an event is the best time for it.

Also, going to put this bluntly because it’s surprisingly accurate.

ACG Events for some reason, are always more packed on Day 2.

For both attendees, and regular normies passing by (Assuming it’s in a public place like malls etc).

…I can’t comprehend or explain why, but we can boldly declare Day 2 to be those days that will definitely be more crowded than Day 1.

So it would be more strategic to capitalize on that bigger flow of people, via discounted tickets, just something to consider.

…although, if the reasoning behind why ticket prices aren’t allowed to be slashed is because it becomes some salty F-stick’s case for playing a “False Advertising” card, then we’d understand as to why it’s not a good idea. D:

  • Cosplay Corner Cuts


Lemme stop you right there, and say this has nothing to do with a coincidentally named organization. 🤔

Indirect jab be dammed.

But anyways, that cosplayer hangout area near the E-Sports Arena, kind of an…unfortunate thing left abandoned for this year’s show.

Even more so than last year, which was a bummer since I called that a good thing during last year’s coverage of SSC. D:

I still like the idea, but it definitely needs some strong incentive to justify it, otherwise it’s the new glorified parking lot.

Only with lesser chairs, more emptiness and noise.

But some good news from what we’ve observed.

We noticed on both days, most cosplayers would either be walking around the event, or setting up camp outside the event hall.

Which is somewhat of an unavoidable ‘tradition’ with events in general, the whole set up camp thing. (Attendees do it at events everywhere.)

Also get this, there’s quite a sizeable amount of them who chose not to enter the hall, which is another pickle to deal with. *cough*ticketdiscountwouldhelphere*cough*

One solution I can propose, is to try out what ACE did during their event.

Which was to host a Cosplay Gathering, for a specific series.

Be it anime, western media or whatever, it’s almost certainly to work out well.

Since you need to give cosplayers with plans to attend the event a strong motivator to attend the event.

Otherwise at the moment, that corner’s definitely skippable for future iterations. D:

  • Malaysian Timing

If there was one thing I want to talk about, it’s the unintended dragging of the Day 1 concert all the way till 10:30 pm.

Which ended with the Emcees advising people to gtfo of the hall before 11pm, since apparently that was the time for mall staff to lockup the place.

And that’s…a wee bit dangerous. D:

Now, disclaimer, nothing bad happened.

Far as we’re aware everyone’s fine, even those who attended the concert all night long.

The pickle here has more to do with timing more than anything, which can be fixed as we move on to,

  • Some Scheduled Stuff

One thing I noticed about the event schedule post-event, was that Day 1’s stuff on stage had…more content than Day 2.

Which is just kooky since there’s a genuine imbalance of content across both days. D:

Some of the Pop Up Time and Masterclass segments, could’ve been split evenly across both days.

Stuffing a 4x Pop Up Time segment on Day 1 just makes it cluttered and kind of…bleh.

I’d understand if this was some sponsor mandated demand, but…ugh, this is why we make fun of brands.

…also, performances.

Day 1 had like 4 performances, including the night concert, which is about doubled the amount of stuff on Day 2.

Which again, just seems a bit…imbalanced in our view. ._.

I can definitely acknowledge not putting the RFB Jam Project on Day 2, because Sundays come before Monday.

And boy, do we not want to go anywhere on a Monday workday after a concert. D:

But the other stuff definitely feels like they could’ve been evenly positioned across both days, or just pushed to Day 2.

…my point is.

The schedule of events could’ve had a much better balance of content for both days.

And with some tinkering to timing, it could’ve prevented the near danger scenario from the Day 1 concert that ended dangerously close to the Exhibition Hall closing time.

I’d argue that some segments from Day 1 being pushed to Day 2, could’ve bought some fallback time for the concert to still start on time and wrap up without much fuss.

  • Missing Cultural Link


Remember this Opening Ceremony from last year’s event?

Looking back, it was a very neat touch to kickstart the event, with a small but brief of Japanese cultural stuff to start things off slowly.

Granted, the stuff we got for this year’s Opening was great too.

…but…it’s kind of a bummer they skipped out on the cultural stuff. D:

I firmly stand by the belief that ACG Events can incorporate small but valuable cultural elements from Japan, without comprimising their event’s content much.


Heck, I’d argue that the cultural booth from last year was a very nice, appropriate and fitting thing to find at an ACG event.

…what happened to that btw? D:

Anyways, ideally I’d love to see this stuff again, since the cultural element stuff does give events that slight bit of edge that stops it from being too stereotypical.

  • Sign Here

There was some confusion at the front of the event hall, mostly an issue with the ticket signs.

The term ‘Walk in’ by the right entrance was kind of confusing, since it sounds like that’s the way to enter the event hall, when in reality the left entrance is the way to enter the hall.

I bring this up after seeing a sheet-ton of normies who keep coming over to the left entrance, thinking it’s free to enter the event, before being told the ticket booth is to the right.

More signage is the solution here from what we’ve observed.

The left entry could use a sign like, ‘Ticket holder entry here’, to indicate better.

Whereas the right entry could use signs that say ‘Get tickets here’ or ‘Purchase tickets here’.

The point is to maximize the amount of information communicated out to the crowd as much as possible.

Even if some dumbasses would still walk up and be redirected, what’s important is to ensure the organizer’s part has been done to the fullest, and leave the rest to people.

The Sequel?

…not going to jinx it but.

I’d probably put some money on them announcing next year’s iteration some time this year. 🤔

Assuming plans for a continuation are on the table of course.

Ideally, I frankly wouldn’t mind if SSC winds up continuing and eventually, have their event associated with Mid Valley Megamall.

The same kind of recognition that Comic Fiesta has with KLCC, and Animangaki has with Sunway Pyramid, for example.

Heh, inb4 they host it after CF again for #003. 🤔🤔🤔

The Verdict

I will say this much about Star Supa Comic.

The one in 2018 was the very first event we went on our own.

And is the very first story we wrote for SiteInRelief.

So there’s a sense of well…nostalgia, for this one event, since it kickstarted this whole ACG event Coverage train.

But more on this later, in a Flashback to come.

Point is.

If you wanna spend a weekend chilling at Mid Valley, SSC’s certainly worth the time.

There’s pros and cons to entering the event, but I still insist it’s an event worth checking out.

I mean jeezus, they’re giving out free Takoyaki. (And Oyoshis.)

How the eff can you say no to that?! D:


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


Check out more stories over at S.I.R House, of Content 2019.

That said, siteinrelief has a Facebook page now!

Page us anytime, anywhere, Amway offers will be shot on sight, no questions asked.



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