A Con-Eventional Story: Nowadays Anime Festival 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

What’s Happening Nowadays

Within the familiar halls of Quill City Mall, across the white reflective pavements all over the mall’s flooring, an event was setting up shop once again.

Dark clothed carpets laid across the mall’s ground floor, before a towering projection screen where a stage stood below, with speakers stationed by the stage’s corners.

This is, an event that happens Nowadays.

Basically, an Anime Festival.

Delayed Reaction


Upon arrival at the site, one thing was clear.

The scheduled 10am Opening Ceremony was…delayed.

As it was clear that things were still being setup, which makes some sense considering these things happen.

On stage, a familiar face was busy sound testing his instrument, for what would be the event’s Main Attraction during its one day show.


As an up-close glimpse of his instrument of choice gives a sense of excitement.

At using an arguably pretty unusual instrument to perform music from modern media. 👀

Emcee Antics

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ll be starting in 5 minutes,” announced one of the Emces wearing a cap, kinda like Ash from Pokemon.

Wait a sec, shouldn’t it be 5 Malaysian Minutes? Since Malaysia?

“That’s 5 Minutes Malaysian Timing!” the Emcee added, greeted by two distant middle fingers from nearby attendees that clearly know the man.

But the timing claim was accurate, as things did kick off 5 actual minutes after said announcement.


Emcees Mori and Taka take the stage, with the latter having some out of place red shirt hanging by his thigh. 🤔

A future reference to something coming of course, as well as…

It’s not an Emcee duo without some antic-vity to pass some morning downtime.

As a callout to one of the attendees in the audience gets…ignored. :feelsbadman:

Opening Staged


An opening ceremony follows shortly after, with the nearby cosplay guests seated by the stage’s side joins the Emcees on stage.

An introduction reveals them to be Cosplay Guests Yonnie and Eiji, both fellow guests of the event that would kickstart the day with their opening acts.

With Yonnie’s rendition of “Tell your world” and Eiji’s showing of how to be a “Bad Boy”, squealing crowds of early performers and attendees cheered the show onwards.

As this was where the fun begins moving forward.


Armed with plushies as hostages to giveaway, the Emcees declared this segment, “WHO WANTS FREE STUFF?”

A simple gig of answer the question, and get a plushie!

…once technical difficulties have been resolved of course, is where the show moves on.

Which brings NAF to its main attraction, where the Emcees introduce their teams.

“White Team!” said Emcee Mori.

“Red Team!” said Emcee Taka.

Also hang on, White and Red?

What is this, a Pokemon Adventures Battle? 🤔

To be fair, White is a lady in the Manga, and Red has a hat so…

Senran Kouhaku

Round #1: Chai CEO! VERSUS, Keefe!

Starring Team White’s Chai CEO on his signature Erhu, and Team Red’s Keefe on an Electronic Piano, the two musicians showcase their talents at playing music one might be used to hearing from such instruments.

For instance, it took Chai a couple of months to get the hang of the music track he played from Final Fantasy.

While Keefe’s performance didn’t come an interview intermission, the man’s fingers across his instrument are amazing to behold.

A reminder that even musical acts that’s mostly experienced by the ear, can still have some amazing things to see with the eyes. 👀

Forget Guitar Hero, this is a Piano Hero here. 🤔

Round #2: Vocadoll! VERSUS, ENNEA!

The first round of many Group Dance-offs, as returning on stage comes Team Vocadoll, as seen from an earlier event folks should’ve JOM-ed their friends for the ride.

With a literal multiple segment performance, of each individual member to start things off, that rounds up with the pair dancing together.

That’s including the brief Rock-Paper-Scissors intermission, where attendees either get forcibly dragged on stage *coughcomeonguyscough*.

Or volunteer freely without much fuss.

…and hey wait a sec, that’s the same bloke who won some stuff from before! 🤔


Coming up next comes Team Ennea, where this 5 person band of dancers slowly builds up their act from a 3 & 4 person dance, into a finale of five.

By always giving the show that one extra member to tag along for the act. 😮

Round #3: Shusuke! VERSUS, Rina-Hime!

Now, returning to a solo act once again, comes singers Shusuke and Rina-Hime!

While the former had minor health issues to deal with, let this not stop audiences from hearing in on a fantastic showing of melodious music.

These covers heard in public, have this strange awe to it, that makes the cover sound as accurate as the official covers of said songs they sung.

It’s like hearing a concert, without actually being at one.

That’s very much worth mentioning.

Looking over to the right, at the row of booths meant for some of the performers after finishing their show…the latter performer’s table cloth is green.



Round #4: Sakaki! VERSUS, Chihiro!

From a solo singing session, to a solo dance off between two performers that really know how to make use of the stage’s wide gray space.

With Miss Sakaki’s slick movements, accompanied by some music tracks that don’t exactly come with dance moves, one has to wonder how does she come up with the routine for said song. 👀


Chihiro on the other hand, with an arsenal of Vocaloid tracks nearly dabbed towards the ceiling, with some Luka Night Fever to get the crowds to continue the hype.

…even though it’s technically still day time.


Joining in the fun, were the local Watagei crew, all doing the dab the best they can.

As fans of the show, it’s always great to see some form of ecstatic cheering for any performance on stage.

Intermission Panel


With the day reaching a literal halfway stop, an intermission of sorts came up.

As folks went around on their merry way to explore the event’s small pool of attractions.


Well now, who’s fancy suit looking legs are these?


Ah yes a Kamen Rider Suit, standing tall near the Team Kuramaker booth where props aplenty stood still for folks to check out.

Or grab some pics of.

Event crew started setting up 6 chairs across the stage, for the following segment that the schedule explains as a Panel Talk.

Featuring two of Malaysia’s WCS representatives.

Or Alumni, according to the Emcee’s announcement.

One brief posing session for photos later, and the Panel Talk kicks off.

It’s interesting to hear about Team Kuramaker’s experience upon arriving in Japan, where the initial thought of just going to compete turned into an experience of interacting and knowing other fellow representatives instead.

Team Manboobs had two interesting stories to share, first being how the local scene’s cosplay community could benefit from having Foam product sponsors for competitions, as that material appears to be the most commonly used item for propmakers.

Second story, being about how the name Team Manboobs came to be. 🤔

…which involves a lot of,

“Are you sure about this name?”


“Are you really REALLY sure about this name?”


Of course the name Manboobs wasn’t the only name that seems out of place, as they also mentioned how other foreign Teams also have some names one might not expect. 👀

Senran Kouhaku, Cont

Round #5: Queen! VERSUS, Eternal!

Returning to the Senran Kouhaku’s action, comes Dancing Groups Team Queen and Team Eternal!

As there’re only Dancing Group performers are the only acts from here on out.

Multiples of 2, sums up this round, as Team Queen kicks things off with a 2 person dance, that doubles into 4 people on stage, before the finale where all 6 members take the stage.

Purple is the color of that’s rather royal, to answer Emcee Taka’s question, ‘What’s with the Purple?’

Following them on stage shortly after, comes Team Eternal, with costumes that kind of make them look like siblings, and sync super well with the tracks the hand picked.

Coordination is key in dancing and the pair of Eternal manage to make it sync perfectly, especially during that one segment of their 2nd song, where it turns into a mini skit for 5 seconds. 👀

The Queen Eternal, would greet Nowadays with dance!

What a coincidance.

Round #6: Dreamin’! VERSUS, Milkyway!

Ah, a Love Live themed Showdown.

Showcasing two teams that literally portray the μ (pronounced “Muse”) and Aqours crossover/showdown that Bushiroad’s too lazy to make. 🤔

For good reason, as both Team Dreamin’ and Team Milkyway really capture the feel of watching a Live Action Love Live Themed Music Video.

Even if the suits don’t match the music, that’s not a detrimental thing, as it’s a combination of the performers’ action on stage that counts the most.

That said.

The off stage audience give a sense of silent awe, as you can tell they’re really into watching their performances.

If the shaking light sticks haven’t given that away.

Round #7: Kotoba! VERSUS, M’Moments!

Wait a sec, another Love Live themed group?

How many of them are there?!

Not that it matters, as Team Kotoba’s first course of action was to put their palms within their enclosed circle, and cheer into position for their performance.

3 Love Live themed acts in a row, even folks who aren’t into the series can get a feel for how challenging and surprisingly accurate the performers behind these acts manage to put together their shows.

Which is really cool, considering it’s not easy to pilot a 9 person team on a stage that has just enough space to accommodate.

An aspect that deserves credit.

Up next as the event’s final act, comes Team M’Moments, looking to leave behind another iconic moment in their performance.

Which is notable as the halfway intermission mentioned that one of the members would be graduating from the group soon, and that it’s her last show.

…wait, graduate?

Is this AKB 48? 

That aside, it’s clear why lots of attendees still flood the stage area despite the event being rather deep into the evening at this point.

The M’Moments crew has a kind of experienced flair, to their performance, that one can see it from all their acts on stage.

Including this noteworthy highlight.

As a loud AF gunshot plays in the background. D:

Also, the fallen members aren’t dead, it’s part of the routine as the spring back up to continue the show. o.o

Certainly an iconic…M’Moment for this event. 🤔

Results Process


Throughout the event, one thing was consistent.

At the end of each round, the Emcees would remind attendees to go voting for their favorite performers over at the counter near the front, in between two cardboard cutouts of the event’s mascots.

As the Emcees took to the stage again, to kill some time until the results are up.


With a sort of ‘giveaway’ of Canned Coffee.


With…varied results. 🤔

Not that it was all bad, as Emcee Taka quickly changed the topic into a public promotion of this fellow propmaker who was there as a regular attendee like everyone else.

At least he has them Famous Amos Cookies. 😮

Truly the cookies of Culture.


Emcee Mori however, had a Plan B to kill time.

Alongside a member of Dreamin’, the pair took the stage while dancing to a song by Blackpink, with an improvised act that went super well.

Even though it was probably 12% planned.

Close Results

Not really, considering the number of votes weren’t mentioned at all.

However, there needed to be a champion.

And that Team is…


Team Red!

Starring, Keefe, Team ENNEA, Rina-Hime, Chihiro, Team Eternal, Team Milkyway, and Team M’Moments!

To take the stage for a group photo, as a representative for each group based performance joined the photo.

However, that’s not the last of the awards.

As the best act of the day, went to…


Teeeeeaaaaam Milkyway!

And…their members who’ve already cos downed out of their costumes.

…and are missing some members at the time.

No matter, a great act is still worth mentioning.

Of course, none of these acts would’ve been possible.

Had it not been for the fine folks who ran the event, with a group shot that comes with some of the performers tagging along for the ride.


Last but certainly not least.

It’s not a Malaysian ACG event unless there’s some improv unplanned performance that closes out the day.

The one for Nowadays Anime Festival, has members of Team Kotaba plus a friend and Emcee Taka rounding out the night.

With an on the floor dance routine that the crowd gladly makes space for by backing up.

Under the towering evening lights, of Quill City Mall.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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