The Convention’s Field Guide: Mines Convention Centre (MIECC) 🤔

The Convention’s Field Guide is a series on lending folks a hand, while they’re out in the field for an event.

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The Mines Convention Centre

Ah The Mines Convention Centre, or MIECC for short.

Site of that one Comic Fiesta  famously known as, “The one at The Mines“.

*CF 2015 PTSD flashbacks*


You can forget about calling Dominoes Pizza to ask about what is Pizza Hut’s number.

Anyways, this is,

The Convention’s Field Guide: The Mines Convention Centre 🤔

Drop Zone

Mines - Base Plan B (With Marks)

Your main target to reach is at Point B, aka The Mines Convention Centre (MIECC).

It’s possible to reach Point B by driving there directly, or walking through Point A, The Mines.

Plan A: Driving


For folks who are driving to the event, you should see this on your way to the roundabout near The Mines.

You’ve got your pick of 2 options for parking, either at The Mines or MIECC itself.


We recommend the MIECC parking for convenience.

But either one makes no difference, since the closest entrance into MIECC from the Parking Lot is around that area.

Also, there’s a LOT of spots to park.

…when it’s not too late. D:


This here Lobby Wall in the MIECC Parking Lot is where the Elevator Access into MIECC itself is at.

Near parking spots #21 & #43.


Unfortunately, the spots near the Elevator Access are all cockblocked occupied by reserved parking spots.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thankfully, there’s spots nearby that should be enough.

Keep an eye out for the parking spots around #67’s or #89‘s area, if you want to park near the Elevator Access.

If memory serves, there’s also a place for motorbikes to park near that area as well.

Just keep a look out. 


Once you reach the Elevator Access, head up to either the 1st or 2nd Floor.

DO NOT bother with the G Floor, that place is a horror movie set, stay the F away from it.


For folks parking at The Mines, try finding spots near the outdoor edges.

You’ll have to walk a bit to MIECC anyways, might as well get the spots that are most convenient.

Once you’re ready, cross the road into MIECC’s Parking Lot, and head Right.

The Elevator Access should be in that direction, near the above mentioned parking spots of #21 and #43.


If you’re driving, don’t expect to be leaving as soon as you get your vehicle. (Unless it’s a bike, then maybe you have some leeway.)

Don’t rush to GTFO from the Parking Lots, you’ll be stuck dealing with people looking for parking spots, who aren’t interested in moving.

There is a Strong Chance no one will willingly welcome you out of your parking spot, unless they’re getting your parking spot in return.

Also, F those lil shits who try “reserving” parking spots with their bodies.

It’s called a Carpark, not a human park. 🤔

Plan B: Walking

Reaching The Mines via walking is quite doable.


Once you land at Serdang KTM station.

Head up the STAIRS to the LEFT of the station exit.

Then, head to the SKYBRIDGE on the RIGHT, which should get you across the highway.


Once you’re out of the skybridge, head STRAIGHT to reach the BISTRO.

Turn RIGHT into the street with a towering APARTMENT building AHEAD.

Keep close to the walkways, to avoid cars and the sun for safety.


Once there, head FORWARD Left into the apartment area,

And walk through the BROWN WALKWAY.

This is a public access area, so no need to worry much about entering ‘illegally’.


Next, you should run into a HALLWAY to the RIGHT, walk all the way through it.

Near the hallway’s end, there should be a TUNNEL on your LEFT.

Walk through it, and you’re there!


Right before an entrance into The Mines.

…So, what now?

Plan B1: Walking, around

In case you’ve arrived too damn early and The Mines isn’t open, you’ll need to manually find you way to MIECC.

From outside the entrance into The Mines, Head Left.


From here, Head Up the small ramp, and Turn Right.


Then keep going Straight, towards the skybridge that says “Welcome”.

Once you’re past that, MIECC itself should be in sight.


There should be a turning to the Right, that should get you on the road that leads towards the Parking Lots.


Enter the MIECC Parking Lot on the left, and grab the Elevator Access.

And bam! You’re there.


This plan, is not recommended if The Mines is already opened.

In that case, just go through The Mines to reach MIECC, it’s not worth the risk/trouble of dealing with cars getting in the way.

Plan B2: Walking, through

This plan is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any attempt to reach MIECC via walking.


Enter The Mines, and you should be greeted with this entrance.

There’s a map console nearby if you need help, or clearer maps of The Mines.


You need to reach the East Court, on the 4th Floor to access the Link Bridge between The Mines and MIECC.


Once on the 4th Floor, follow the signs until you find the ChapterOne Bookstore.


The Link Bridge entrance should be to the left.


If the hours on the door are correct, The Mines could be open before 10 am. 👀

This Link Bridge Access should get you to MIECC’s 2nd Floor.

Field Intel

#1: Field Maps


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are ONLY applicable to The Mines Shopping Centre, but should be enough to get you going.

There are terminals for the maps all over the place, so no need to worry much about finding one.

#2: Food

There’s a S-hit Ton of food to check out over at The Mines, so much that…

We insist you check out the Mall Directory list for Food here.

Coupled with the Maps from #1: Field Maps to help you find what you wanna eat.


Also, a Family Mart exists.

Also x2, this is unconfirmed but apparently, on AMG Weekend.

Food trucks are on their way.

To make food at The Mines seem less attrucktive.

#3: ATMs

One thing to note about ATMs at The Mines.

When you find one, there is another one nearby.

ALL ATMS, are either on the 1st Floor or 4th Floor.


Credits to The Mines for the images

1st Floor




Credits to The Mines for the images

4th Floor

#4: Facilities

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

MIECC itself comes with its own toilets, on Both Levels of MIECC itself.

If you guys need to suit up your costumes or whatnot, do it there, it saves the trouble of getting the attention of normies in the field.

Unless that’s the plan, then by all means.


There’s also toilets within the Event Hall itself.

But we’re unsure if they’ll be open for public use, but that’s something to look into.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It may look dark from the photos, but no worries.

This place will be Lit AF come event weekend. ;D

Also, there’s space aplenty for folks to setup camp wherever you want.

Avoid those Windowed spaces on the 2nd Floor.

It’s likely that they’ll be used for Photoshoots by photographer crews.

#5: Health & Safety

It’s Haze Hell Season, we recommend to pack the following,

  • Face Masks, for Haze.
  • Umbrellas, for those walking to the event.
  • ALL THE Water. (Well duh.)



Prioritize taking the Link Bridge between The Mines & MIECC.

The road between both buildings WILL HAVE CARS running down that One Way Road.

AVOID them as much as you can.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

We hope this guide could help you guys out in some way in the field! 🙏

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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