An Expo-Sitional Story: Japan Expo 2019

Con-Eventional/Expo-Sitional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

Day 1: One in a Pavilion

Under the rainless skies of Friday, surrounded by rising temperatures from nearby vehicles occasionally causing the traffic jam stroke outside Pavilion Mall, there can only be ONE.

Event ongoing in Pavilion Mall, at any given point in time. 🤔

As it always is.


In the wee hours of this air conditioned landscape, where things get colder than the cold war given enough time, the top step of the stairwell gives a wide open view of the event’s stage area setup.


As the stairway becomes a makeshift seating area like stadium seats, for both attendees and normies passing by.


Kickstarting the morning of Day 1 comes Emcees Aki and Austin, a Double A lineup to keep the early folks entertained enough for the day’s coming shows.

Whilst giving some insight about what Japan Expo is about, with a whole lot of building towards the remaining day’s coming attractions.

But also, a mention about some Malaysian made program called, “Jalan-Jalan Makan Angin Hokkaido Japan”.

Hokkaido huh?

A place to find a Trail of Powdery Snow. ❄W❄

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the Pavilion,

Gathered crowds of folks stand and watch the early scheduled performers by the outdoor stage, until the next attraction indoors.

Even on a Friday, aka a school/work day, there’s still people swarming the stage to catch these Live Action performances.

Thanks to the nearby structures that house Japan Expo’s schedule list for all eyes to see, it gives options aplenty for folks to plan out their day and/or weekend. 👀

As the clock hits 3 PM, the time has come for a ceremonial opening that…


…because this is Malaysia, involves a fabulous showing of what the locals have in stored for the Expo.

An appetizer for the main show later that weekend.

With the dust settled on stage, a Kimono wearing lady takes the stage to deliver her speech.


Presented as a representative of Pavilion Mall, she mentions how perhaps it’s time for Malaysia to unveil their plans for Malaysian Expos overseas.

An ambitious but cool idea, which…remains to be seen in the coming decade.

With the speech wrapped up, comes a cake cutting ceremony for…a birthday celebration.

For the Pavilion Mall’s Tokyo Street on the 6th floor…Ok.

Thank god no one knows of this birthday assignment. :monkaS: 👀

Well at least that Hello Kitty DJ’s having fun.

As the next attraction brings DJ Hello Kitty on stage to set the Pavilion ablaze with estacy from the 80s.

Its girlish cackle of concern sets some alarm bells off, but hey, it’s probably part of the DJ recording.

…hopefully. 👀

Even as DJ Hello Kitty’s show concludes, one can still hear echoes of the performance across the hall.

As of writing. ._.

Up next, comes the one attraction the many foreign looking folks wielding lightsticks at the front await patiently for.


Minor spoiler, this will not be the last time the front is crowded. :monkaS:

Before the crowds of squealing fangirls comes the colourful boys of “Cosmic!!!” on stage.

Really knowing how to give the folks here a…cosmic performance.

The rainbow color scheme spread across all their jackets make it effective at identifying who’s who on stage, even for folks who don’t know them by name.

Also, like DJ Hello Kitty, they apparently love to spin right round, like a record right round and rou…@.@

Day 2: Stairway’s Descent

Starting to understand why they call it Idol Hell.

It’s not just because one gets super invested in the great stuff made by performing idols.

It’s the fact that crowd sizes slowly grow terrifyingly huge as the day marches onward.

Despite not looking like it in the morning. 🤔

But until then, there was time aplenty to give the 6th floor upstairs a check.

One elevator ride to the 6th floor later, followed by a brief walk towards the open walkway ahead with various booths stationed, a lit AF sign that says “Tokyo Street” stood in the far distance behind those booths.


The early hours of the event brought it very small crowds, yet, the people manning said booths still diligently stood their ground.

Knowing that eventually, people will come. 👀

Like fish with live bait, people flock to anything with “Free” in its name.

The term, not the anime series.

An Oyoshi booth up here plies their trade of Tea-reffic products, with the promise of a Nintendo Switch to be won should they manage to roll the right gacha ball.

As buyers are treated to piss cheap offers for big sized bottles.

The nearby Warbie Yama bird thing gets people’s attention at how…one can make something so smug yet adorable. 😮

And on occasion, the mascot would run around the place posing for pictures to be taken by attendees.

Make your way towards Tokyo Street, and many early comers to the event get swarmed by booth people looking to take their inquiries about what they offer.

With each booth housing stacks of what appears to be tourism maps of the places they’re talking about.

At that same area, some clipboard wielding folks politely ask for input into a survey, in exchange for some tidbits upon completion.

Mostly Chocolate, little sacks of imported chocolate.

Near the entry into Tokyo Street, which appears to just be some attraction that had always been part of Pavilion Mall, a section of activity was bustling, as attendees get to interact with what they’re seeing.

From an archery booth to test one’s ability to aim for $-hit, a Kendo booth to try hitting on inanimate targets, and an origami booth to fold some beautiful works out of paper.

Ah crap, there’s sound echoing from the distant Ground Floor, a sign of the day’s performances already underway.

Well, least this 6th floor attraction would still be around later.


Descend upon the stage area, several camera setups occasionally manned by staff stood idly, broadcasting its footage onto the projector behind the performers on occasion.

As though audiences are watching both Live Performances and the Japan Expo channel all at once.

In front of a discount that sling ring thing from Doctor Strange, the trio of ZIPANG stars as one of Day 2’s early morning performances.

As…hang on, are they switching costumes…in between each song? Dafaq?

From a pitch black kimono-looking costume, to full fledged coloured outfits, that reflect the colors of each member as seen from the earlier suit.

Almost like…they’re ninjas or something. 🤔

Draped in snow white dresses, the performers of KiREI get the morning crowds rolling with hype, as though the venue was slowly morphing into a concert hall.

You know all those jumping movements some performers use on stage?

Yeah, that stuff tends to inspire the crowds to do the same too.

And the trio of KiREI certainly gets the crowd’s energies warmed up for the day’s remaining acts.

Up next on stage, comes the 4 man team of SORGENTI, to jazz hands their performance with some smooth looking dance moves you’d usually see from a Step Up movie.

No midway costume changes for this show, but hey, there’s something effective out of music that meshes tradition with modern sounding beats.

Of course, outdoor stages exist for a reason, and it’s no surprise that such external performances draw in the pedestrian crowds coming over to Pavilion for a regular Saturday morning.

Gathered to witness the only morning show of the band, The Sixth Lie, the 4 man team of musicians brings out the rock solid show under Malaysia’s beating sun.

To the delight of fangirls everywhere outside. 👀

Meanwhile inside, near everyone’s anticipated Zero Hour that is 15:30 PM, the crew of Banzai Japan had just wrapped up their show, paving the way for DJ Hello Kitty to bring out one last bit of hype.

Until…o dear lord, they’re asking people to btfo the red carpet setup on the way downwards from the stairs.


Crowds of eager attendees, with occasional normies seated within the vincity, patiently await the arrival of everyone’s highly anticipated guests.

Security personnel ran up and down the stairs, as mall guards occasionally usher crowds back away from the red carpet, knowing that there can be no compromise for the incoming guest’s security.

And eventually…oh deer, here they come.


Cameras flooded everywhere, as attendees from all angles scrambled to grab photos of the AKB 48 girls who’d just arrived.

Like celebrities walking down the red carpet, as security flocked their sides to ensure nothing goes wrong.

…hang on.

Oh deer, are they actually going to start performing in the middle on the walkway?

…that would explain the mics but…what?!

Music blasted from the stage, as the crowds swarming the Pavilion burst into a loud sing-along with the 6 performers descending towards the stage.

“I love you!”, echoed the crowds of people in response to AKB 48’s Live action performance of “Heavy Rotation”.

The initial lyrics sung aloud pretty much sums up the massive crowd’s perspectives towards being able to see them perform in person.

You think that you’ve seen it all via Youtube vids or recordings of their performances.

But nothing beats being able to witness the sane madness Live.

Even for a show, that only brings in 6 of the 48. 😮

…hang on a second, how the F did they manage to get here without people flocking them to death from their landing zone?

Upon inspecting outside, two trucks stood idly by the nearby outside booths, featuring the various acts to be seen over at Japan Expo.

…wait that doesn’t make any sense, transport trucks?

Ah well, probably not the transport that answers the question.

Nearby, a group of 4 sunglasses wearing folks were busy…wait a sec, they’re taking a picture of…oh.

They’re taking a picture of their group name that’s attatched on the truck.

Guess even in a foreign land, the performers still have their disguise kits on.

As action continues inside, the outside booths continued operations, as the only food outlets that feature various Japanese snacks for the picking.

Including Free Yakults across all 3 days!

Just for answering a question the booth people literally give the answer to.


Returning inside, the madness of the public concert continues, as the Emcees publicly present a lucky draw session for the AKB 48 members to handle.

Where winners get to keep a towel handed to them by one of the 6 members on stage.

The surprising thing was the sportsmanship the attendees had, with willingness to allow folks who’s names are called to descend onto the stage, rather than hold them up or cause their lucky draws to be disqualified.

Props to the people for that.

But like all things, the AKB 48 segment comes to a close shortly afterwards.


As one can only imagine having to deal with the crowds awaiting by the exit behind the stage.

…come on people, stop putting up your hands like you’re constantly being told you’re being arrested for Fs sake.

Same goes for the army of blokes who apparently attend concerts to record $-hit and not take in the sights.


Meanwhile outside, as the large crowds within the Pavilion disperse to setup for the event’s next segment, an ongoing performance was underway by the outdoor stage.

With ceremonial rites to shooting a bow for example, an apt demonstration of how to land one’s shot with a bow, slowly.

All conducted by local folks who have been trained in such arts.

Archery aside, there’s also some Kendo based action, to showcase how this traditional activity of stabbing and/or hitting people with sticks work.

All around sticky situations, that is fascinating to see in action. 😮


Starting to realize that Kendo sounds like “Can do”, if you pronounce it a certain way. 🤔

Proud, Yoda would be so.

On the way back indoors, with some time to pass till the next show, there was time for this little shot.


And no, you won’t be finding Yoshi for sale at an Oyoshi booth, ever.

Though in hindsight, it would make a pretty dank partnership if Nintendo’s ever up for it.

Meanwhile down below, where the stage area made some spacing for some…fashion show thing.

Upon closer inspection, it’s revealed to be the Mugen Style Collection fashion show, starring a whole lot of yellow, mixed with a whole lot of colours that express the maker’s artistic prowess.

Which explains the nearby booth that’s showcasing the various outfits on sale for attendees to check out.


Of course, this being a Japan Expo, there’s also official merch for folks to getto, assuming there’s still people hanging around the event.

Despite the much smaller crowd in the evening, there’s still reason to hang around, for…

You’ve seen 4 man teams in performances on stage, how how about 4 performances in 1 swoop? ;D

Featuring the non-stop talents of ToumeiNaKankei, SampunSanjubyo with their high-five performances from 5 members,

WIN=W1N!!!’s live action of Dance Dance Revolution without needing a machine,

Himika Natsume’s cool calm and composed solo singing,

And finally, the pair of 0TU1 as they jam this stage to its near finale.

But before that, a brief Air Asia Intermission, with food.


Featuring attendees getting on stage to finish what appears to be burgers, in exchange for some dank prizes sponsored by Air Asia, there’s a certain sense of…

Aw man, this could’ve been Lunch/Dinner for this event! D:

Ah well.

Continuing the trend of food based performances, a 5-man crew known as Chocolate Bomb!! takes their turn on stage.

Or make that 4 dudes and a lady, not that it should affect the Chocolate themed band of performers from letting loose some slick looking singing and dancing.

Just…don’t expect actual chocolate to be flying around when watching them.

Looking to give everyone a heart warming performance, the stage welcomes Kato Anna, one of the members of Yumeoi Syoujyo as she dazzles the crowds with adorably lovely tunes for the evening.

Even for a solo show, there’s something about the songs that make her performance surprisingly charming, even for people who aren’t into music like this.

Day 3: Parade Party

The final day is upon Japan Expo, with one last job to showcase this coming afternoon.

With the Cosplay Parade of course!

Assembling on the 6th floor of the event, where cosplayers slowly crowd into a procession of cosplaying youths suited up as characters of all varieties.

Even the Japan Expo mascots are suited up for action.



With time aplenty until the Parade starts, exploration of the outdoor stage awaits as…why hello there.


What’s a little bottle doing in the middle of no-…


Oh deer, what the F is happeni-…

The surrounding crowds of folks gather around the bottle, as they break into a chant before dispersing like sports teams before an important match.

Upon investigation, it’s apparently some normal thing that occurs between the folks who jam to event performances, pretty normal stuff.

Nearby, the outdoor Emcee was tasked with mentioning the last day’s upcoming lineup of events, as he stopped for a photo.


And as such, continued on with his duty until after 12, where the first batch of performers started setting up for the outdoor stage.


Starring the trio of KIIYAMA SHOUTEN, they broke into slow steady songs with their acoustic instruments, singing to the small public crowd enthralled by what they’re seeing in action this morning.

In contrast to the indoor stage,

IMG_0780 The 4 person group of Yoyogi Jyoshi Ongakuin took their turn on stage, dazzling the crowds with their anticipated show back on the main stage since Day 1.

With this, human train that’s likely part of the plan.

Shortly after, the crowd’s eyes all darted for the red carpet, as though another prestigious show was about to star-…

…the Air Asia people.

With one fabulous looking man leading his 2 flight attendant teammates down towards the stage, dancing to songs that few would dare for a public show like this.

But the performance was needed, as part of the brief Air Asia Activity segment that welcomes another contest for eating burgers.


Jeezus it’s just burgers, save some of that for dinner!

Oh, the time is now.

Not for John Cena, but the parade incoming, as the elevators slingshot the way towards the 6th floor.


Leading the front were the two guest cosplayers, Mr Thames from Thailand and Miss Yugana Senshi from Malaysia, flocked by various Japan Expo staff that were busy conducting the parade.

Soon enough, things start rolling out like the Autobots.


What yo looking at Loki? 👀

A Malaysian flag slides down with the cosplayers of the parade, with the crowds flocking to keep the parade’s lines streamlined.

Oh deer.


Someone left behind the Pikachu!

As the mascot raced forwards to catch up with the parade.


Eventually they made it, to close out the parade as the crowds flocked to catch all this in action, like a repeat of Day 2.


Even that bird mascot wants some of the action near the Parade’s end. 🤔

As the Cosplay Parade disperses, there was downtime aplenty for the stage area to calm itself down until the next show.

Checking out the schedule would reveal that…KIIYAMA SHOUTEN’s on stage again?

That’s a cool discovery, as a nearby associate mentions, “This one will be loud.”

…aw come now, how loud can it be?

Starting things off with their best Jojo Reference stage entrances, there was a startling difference between their outdoor show and this one.

Upon picking up their instruments and getting on their respective mics, this was where things started getting loud.

Exploding volumes of sound echoed across the event, with crowds jamming to KIIYAMA SHOUTEN’s rock hard beats, in spite of them not using any electric based guitars to go along with their performance.

It also features a song that has “Malaysia” in the lyrics, a song that’s certainly worth looking into if it’s available online.

Near the end of Japan Expo 2019, the stage welcomes Kousuke Atari, a fine looking gentleman who was seen rehearsing in the morning of Day 3, for those who came early enough that is.

Breaking into soothing lyrics that highlights the man’s ability at multiple languages, his songs got the attention of the large group of senior attendees.

Not that it’s a bad thing, as music is for people of all ages.

Night 3: Expo’s End


Under the shadowy skies of night time, as Japan Expo’s closing ceremony gets underway, the brightly lit name of Pavilion Mall stands towering across its part of Kuala Lumpur.

Looking to the future, for the next Japan Expo to hit its grounds again.

With the question of who, or what, comes in the next 12 months.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

…and yes, we know, we missed some of the acts because we’re idiots. D;

Side note, to the organizers and good folks who came to Japan Expo from Japan. (Unlikely that they’ll see this but eh.)

Thanks so much for coming to Malaysia! 🙏

As usual readers,

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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