The Convention’s Conversation: Kei Takebuchi (AniManGaki 2019)

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Team Interviewees,

  • Miss Kei Takebuchi (Cover Photo)
    • Solo Music Artist, from Japan.
    • Guest Performer for AniManGaki 2019.
  • Mr Yamo (Not in the photo)
    • Miss Kei Takebuchi’s Keyboardist.
    • Guest Performer for AniManGaki 2019.

Team Interviewers,

  • Other Media Outlets
    • The Magic Rain, Psyfecta, BunnyGaming, etc. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
  • S.I.R
    • A bunch of <Insert swear word here>.
    • Basically, the Author. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Interview START!

The following Interview takes place on September 1st 2019, AniManGaki Day 2.


Mr Yamo: “Okay, so why don’t we like introduce ourselves into the interview, so Kei, you might want to start it out.”

Miss Kei: “I’m Kei Takebuchi, a single songwriter from Japan.”

“We used to be in Goose House, but I quit last year in November and went solo.”

“And this is the second time, for me as a solo, to perform overseas, and that’s pretty much everything I guess. <laughs>”

Mr Yamo: “Yeah, and we’ll you know, dig in deeper,”

Miss Kei: “And he (Mr Yamo) is the keyboardist for my performance, but at the same time he videographs, films all the things and edits all the videos and stuff.”

Mr Yamo: “Yeah, so…that kind of explains me.”

“So we’re kind of like, you know, creative partners.”

Miss Kei: “So, do we like…” *points at various media in front*

“You? You?”

S.I.R: “They’ll raise their hands first,”

Other Media Outlets: “Basically we’ll raise our hands first then you choose.”

Miss Kei: “Okay, <laughs>”

Mr Yamo: “Alright, alright, like a classroom.”

Miss Kei: “Yeah.”

“Ok, um…any questions?”

Question #1

Other Media Outlets: “What was the major event that got you to play music professionally?”

Miss Kei: “Well, I’ve always loved singing from the moment I was born I guess?”

“But um, the first time I heard Utada Hikaru’s first album, that really shook me.”

“Like, her voice and the music she creates.”

“I think I was like 8 or something, when I first heard her album.”

“And that really changed my mindset, like oh, I thought I wanted to be a singer.”

Question #2

Other Media Outlets: “Was it scary coming out solo after being in a group for a long time? Tell us how you faced your fears, if you had any, and how you managed to pull through in the end?”

Miss Kei: “Yes I was really scared and insecure when I decided and, actually went solo.”

“Because I thought that a couple of Goose House fans might be kind of mad at me leaving, because they want Goose House to be existing right?”

“So I was scared in that way, in that maybe people won’t follow me into the solo career.”

“But it turned out, after I announced that I was going solo, so many fans from all around the world were like cheering for me, and they were saying that um, ‘I was actually waiting for you to go solo.’ or something like that.”

‘Those comments really gave me power and energy to keep on going, so yeah, I’m really grateful for the fans.”

Question #3

Other Media Outlets: “So since you’re going solo, what is your plan? And when do you expect to launch your official album?”

Miss Kei: “Okay um, we have so many things on our mind that we want to do, and we’re actually making a new video, and we’re gonna upload it like,

Mr Yamo: “Hopefully like,”

Miss Kei: “The day after tomorrow or tomorrow.” (September 2nd or 3rd, 1-2 days after AniManGaki Day 2.)

“So we constantly plan to make great videos and upload them on YouTube, but at the same time we are making new songs and recording them.”

Mr Yamo: “Yeah,”

Miss Kei: “Actually we’re kind of ready to release, but um…I don’t know if you were at the performance last night,”

Other Media Outlets: *nods that they were there*

Miss Kei: “Thank you!”

“We recorded the audience’s voice, and we actually are including the audience’s voice into the track we’re making right now.”

Mr Yamo: “We already recorded like more than five thousand people’s voices inside the track, so it’s really intense.”

Miss Kei: “And that last night, the Malaysian fans vocie was actually the final piece of the track so that really fits the music.”

<Insert :pogchamp: here>

Question #4

Other Media Outlets: “So this is your first time coming to Malaysia?”

Miss Kei: “Yes.”

Other Media Outlets: “What did you think of the crowd, and would you like to comeback again?”

Miss Kei: “Yes!”

“I definitely want to come back, and Malaysian crowds are just amazing, they were all singing along with me and I could see that they were having fun, and that really encouraged me.”

“Um…yeah, I did not expect that big of a crowd to be honest, because it was my first time in Malaysia and I did not recognize this many fans in Malaysia, so getting the chance to actually see them with my own eyes was a great experience.”

Question #5

S.I.R: “How frequent do you get gigs to perform overseas?”

Miss Kei: “Um, just these two, like Indonesia and Malaysia.”

“So we hope that we could go overseas more,”

Mr Yamo: “We also have to decide on invitations too,”

Miss Kei: “Oh yeah, if we get invitations, we really consider if we really want to go to more cities and countries.”

Author’s Note: *cougheventorganizersSozoAFAComicFiestayallknowwhattodocough*

Question #6

Other Media Outlets: “As this is your first time in Malaysia, what do you think of our culture, our food?”

Miss Kei: “The food we had, Roti Tissue and the curry on the first day.

“It was really spicy, and to be honest I’m not really good with spicy food, but it was really good, and um, we haven’t tried durians?”

Mr Yamo: “Yeah,”

Miss Kei: “We haven’t tried it yet, but we definitely have to try it.

“And um, about Malaysian Culture.”

“I was in Indonesia just two weeks ago, and we thought that Indonesia was a country of diversity and unity but in that way, Malaysia is kind of similar, because of all the languages, religion and races.”

“But I feel a little difference between Indonesia and Malaysia, like it’s more…”

“Malaysian people are more, curious?”

“I don’t know how to say this, but like, people are really…aggressive?”

“I don’t know how to say this one,”

Other Media Outlets: “Upbeat maybe?”

Miss Kei: “Upbeat, yeah maybe.”

“In like, they’re really willing to get to know about everything and stuff.”

Mr Yamo: “You mean like this whole event right?”

“It’s very aggressive,”

Miss Kei: “During yesterday’s performance, many of the crowd were my fans, but I think that quite a number of the crowd was not my fans actually, but they were just wandering around and heard me sing, and kind of stopped by.”

“And um, so I could feel that they were really curious about me and stuff, and that really made me happy, about new fans and like…yeah.”

Question #7

Other Media Outlets: “So this is a question to both of you, since you produce music together. Whenever you create music, do you ever happen to come upon a what we call, ‘Writer’s Block’? Do you come across like a block, and how do you overcome it?”

Mr Yamo: “Well, I’ll take this one first.”

“We haven’t got into Writer’s Block yet, we have so many musical ideas that we want to put into shape.”

“It’s about winning the…time, to be able to do that.”

“So um, we’re looking forward to putting out many more songs.”

Miss Kei: “That’s about it, yes. <laughs>”

Mr Yamo: “You should’ve answered it then, any other things to add on?”

Miss Kei: “Um well, not much really because, um…”

Mr Yamo: “I try and make it as comfortable as possible for you, as a producer.”

Miss Kei: “Yeah, but well, really not much because there is always going on in my mind.”

“And um, all the fans, and those messages from the fans give me inspiration everyday, so yeah, I guess we’re just,”

Mr Yamo: “From my perspective, watching Kei, I think she’s inspired in every journey that she’s taking right now as a solo artist, so I don’t think she’ll run into any writer’s block, as long as she continues in her journey I guess.”

Miss Kei: “Yes, thank you.”

Question #8

Other Media Outlets: “What was the most pleasant and hardest moment of your music career?”

Miss Kei: “Hmm, most pleasant moment…”

“That moment like, when I get on the stage, and see the crowd like, cheering for me.”

“Getting to see them from person to person with my own eyes, that’s always the best moment of my career, every time.”

“Hardest, um…well,”

“The hardest moment of my career was, that moment I went solo I guess.”

“No, actually, that moment when I had to make the decision, the process of making that decision was the hardest thing for me.”

Question #9

Other Media Outlets: “In your opinion, what’s the difference between performing solo and in a group?”

Miss Kei: “Um,”

“There’s not much of a difference, because it’s still myself now, as in Goose House and a solo, still the same me.”

“And well, because there’s seven people in the band, when we speak, seven people speak, so um, there’s not much time for me to like speak out, and like, message people.”

“But now that I’m solo, I can speak for myself, I can,”

Other Media Outlets: “You can connect with your fans better?”

Miss Kei: “Yeah like, as an individual I guess, deeper with the fans, so I like it this way.”

“Better I think, yes.”

Question #10

Other Media Outlets: “So, do you have any plans to collaborate with anyone internationally?”

Miss Kei: “I’d love to, if I have an opportunity.”

Other Media Outlets: “Do you have someone in mind?”

Mr Yamo: “Like, it could be like a musician or someone young to the genre I guess.”

“I mean it’s up to you.”

Miss Kei: “Well, I want to collaborate with…”

“I don’t have any names in particular, but maybe some guitarist from let’s say, Malaysia,”

“Um, a drummer from Indonesia,”

“And like, we’re gathering together and we’re making music would be kind of great.”

Other Media Outlets: “A fusion of different cultures?”

Miss Kei: “Yes, exactly!”

“That would be really nice.”

Author’s Note: *coughlocalmusiciansandperformersyallalsoknowwhattodocough*

Question #11

Other Media Outlets: “You’ve mentioned the meaning behind your album name ‘Keynote’ before on the YouTube channel. But for the sake of your new fans, could you explain the meaning behind the title, and its relevance to you as a singer?”

Miss Kei: “I think it’s um, the title of the tour.”

Other Media Outlets: “Tour?”

Miss Kei: “The ‘Keynote’ is the title of the tour,”

Other Media Outlets: “Oh my mistake,”

Miss Kei: “It’s ok, it’s no problem.”

“Yeah, it was the name of the title of the tour.”

“Um, ‘Keynote’ is like, the meaning of ‘Keynote’ is like, the basic, the base idea of the most important message of,”

Mr Yamo: “You mean the definition of the word itself right?”

Miss Kei: “Yeah.”

“And when something starts off, when I myself started off as a solo, we thought it was a great idea to put that into title.”

“Like this is my, presentation for you guys, and this is what I want to message to you.”

“Actually we had these, additional shows, and the title of the additional shows was ‘Overtone’.”

“‘Keynote’ and ‘Overtone’, I don’t know how to explain this but there’s a main key in like…<laughs>”

Mr Yamo: “Well basically, when there’s like say an ‘A’ note, that’s like, 400 Hz”

“And above that, there will be an 880, that’s an ‘Overtone’, and there will be more, there will be like 6000 to one or whatsoever.”

“And usually, what we’re hearing is like combination of a ‘Keynote’ and an ‘Overtone’.”

“Back to you.”

Miss Kei: “<laughs>Thank you, for the definition of ‘Overtone’.”

“And um, we wanted to include the meaning of ‘Overtone’ as like, expanding this circle more and more out to the world and inviting more and more people from all countries, and all religons, and more people into this circle.”

“And that’s pretty much it about the meaning, of this title.”

“The will of expanding this project, out to the world.”

Question #12

Other Media Outlets: “What would you like to say to your fans in Malaysia?”

Miss Kei: “Um…Thank you for waiting for me, all these years.”

“Because some of the fans have known me for, I think like 8 or 9 years, because that’s when we started off as the group.”

“So they waited for me for 8 and a half years right?”

“And we finally got to meet them, and it was really amazing, like, looking at the crowd from the stage and everyone is singing along with me.”

“They look so happy, I was happy to see them so happy, and um, I get many messages from Malaysia too, like on the YouTube comments and messages on Instagram, and those words really encourages me to keep on going, keep on singing, because there are fans waiting for me here in Malaysia.”

“It really keeps me going.”

“So just, Thank you.”

“I really love you guys, and I really wish to come back again.”

*Interview Over*

Off The Record

For events, activities, observations before, during, and after the interviews.

  • Before the Interview started, all media were advised to avoid the topic of Miss Kei’s previous affiliate.
    • Granted, some questions & responses seen here draw references to it, but that’s about as far as it goes.
    • Honest take, it’s one of those things that’s F-ing/very uncomfortable and disrespectful to ask, even for us media, so skip.
  • We managed to ask Mr Yamo a question after the interview, on how did Miss Kei pick up the English Language.
    • He explains that they both studied in the US for some time.
    • It also explains their accent, which is really cool. 😮
  • Miss Saida, one of the Guest Cosplayers from the event, came into the interview room before the interview session to interact with Miss Kei. 👀
    • It’s unsure what they were conversing about, but it’s observed to be one of those friendly interactions between Event Guests. 🤔
  • During Miss Kei’s performance on Day 1, no one was allowed to record or take footage of her performance.
    • This was an order by the AniManGaki staff, out of respect for Miss Kei’s performance.



  • Apparently, Miss Kei’s may like Durians.
    • Mr Yamo however, might not.  🤔


  • And YESH, Miss Kei met Kei-Chan.
    • Kei-Chan is AniManGaki’s mascot, who’s a Lion.
    • This is some Top 10 ACG Event Crossovers stuff here. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
      • Context: That’s his catchphrase or something. 🤔🤔🤔


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