An UnCon-Eventional Story: AniManGaki 2019

UnCon-Eventional Stories are event recaps more on the event itself than the experience.

Wonder what the event is like in the field? Check out, A Con-Eventional Story: AniManGaki 2019

Credits to the Animangaki Official Facebook for the featured image, and the various images seen in this post.

I DO NOT own the rights to any of these photos (If mentioned), ALL rights belong to Animangaki.


Last time, at AniManGaki 20XX.

Let’s go to events only for Children’s Card Games because F Everything else!

This time, on AniManGaki 2019.

“Well….we have to work now.” ._.

The FAQ is this?

AniManGaki 2019 (AMG) is the 11th iteration of a long running ACG Event since 2009.

Famously known as that event at Sunway Pyramid over the years, the 2019 show found itself setting up shop at The Mines Convention Centre (MIECC).

…to much, ‘concern’ by people. 🤔

Come on guys, it’s been 4 years since Comic Fiesta 2015, let it go. >:

Across the months of August and September, AMG 2019 has the honor of being a literal, 2 month long event.

With the dates of 31st August to 1st September as AMG 2019’s event weekend.

First Contact

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

On March 3rd 2019, the highly anticipated announcements for AniManGaki’s 2019 show, came up alongside AMG-Chan 2019.

With the dates of August 31st to September 1st ready and waiting for AMG 2019.


Went about as ‘well’ as you’d expect.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

When you mix an ACG Event with The Mines Convention Centre as its venue. 🤔

Also, this is some Top 10 ACG Event Plot Twists right here. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Registration Open Season

Credits to AniManGaki for the photos.

While scene does not contain the AniManGaki Mascot Kei-Chan actually cosplaying or…artist-ing, they did opened up Registrations for getting a slot for these super limited booths for AMG 2019.

Cosplay Alley Registration – 8 June (Teaser), 9 June (Open), 21 June (Closed)

Artist Alley Registration – 10 June (Teaser), 11 June (Open), 21 June (Closed)

Credits to AniManGaki for the photos.

Not a fan of boothing?

Don’t fret, for there’s plenty of stuff to take the Stage with.

Be it a performance, cosplay skit or something for the stage’s idle idol time.

Also, scene does not include the AMG Mascot, Kei-Chan, doing a performance, cosplaying or being an idol.

Stage Performance Registration – 27 May (Teaser), 30 May (Open), 24 June (Closed)

Idol Competition Registration – 25 June (Open), 26 June (Closed)

Cosplay PvP Registration – 27 June (Open), 29 July (Closed) 

Credits to AniManGaki for the photos.

Got an artistic itch to scratch?

AMG’s Art Competition that features content published on their booklet’s worth checking out. 😮

As is the Doodle 4 AniManGaki Contest, because Doodle or DoNotdle, there is no Try.

Art Competition Registration10 July (Open), 12 August (Closed)

Doodle AniManGaki Registration6 August (Open) 

Credits to AniManGaki for the photos.

Last of course, it’s not an event without some essentials like Volunteers for Tribute Summoning, Medias to give Passing Grades to, and Exhibitors to fill up the Event Hall.

Volunteer Registration14 June (Open, First Call), 12 July (3 Days Left Call)

Exhibitor Booth Registration31 May (Teaser), 1 June (Open)

Media Pass Registration31 July (Open)

All set and Registered?

Now behold, AMG 2019’s…

Lineup Starts Here

*X Hours Earlier*

???: Oh ho, an ACG Event! I play my card, “Raid and Arrest”. This allows me to Raid, Arrest, and Make a Mess of Events!

???: Because Screw The Rules, I’m <Redacted>.

???: So draw your last pathetic Card, ACG Event.


<Insert Event here>: The ACG Events scene has NO Pathetic Cards, Mr ???.

<Insert Event here>: But it does contain, the Unstoppable PERMIT.

<Insert Event here>: Permit, Obliterate!

*Present Day*

…well that was F-ing weird.

But this should be noted first, before anything else.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

AniManGaki 2019 is fully approved by the various parties involved, for the smooth sailing show that is the event itself.

Given the lineup of Guests that we’re about to start showcasing.

Starring (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

Mr Yoko Taro (Director of Nier Automata) & Mr Taura Takahisa (Designer of Nier Automata), as AMG 2019’s Guest Panelists!

To ask the question, “2B, or Not 2B? That is the Question.”

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

Miss Kei Takebuchi, as a performer for AMG 2019’s stage events! 😮

To invite local fans to meet, greet and experience her show LIVE ON STAGE.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

Miss Saida, a guest cosplayer from South Korea!

Land of many equally famous Pops, Dramas and whatnot, but still a place where ACG Culture exists prominently. 😮 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

Also, welcoming onto the Event Stage, AMG 2019’s lineup of International Performers,

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

Stage stuff aside, there’s also the Tukuyomi Maid Cafe, from Taiwan! 😮

A cafe that sure is Maid for Battle. 🤔

Of course, there’s plenty of Local Talents as well guys, there always is.

Starting with,

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

Ya Emcee Bois, Mr Dante & the GG Twins as AMG 2019’s Emcees!

To get your crowded crowds riled up for action on stage! ;D

And what’s on stage you ask? WELL.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

Dance to the Dazzling showings of,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

Band together, and rock on to,

Meanwhile off the stage comes,

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

Miss Junnie Tsukimiya, as AMG 2019’s Live Broadcaster for what’s happening at the event. :O

Such as, 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photos. Source.

The Guest Cosplayers tagging along various booths,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photos. Source.

And all the Cosplay Guests who managed to grab a slot under the Cosplay Alley.

Notice how the booths stationed by the corners of CA 01, CA 10, CA 21 and CA 30 house booths that would most likely be the most crowded. 🤔

Tactical Positioning, Ladies and Gentlemane. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photos. 

Up next, for all the artistic folks comes,

But that’s not all folks,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photos. Source.

For Artist-vengers Assemble, to house the Artist Alley with hallways of good stuff to check out.

…also, not meant to call out anyone specific but.

Cosplay booths exist for a reason, and um.

I’m pretty sure it’s more fun to hang out at an event than stay cooped up at a booth. 🤔

Credits to AniManGaki for the photos. Source.

Alternatively, there’s always the Plus Maid Cafe to stop by for a break.

And to ask attendees, have you maid up your mind on where to go?

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

Speaking of booths, it’s not an AniManGaki run event unless the Jantzen folks are around to serve up bottled water. 🤔

That said, look upwards to the Panel Room outside the event hall, as it features, 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photos. Source.

Panels and Workshops that include,

  • Day 1, 31st August,
    • “Don’t Give Up, Skeleton! How Dark Souls Can Help You With Depression”, by Papakei.
    • Kenjimura & Bibi’s Prop Workshop, by Team KumaBear.
    • Doodle With Sakura And How To Promote Your Works Online, by Kendylife.
    • Kursus Kejayaan E-Gadis, by Aqlif P.
  • Day 2, 1st September,
    • Kei Takebuchi Signing Session.
    • Yoko & Taura Tries-Their-Best-To-Answer-The-Q&A Corner.
    • Colour The World with Sakura, by Kendylife.
Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. 

All eyes on the floor plan, as the event’s locked and loaded for both the Lower Ground and the It’s Over Anikan, I have the High Ground parts of The Mines Convention Centre.

And a mustache Kei-Chan that’s oddly fitting. 🤔🤔🤔

You’ll need the map for the following,

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.


That does not include a Mustached Unicorn to ride with, as you trek around the Bread Crumbs to find these fine exhibits both indoors and outdoors. 😮 

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

If you like AniManGaki enough, why not show how Merch you appreciate them, by picking up some AMG Branded stuff.

It’s Merch Appreciated. ;3




Credits to AniManGaki for the photos. 

Answered by the Flurry of Roadshows that…oh jeezus.

We’ve covered almost ALL OF THESE EVENTS.


(Source: AMG-Chan, TAGCC, Geek Summit, Star Supa Comic, Anime Fest, Japan Otaku Matsuri, The Mines.)

Regardless, if you missed the roadshow’s sort of “cheaper” looking offers, don’t fret.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photos. 

For there are many Ticketing Agents, be it Physical or Online to hook attendees up with the equally cheaper priced tickets for AniManGaki.

Or a Ticketing Partner that has a Brand Ambassador tagging along for the ride.

Once you’re ticket suited up, get ready.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

For some FREE Flags on Day 1!

As they’re handed out like Candy.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

FREE Model Kit Workshops to take back! 😮

To serve as Role Models for your future hobbies/kids to pick up.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

And Minigames!

That…50% involves actually tossing something Kei-Chan related around. (Hint: It’s Orange.)

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

Of course, there’s also a Live Screening for dodging Traffic, with the KanColle Movie brought to you by Aniplus.

Just remember attendees.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

Always suit up for the job. 🤔

The place gets freezing depending on the time of day. 👀

Last, but certainly not least.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

The Malaysian Touhou Brigade’s Touhou Matsuri that’s tagging along with AniManGaki for the ride!


That ends with a Nightsky of Touhou. ;D

The Good Goods

The Good Goods brings you ALL the best bits an event has to offer!

Please keep in mind this is only for the current iteration of this event, which may or may not repeat for future events.

  • The Plot Twist

Just when you thought AniManGaki was over, something interesting happened. 👀

For those unaware, there was a post shortly after AMG had wrapped up.

A PSA to return a coronation photo, of a recent graduate from a local College/University.

That’s…kind of unusual.

Even more so, coming from an event organizer that, to some degree, has no obligation to return such things.

In the end, they found the guy. 😮

As this now becomes a very neat ending to AMG 2019’s story. 🤔

  • Pre-show Prelude

For those of you who followed the Field Guide Series (For English & Chinese) for The Mines Convention Centre, you may have noticed one segment that mentions about the Link Bridge between The Mines and The Mines Convention Centre.

That bit of info, was provided by the AniManGaki folks themselves.

Which is really great to know about, as it helps attendees navigate through the hellscapes of unknown/unusual venues that they will run into.

This kind of information is not some CIA Level Classified Need to Know Basis crap.

This is public stuff that people are going to have to go through, and will see in action anyways.

And it’s great that the AMG folks are willing to well, let folks know about it.

All in the name of a smooth sailing experience.

  • Solo Live Action

Those of you in the Event Hall might’ve caught the broadcast of a segment, where one of the Emcees went around the event interviewing people.

…what would’ve made the segment neater was if it was Live ACTION. D:

As awkward as that would’ve made it.

But point is, it’s a really neat segment that’s worth mentioning, as it’s not often that you get events that have the Emcees run around the event doing in the field plugs of various attractions at an event.

Good stuff, this is. 🤔

  • Miner Convenience

I said this before, and will say this again.

It’s been 4 years since Comic Fiesta 2015 people, The Mines Convention Centre is not the same S-hithole from then.

…well, most of it anyways. (More on this below.)

Those of you looking to take a piss can scroll down further, but my point is this.

For a first time show at MIECC, there is a lot of potential for AniManGaki to work their magic at this very venue.

Yes, people will still get pissed off, because of “iT’s aT dA mInEs”.

But the benefits offered by MIECC kind of outweighs the bad.

Such that, they’re going to need this stuff if AMG’s looking to improve or even, expand what they can do for future iterations.

Which I’m confident enough to say, it’s something all of us would love to see.

Just a better AMG, that’s still as good, dank, and memey.

A great event, can work well at a S-hit venue, in the hands of a competent organizer.

  • Day of Nationality

Reminder that AniManGaki Day 1 was held on National Day.

And it’s awesome to stand by to watch an ACG Event try their hand at National Day celebrations alongside their show.

Jeezus, they were giving out flags for free during Day 1 as part of the gig!

Whatever your stance on the country’s ongoing S-hit show, I doubt anyone’s against the idea of celebrating independence day at an event.

Also, did we mention AMG 2019 is also 2 months long? ;(☞゚ヮ゚)☞

  • Let’s Showtime

This is honestly, our first encounter with the concept of how AMG Idol works.

And I got to say, it’s very much a pretty dank concept that’s worth noting about.

Regardless of the performer’s quality on stage, I’d say that this idea is a very cool segment to watch and participate in.

If there’s one thing I’d argue for future attendees of AMG to check out, it would be this.

For Fs sake, <Insert Country here> Idol died for this, and honestly, I’d take it. 🤔

  • Gratitude Matters

This is a very unusual thing to write about, but it’s noteworthy nonetheless.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

This, is a photo from the AniManGaki page, with a post thanking The Mines Convention Centre’s security staff for keeping their event safe.

Which is something you don’t often see out of events, kind of like the Plot Twist from earlier.

There’s even a quote that we’re going to put up here,

“Kita banyak culture shock tapi baik jugak tengok orang muda aktif dan colourful.”

Roughly translated, the Security folks said, “It’s a bit of a culture shock, but it’s great to see young people being active and colourful.”

In short, we’ll leave it at this.

ACG Event culture and stuff, let’s use it to inspire normal folks.

What matters is presenting the scene in the positive light that it is.

Most people don’t know that, so it’s great to see folks be able to slowly shift that perspective. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

The Bad Blehs

The Bad Blehs brings up some…bad stuff, about events, which need to be talked about since no event is without issues that can’t be fixed for the future.

Future Organizers and/or spies from other event organizers, you can learn a thing or two of what not to do at your event here. (As a guide, so that you’re not too busy repeating history.)

Please keep in mind these are only for the current iteration of this event, which may or may not repeat for future events.

  • The Sound of Position

This is a challenge that’s difficult to satisfy all parties, thus why we need to talk about it.

For instance, the section right next to the stage.

If there’s any part of the Event Hall that WILL get boned by sound the loudest, it’s there.

In our view, you could consider moving the Food Booths there, because that genuinely comes across as the kind of place that’s the most strategic to put food booths at.

It’s near the stage performances (Which means seats to watch the show while eating),

The area’s near a toilet for cleaning up (If needed),

And well, is the one set of booths that can settle its stuff quickly without much fuss.

Just make your order, and leave the chefs to take care of it, easy.

Granted, I will also say this.

It’s likely that NO ONE, wants to or is willing to camp their stuff near the noisiest section of ANY Event Hall.

So there’s only so much an organizer can do, and to be fair, it’s probably one of those things they figured wouldn’t be as bad.

Given the section that was placed right next to the stage.

But it is something to look into if possible.

  • Space Unused

Two pickles here.

Credits to AniManGaki for the photo. Source.

First off, it’s kind of weird, that on the event’s floor plan, there’s a section listed as ‘Forbidden Area’, that sadly does not contain cards on YGO’s Forbidden List.

It’s a bit strange because…why mention it at all when a white wall blockade seen by attendees at the event is enough to signal the message, “Nothing to see here, move along.”

Second, there’s some space near the exit area where the Cardboard Cutouts were stationed that’s…kind of too opened.


See that empty batch of space behind?

It’s not that much, but that’s kind of excessive in terms of space that’s kind of unused.

Heck, you could’ve moved some booths here.

But obviously not too close, since those white panel walls to the left need some minimum space to move.

I’m unsure if this was a MIECC mandated rule, on needing a minimum distance from those hall separating walls.

If it is then fine, else it’s just space that can be used to be fair.

  • Stair-ing Contest

One thing that folks likely hate to death at Events, are Traffic Jams.

Yes, we people on foot hate this S-hit too.


Basically, the staircase that was opened for public use, was kind of ass.

On the grounds that it’s just…limited, compared to the stairs at the opposite, past the ticket counters, that had 2 Escalators, and a Staircase in the middle.


Basically this Stairwell!

That could’ve been a better spot for event traffic to move around! D:

Granted, it’s a slightly longer distance from the Link Bridge between MIECC and The Mines, but given that people will have to go up to reach that bridge anyways, why not use the one that has more space to reach the top with.

…it’s likely that the event settled for the solo stairs for reasons, one of which that’s likely to do with convenience more than anything.

But the point is.

Find a means to keep the crowds moving, anything that can be done to cut people causing traffic jams is always a good thing.

With some tweaking of the outside layout, there’s room to make use of these things available at MIECC to make things go smoother outside the Event Hall.

Side note.


There’s apparently a Staircase layout by the corners outside the Event Hall.

Which seems kind of weird to not mention this being a thing attendees can use. 🤔

  • Tickets are a Thing

Now to be fair, the likely reason the Escalator Stairwell section of the Event wasn’t allowed to be used freely, likely has to do with it being a ticket restricted area.

Which is fair.

But I’d like to ask then, if that’s the case, why do attendees even have tickets?

If event staff are going to check for tickets to enter the hall, why is there a lack of this for the outside 2nd floor activities?

I can understand if it’s a lack of manpower thing, that unfortunately happens from time to time.

However, I would argue that the Maid Cafe, the P.L.A.Y exhibit, and even the Panel Room can have staff who step their foot down, by stopping people without tickets or passes from entering these places.

Granted, I may have missed the staff guarding the entrances into those 3 sections of the 2nd floor, which is possible.

But, Events have been stopping normies at the gate, and redirecting them to the closest ticket counter for years.

So…we’d argue that this stuff could work here too? 🤔

  • Mystery of the 2nd Floor

This pickle is both a missed opportunity, that’s likely the easiest to explain.

Easiest in the sense that well, venues aren’t cheap, and it’s likely funding is the issue here as to why AniManGaki wasn’t 2 floors large in the Event Hall.

Heck, even the Event Hall for the booths were only 2/3, given that one was used as a literal Parking Lot for storing the booth people’s cars used to carry all their stuff.


Despite not being used this year, it can be the key to resolve lots of issues AMG faced this year.

I’m pretty sure that Sunway Pyramid has a 2nd floor of sorts as well?

It would be pretty neat to see them try their hand and some 2nd hand floors like the one at MIECC to fix up some of the earlier pickles mentioned.

That’d be pretty neat to see.

…maybe we should toss some funding into their operations. 🤔

The Sequel?

If there’s one thing about well-established Organizers of Malaysia’s ACG Events, is that a sequel is almost always guaranteed each year.

With AniManGaki’s track record so far, and reputation, it’s likely that we can be seeing something for 2020.

The question now is on when, will they play their cards.

Though it’s super likely that word about AMG 2020 would come around the same time as AMG-Chan 2020.

Hopefully, they involve some 4s to go with their 2020s.

You know.

To Blaze it. ;3

The Verdict

There’s a very good reason, as to why AniManGaki is one of the biggest names in Malaysia’s ACG Event’s list.

It’s long running, consistent, and a reminder to lots of folks, that ACG Culture and stuff has been going on for at least a decade plus already.

Despite many BS perspectives from thirsty F-wits on public newspapers over the years, and recent pickles marring the local scene, it’s not a culture that’s going to lose steam anytime soon.

Kind of like a Train.


To sum up.

It’s been 4 years guys.

The Mines Convention Centre, did not make AniManGaki 2019 a bad event.

Considering that it’s pretty good.



AMG couldn’t be held at Sunway, so Sunway came to AMG instead. ;3

You should totally come for it. 🤔


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.

It’s been an honor, to serve as media for AniManGaki.

…we started this outlet around, at the time of writing, 9 months ago in January.

And we didn’t really expect to be given the opportunity to serve as Media for one of Malaysia’s biggest ACG events.

Which as of now, it’s still a bit jarring and…unreal, that we’ve been given this chance.


Really don’t know what to say other than…

Thank you.

Not just you guys, but also.

Lots of folks in the ACG scene that…I really should’ve worked harder to find at the event. ._.


Check out more stories over at S.I.R House, of Content 2019.

That said, siteinrelief has a Facebook page now!

Page us anytime, anywhere, Amway offers will be shot on sight, no questions asked.



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