An UnCon-Eventional Story: Japan Otaku Matsuri 2019

UnCon-Eventional Stories are event recaps more on the event itself than the experience.

Wonder what the event is like in the field? Check out, A Con-Eventional Story: Japan Otaku Matsuri 2019

Credits to the Jom Otaku Matsuri Official Facebook for the featured image, and the various images seen in this post.

I DO NOT own the rights to any of these photos (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to Jom Otaku Matsuri.


Getting sick sucks.

…yeah that’s about it on why this story took awhile.

On with the story gentlemane. 🤔

The FAQ is this?

Japan Otaku Matsuri (JOM) 2019 is an ACG Event that took place on 17th & 18th August 2019, over at Jaya Shopping Centre.

Which you might mistake it for Jaya One Mall, given the Jaya name and all. 🤔


JOM has been a thing since 2017, with their 2019 show being the 3rd (Or 3.5, if you count the JOM Mini they did in 2018) iteration of this community run event. 🤔

Or 3.9, if you include the New Year’s Party thing from last year.

…also, is it Japan Otaku Matsuri or Jom Otaku Matsuri? ;-;

The names get confusing. @.@

First Contact

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

JOM 2019 was sort of first teased on February 18, with a post calling the public to provide their feedback for the upcoming Japan Otaku Matsuri later in 2019.

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

An official confirmation would surface come May 29th, with an initial Sponsor-less looking cover photo that’s a draft of the event itself.

Notice how the first photo had the venue listed on Levels 2 & 3.

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

This would be updated in a future cover photo on July 10th. with the finalized venue being Levels 3 & 4 of Jaya Shopping Centre.

Not a big deal, but it’s an interesting observation. 🤔

Registration Open Season

Shortly after JOM’s May 29th confirmation of the event, this was where the calls for registrations started rolling out.

This includes stuff like,

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

Booth Registrations – 30 May (Open),  30 July (Closed)

Stage Performances 10 June (Open), 9 July (Closed)

Cosplay Competition 11 June (Open), 12 July (Closed)

Dance Competition 21 June (Open), 22 July (Closed)

In short, some pretty by the numbers stuff that stretched across 2 months, from their initial dates.

Which ultimately leads us to where the,

Lineup Starts Here

JOM 2019 is sponsored by,

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image
Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

The two day show is Emcee-d by ya bois,

  • Mr Aizaki Aizat
  • Mr Neko Pei
Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

Joining the Emcees on stage comes the huge pool of contestants for JOM’s Cosplay & Dance Competitions!

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

Joined by the following judges,

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

Accompanied by Workshops aplenty on stage, such as,

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

But what’s an event without performances, such as the Solo Acts of,

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

And Group based performances of,

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

And a wombo combo of Team Kuramaker’s Panel, that comes with a perfomance! 😮


The Stage shows are just half the story, as across the event venue comes,

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

A large pool of Art booths to check out!

And a King Chest of props to Prop-pare one’s future cosplay plans, if any.

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

Of course, there’s booths aplenty to meet with the various performers/guests at the event.

…including one for a brand that lasts Forever. (That’s a wee bit too long. 🤔)

Shoutout to Abudora Cosplay by the way! 😮

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

After that, in the section of paying respects (Because F), scores of small but steady stores of arts, fabrics and tickets await passing by attendees looking to kill some time.

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

Event cosplayers, don’t fret, as the nearby Melody Studio welcomes all to give their backdrop a shot.

For photos, not anything else that uses the term ‘shot’.

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

The floor plans welcome visitors to get a sky high view of where’s everything at.

But could use some directions pointing to help, such as which way’s the escalator entrance/exit etc.

…feels like we’re missing something…oh right.

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

A tournament for Children’s Card Games. 🤔

That…apparently some folks got time for dat.

Credits to Jom Otaku Matsuri for the image

But hey, at least everyone’s abiding by the Event’s Etiquette. 🤔

To ensure they don’t get Permabanned.

The Good Goods

The Good Goods brings you ALL the best bits an event has to offer!

Please keep in mind this is only for the current iteration of this event, which may or may not repeat for future events.

  • Minimap Ping

This is…probably nothing new to some of you.

But did you know that JOM has an Interactive Minimap? 👀

…yes I know, no amount of Nani The F can resolve one’s disbelief. 🤔

You can check it out here.

It’s no Google Maps, but it is a pretty neat addition to know what specific booths are where.

So you can get a Rush B going for em when you arrive at the event.

Especially considering they literally promoted this on August 15th!


Rarely do we praise promotional material for events, but credit where it’s due.

If you’ve seen above, JOM listed out pretty much ALL the participants for their various competitions that weekend.

Which is something you don’t often see out of promotional material for events.

This is pretty neat, since well…um.

I don’t recall contestant names being some CIA-threat level must make it confidential from everyone kind of information.

So it’s great to see this stuff in action.

…huh, also, can’t recall an event that did this as well.

Ah well, must’ve been cancelled or something. 🤔

  • Boss Fight Guest

At one point during JOM 2019, one of the guests was up on the 4th floor duking Children’s Card Games with players upstairs.

As part of from what we understand as, an Admin Challenge.

That’s basically a if you beat the Admin at the game, you get something kind of shtick.

Rarely do events present an opportunity for guests to do more than just be stuck at their booth, and I’d say it’s a pretty neat thing to see.

Granted, it helps that said guests used to play said Children’s Card Game. 🤔

…should’ve brought a deck.

  • The Hijab Solution

This one might be a bit long here, but stick around if you wish.

The practice of Hijab Cosplaying has been around for quite some time already, even before we joined the ACG scene in December last year.

It’s nothing new, it’s nothing unusual.

However, we do have to acknowledge that, this is F-ing Genius.

It’s the perfect solution that balances freedom with tradition.

The kind of compromise that allows folks to cosplay, without breaking the bounds of certain sensitivities in the country.

You know the best part?

One of JOM’s highlights involve a cosplay party, where ALL the cosplayers were Hijab cosplayers, all suited up as Gijinkas for Fast Food/Bubble Tea Brands.

A quick glance at the JOM’s official Facebook will give you an idea of the kind of stuff you’ve missed.

Point is, it’s great stuff that exists as one of those things certain parties aren’t gonna stop fellow Malaysians from doing.

  • Gijinka OC Donut Steel

One thing that you don’t often see at events, are event backed Cosplay Gatherings/Parties.

With the exception of ACE, it is pretty neat to see plenty of both veterans and relatively unknown beginners take up the mantle of a Fast Food themed Original Character.

From colors that fit them to the literal brand logo on their costume, that explains which Character they’re doing.

…yes, this include those Bubble Tea mascots.

Did you know The Alley uses a Moose?

I mean…a MOOSE?!


The Bad Blehs

The Bad Blehs brings up some…bad stuff, about events, which need to be talked about since no event is without issues that can’t be fixed for the future.

Future Organizers and/or spies from other event organizers, you can learn a thing or two of what not to do at your event here. (As a guide, so that you’re not too busy repeating history.)

Please keep in mind these are only for the current iteration of this event, which may or may not repeat for future events.

  • Faced Forward Position

There is one pickle we have with the Art Booths section, it’s unfortunately jammed AF.

Tbf, we’d understand if the organizers are boned by certain mall based restrictions, because mall management be whacked like that, it’s nothing new.

However, it is one of those things I’d argue, could be positioned better is all.

The key takeaway here is, if it’s possible, could the seating area for the artist booths be say, near those glass walls of those closed shops during JOM weekend?

It just seems weirdly crammed that the glass area is where attendees have to shuffle through, in order to even explore the Art Booths, especially the ones closest to those corners.

That or, maybe consider moving some of the booths to the opened space near the escalator?

Because it just seems inconsistent that one side of the Elevator houses some booths, but the other side remains empty.


Basically, this side of the event area, why not use that part of the area? D:

…in any case, it’s something to look into, if JOM’s looking to host the event at the same venue again.

  • The Sandwiched Pickle

One fact we have to bring up about JOM 2019’s timing, is that it’s an event that kind of got…

Literally sandwiched, between Anime Fest and Animangaki.

Which can be a bit of a pickle considering it’s guaranteed that the crowd size would be kind of small.

Especially since Anime Fest was less than a week earlier.

Like…it’s literally 5 days later.

And with Animangaki coming up by the end of August, it just made sense for folks to just chill at home to rest, relax and/or Rush B their costumes for AMG.

Rather than come out to attend events they might even consider skippable.

This is not to say it’s the organizer’s fault, it’s just one of those unfortunate pickles you have to deal with.

When you’re surrounded on both sides of the Event Calendar, it’s an awkward situation.

That said, I would like to see how JOM would fare if it takes place around say,  after a big event like AMG?

Based on the context of timing we got from this year’s show.

It does give some leeway for potential attendees to suit up after at least 1 week of rest, and could improve the numbers turnout. 🤔

  • Missing Gathering

Just a minor gripe, but um.

I’m probably blind (Most likely), or missed it entirely, but was there a post that mentioned anything about the Cosplay Gathering of Fast Food Brand OC Gijinkas?

I…can’t seem to find it.

And it’s kind of a bad thing to not mention this at all. D:

…which to be fair, the likely good reason as to why it wasn’t mentioned publicly, is likely due to copyright pickles.

…because Corporations.

It’s unfortunate really, because that’s the one thing at JOM that makes it worth visiting.

I mean, what other event has the balls to host a cosplay gathering of Fast Food Brand OC Gijinkas?!

The Sequel?

If JOM’s track record so far is any indication, there is a strong possibility for them to have a sequel coming for 2020.

There’s always something neat about these small scale community run events that, wind up consistently running each year.

And if you ask me, small events like these are important to balance out the scene’s event pool every year.

And it’s always cool to see the different takes different organizers have when it comes to running events, which can come with some good ideas.

If done well of course.

The Verdict

Apart from the justified reasons of, “Aw man there was an event just 5 days ago” and/or “Aw Fak, I rather sleep till AMG”, that sort of kept the event attendance rather small for JOM 2019, I’d insist it’s an event worth checking out.

For the sole reason of…well.

No Event has the balls to host a Cosplay Gathering of Branded Fast Food OC Gijinkas outside of JOM.

And it’s this quirky stuff that makes JOM stand out on the list of event features.

So JOM, let’s JOM people to the next one.

…and also ask the question.

What ever happened to JOM Heboh? The TV 3 Carnival thing.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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