The Convention’s Conversation: SAIDA Cosplay (AniManGaki 2019)

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Team Interviewees,

  • Miss Saida (Cover Photo)
    • Cosplayer, from South Korea.
    • Guest Cosplayer for AniManGaki 2019.

Team Interviewers,

  • Other Media Outlets
    • The Magic Rain, BunnyGaming, etc. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
  • S.I.R
    • A bunch of <Insert swear word here>.
    • Basically, the Author. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Interview START!

The following Interview takes place on August 31st 2019, AniManGaki Day 1.

Question #1

Other Media Outlets: “So what is the reason that made you wanted to start cosplay?”

Miss Saida: “Before I was a costume player, I was a really shy girl.”

“The first time I visited an animation convention in Korea with my mother, at the time she suggested to me, why don’t you try costume play like other costume player?”

“So I took in that suggestion, and tried to approach my first costume play, which was really exciting.”

“At the time, costume play was a new culture in Korea, so there was no stereotype about costume player.”

“My mother was surprised about costume play, so she suggested it to me.”

“I think she never thought I would costume play until now <laughs>, but that’s why I became a costume player.”

Question #2

Other Media Outlets: “Were you one of the first few cosplayers in South Korea?”

Miss Saida: “Oh no, I’m not the first.”

Question #3

Other Media Outlets: “What was your first feeling when trying out cosplay?”

Miss Saida: “Really shy.”

“At the event, I would change into my cosplay costume and because I was really shy, so I can’t go outside.”

“I just changed into my costume at the toilet, and didn’t want to go outside.”

“At some point, I could go outside in my costume, which was really exciting.”

Other Media Outlets: “So was your first cosplay ever seen by people?”

Miss Saida: “Yes.”

“It was a try, but not many saw my costume play.”

Question #4

Other Media Outlets: “So among all the characters you’ve cosplayed as, who is your favourite and why?”

Miss Saida: “I think, Judy from Zootopia is my favourite character.”

“Because I liked the animation, which is really good for kids.”

“Not only that, I think animation has to be good not only for others, but also to kids too.”

“So I think Zootopia was really good, and really great for that.”

“And I like my Judy costume play.”

“Sometimes when kids search for their favourite character on Google,  they find some…’pictures’ or ‘photos’ of that character.”

“If you’re a fan of Judy, and you search for Judy on Google, and if you find those ‘pictures’ or ‘illustrations’ of Judy as a kid, it would be really shocking.”

“I hope my costume play can give a better feeling to kids.”

Question #5

Other Media Outlets: “Earlier you mentioned about some stereotype about cosplayers, can you explain more about what are the stereotypes?”

Miss Saida: “When I started costume play in Korea, it was too…mania, of a culture to try it.”

“But now, everybody knows what is costume play.”

“Korea’s costume play revolves around games, like gaming tournaments and sometimes it’s too sexual to everyone.”

“So there is a lot of stereotype that costume play is only for sexual photos.”

“Many Korean costume players want to change it, try to change the stereotype to be more, how can I say this?”

“Gorgeous costume play, and try making more costumes without sexual expression.”

Question #6

Other Media Outlets: “So is that why you chose most of the family friendly shows to cosplay as?”

Miss Saida: “Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I chose the characters who I can show more family friendly and good impression.”

Question #7

S.I.R: What is your most memorable cosplay event? Whether it’s in Korea or outside of Korea?

Miss Saida: “Sakura Matsuri in Singapore was an especially good event for me, because there were a lot of landmarks in Singapore, and at the time we went to take photos of all the tourist landmarks, which was really great.”

“It was a good memory, because the costume players were really friendly, which was a good culture.”

“At that time, I think most of the tourists and guests took it like that, that’s why I like the Singapore scene.”

“But because there’s so many animation events, and many people think costume play is only about animation, I want to try characters from novels, movies, not just from animation, so the Singapore scene is really great.”

Question #8

Other Media Outlets: “So how about Malaysia so far?”

Miss Saida: “So far, I really like Malaysia.”

“Because the weather is great for me, so I really like the warm weather and there are so many delicious food.”

“I think I had Bak Kut Teh, and the people in Malaysia are really friendly to me and I’m really thankful for that.”

Question #9

Other Media Outlets: “Is this your first time in Malaysia?”

Miss Saida: “Actually my second time, but it’s my first time in Kuala Lumpur.”

“My first event in Malaysia was in Johor Bahru, nearby Singapore.”

Question #10

S.I.R: What food that you’ve had in Malaysia so far, would you say is your favourite?

Miss Saida: “I’d say, Bak Kut Teh?

“It’s my favourite food, and it’s really delicious.”

“I think with one Bak Kut Teh serving, I can eat two times the rice.”

Question #11

Other Media Outlets: “What are your thoughts about cosplay outside of South Korea?” 

Miss Saida: “Well, in Korea, I only take photos with my friends, so all of my photographers are my friends.”

“Sometimes there are no friends in Malaysia, as everyone is new, so sometimes I’m nervous, but when I stay here for one & two days, things get friendly again.”

“So the first time is always nervous, but with some time things become clearer, always, and I’m comfortable here now.”

Question #12

Other Media Outlets: “So if you were to advise someone who wanted to start with cosplay, what would you say?” 

Miss Saida: “I think, they have to just try, some people think costume play is too difficult and too expensive for preparing something.”

“But if they find their favourite costume in the market, then they can buy a more cheaper one, and they make the costume themselves.”

“It’s not difficult to just start it.”

“They just have to start it, and enjoy.”

Question #13

Other Media Outlets: “How do you think cosplay has changed your life?” 

Miss Saida: “Like, before I started costume play?”

Other Media Outlets: “Yes, like, has it changed your life?” 

Miss Saida: “Yes, for sure!”

“Back then I was a really really shy girl, but now I can be more louder, and clearer, and even being a recipient like you, as part of this interview.”

“Because in Korea, everyone knows about costume play, but costume play is not big in Korea yet.”

“Because the biggest culture in Korea is K-Pop, and K-Pop idol culture isn’t interested in costume player.”

“Many people love the idol, instead of costume idol”.

“But I think in Malaysia and Indonesia, they like costume player right?”

Other Media Outlets: “Both as well.” 

Miss Saida: “That’s the difference between Korea and overseas event, so I’m really thankful to be here at this very big event.”

Question #14

S.I.R: Is there a cosplay event in South Korea, that you would recommend people to attend? If there are any?

Miss Saida: “Oh, there’s too much.”

“The most biggest animation convention is, Comic World in Korea, but there is no costume player who’s in there.”

“But there’re many costume player who hang around with other costume player, so it’s maybe good for attending as a costume player.”

“You can find with your friend, and talk about your favourite animation.”

Question #15

Other Media Outlets: “It sounds like when attending events in Korea, the treatment is different from in Malaysia, is that right?

Miss Saida: “Yeah totally different.”

“Basically, In Korea, I think there’s no costume play idol culture in Korea.”

“So I’m always surprised at this event, there’s so many costume player who open their booths like an idol, but it’s really new to me as they can show their works.”

“I think that’s good, as this culture is not common in Korea.”

Question #16

Other Media Outlets: “Did you happen to bring any of your non cosplay friends to cosplay with you? Do you suggest them to cosplay with you?”

Miss Saida: “Most of my friends aren’t cosplayers, <laughs>”

Other Media Outlets: “But do you try to invite them to cosplay together?”

Miss Saida: “If they want.”

“If they enjoy costume play I’d suggest ‘Oh, do you want to join with me?’,”

“Then they’d say ‘Ah it’s ok! Just watching you is ok.’.”

Question #17

Other Media Outlets: “So you cosplay a lot of Disney Characters, who is your favourite Disney princess?”

Miss Saida: “I can say directly, I really like Ariel.”

“There’s this one time I visited Disneyland in Ariel’s dress, for one of my biggest projects, which was about Disney photo shooting.”

Question #18

Other Media Outlets: “Is it difficult to get your own materials to build your own costume? Because Korea as you said is not so big in cosplay, so the materials for your costume, is it difficult to find?”

Miss Saida: “No, it’s not difficult to find in Korea.”

“In Korea, costume play culture is not big, but Korea’s fabric market is really big.”

“So if you want to make your costume, you can find everything in every market.”

“Because fabric is not only for costume play, and well, the fabric market is really big and really comfortable to visit.”

Miss Saida: So there’s no problem to find it. How about Malaysia?”

Other Media Outlets: “It’s a bit more difficult, because if you do cosplay for anime or movies, it’s a special design.”

“This stuff sounds easy, but for prop design or printed fabric, certain characters need certain props, now that’s difficult. So for you to find the materials, now it’s a bit ok but it’s still difficult.”

Miss Saida: “For Malaysian costume player, do they make their costume themselves or buy it online?”

S.I.R: “It’s both,”

Other Media Outlets: “Like half half.”

Miss Saida: “Half and half, I see.”

“I think that’s why every cosplayer at this event looks really great.”

“The high quality dress and high quality settings or wigs, I’m really moved by it.”

Question #19

Other Media Outlets: “I’d like to ask a sensitive question, if you don’t want to answer you can not answer. How does the society in Korea, see you as a cosplayer? Are they open? Or are they like ‘Oh you’re a cosplayer, I don’t like that.'”

Miss Saida: “I think they like me as a person. <laughs>”

“Because if I show off my habit as a costume player, they never saw me as a costume player, rather just me.”

“If you’re a good person, there’s no reason to worry, even as a costume player.”

“But if you’re not a good person then…you have to worry a lot.”

Question #20

Other Media Outlets: “So sometimes you happen to cosplay male characters, I’d like to ask, is it harder to cosplay as a male character than a female character?”

Miss Saida: “Male character is…difficult. <laughs>”

“Maybe it’s because I’m female, but I usually have to look more healthy, more bigger than me, but it’s interesting.”

“But sometimes I do also enjoy cosplaying as the other gender.”

“It’s a little bit hard but, not that it hurts.”

“Female costume player is much easier for me.”

Question #21

Other Media Outlets: “You cosplay a lot of Disney characters, which one have you not cosplayed, and which one would you like to try?”

Miss Saida: “There are so many character that I haven’t tried, but I really like Megara from Hercules.”

“And next time I want to try the, Vanellope,

“But I have to decide because Vanellope is really small, and looks a little too young, that’s why I couldn’t try Penelope until now.”

“And if I have time, I want to try Rapunzel again.”

*Interview Over*

Off The Record

For events, activities, observations before, during, and after the interviews.

  • For those wondering about the Johor Bahru event Miss Saida mentioned.
    • Holy sheet how did they got her as a guest in the first place?!
  • Prior to the start of AniManGaki, AMG shared a vid of Miss Saida riding a scooter in the event hall.
    • Footage was likely filmed during the event’s setup day on Friday.
  • Also, as Kei-Chan puts it, *fishes your brains out of the gutter* 
    • This involves a certain pic that the media took with Miss Saida after the interview concluded.
    • Should’ve asked to censor our face. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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