The Convention’s Conversation: Yuuhei Satellite (AniManGaki 2019)

The Convention’s Conversation is a series of Interviews with various folks. 😮

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Team Interviewees,

  • Miss Toa (Photo Left)
    • Vocalist of Yuuhei Satellite.
    • Guest Performer for Touhou Night Sky at AniManGaki 2019.
  • Miss Yuzurisa (Photo Right)
    • Vocalist of Yuuhei Satellite.
    • Guest Panelist for Touhou Night Sky at AniManGaki 2019.
  • Mr Saga Asuka (Not in the photo)
    • Manager of Yuuhei Satellite.
  • Mr Maoh (Not in the photo)
    • Sound Engineer for Yuuhei Satellite.
  • Mr Translator (Name Redacted for Privacy Reasons)

Team Interviewers,

  • Other Media Outlets
    • The Magic Rain, BunnyGaming, etc.
  • S.I.R
    • A bunch of <Insert swear word here>.
    • Basically, the Author/s.

Interview START!

The following Interview takes place on August 31st 2019, AniManGaki Day 1.

Question #1

Note: Italic words denote translated statements from the transcript.

Other Media Outlets: “So tell us about your group, what is Yuuhei Satellite?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Toa: Yuuhei Satellite is a gathering of people who like music, and we are a music circle which creates derivative works centred around Touhou Project.”

Question #2

Other Media Outlets: “In a doujin market where there are so many different kinds of music, Yuuhei Satellite has always been focused on Touhou music, why is that?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Toa: The Touhou world and its characters are very interesting, and the game’s BGMs created by Zun really nice when making vocal arranges.”

Question #3

Other Media Outlets: “Let me ask a bit about the origin story for the name Yuuhei Satellite.”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Mr Asuka: We are often asked about Yuuhei Satellite’s name.”

“Firstly, you separate the two words.”

“Starting from 「Yuuhei」, it means trapped or an enclosed space.”

“Satellite is the English word as is, and it refers to transmitting or sending things, which could also refer to the internet in our current world.”

“When you combine the two words, it means that even from an enclosed space, our musical creations can still be transmitted throughout the world which is what our circle represents.”

“In other words, even if we are working alone, we are still connected to the people of the world, and that is the image we created our name on.”

Question #4

Other Media Outlets: “Do the members of Yuuhei Satellite do this full time or are you involved in any other work or musical productions?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Toa: Everyone has a real job unrelated to Yuuhei Satellite, but we all do music as a hobby.”

“There is however a member who works as a composer outside of Yuuhei Satellite as their real job.”

Question #5

Other Media Outlets: “But are there any full timers in the group?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Mr Asuka: No, all members basically do Yuuhei Satellite as a hobby, and none of us do Yuuhei Satellite full time.”

Question #6

Other Media Outlets: “What inspires you when making music?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Mr Asuka: If you want to talk about our inspiration, when it comes to the current Touhou arranges, playing Zun’s games, listening to the BGM with the characters appearing, and then thinking about how if we made a song in another way, it might be possible to appeal more of said character, or maybe expand the Touhou world.”

“Maybe if this character danced or moved like this to this song, it could look and sound really nice.”

“Through that kind of thinking, we pick out songs that we think are particularly nice, we try out the corresponding games one more time, we get stimulated, and we start discussing with each member involved in the music making, making adjustments based on the results of our discussion.”

“That’s where the girls give it their best to sing to better match the character or atmosphere of the song.”

Question #7

Other Media Outlets: “Are you a fan of anime, manga and games and can you tell us your favorite of each?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Yuzurisa: While my favorite game is Touhou, my favorite thing to watch is actually the Fate series.”

“I’ve seen all the movies and the animes.”

“Also while I was on the plane here I was actually playing FGO the whole time.”

Miss Toa: My favorite anime is actually a past work called Yuri on Ice.”

“I felt that it was a really cool piece of work and it really portrayed figure skating very well.”

Question #8

Other Media Outlets: “Yuuhei Satellite has several sister circles as well, such as Shoujo Fractal and Yuuhei Catharsis. Can you tell us more about these other circles?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Toa: Shoujo Fractal is Yuuhei Satellite’s sister circle, and the girls’ activities over there also center around Touhou, but the members also do things like performing on stage or voice acting.”

“They have a broader range of activities which they often take part in.”

“Yuuhei Catharsis is comprised of Yuuhei Satellite’s and Shoujo Fractal’s volunteer members, and members who also love anime.”

“These people gather to create Catharsis, which does Kantai Collection, FGO, Miku, and other stuff which are not Touhou related.”

“Touhou related works are done under Yuuhei Satellite and Shoujo Fractal instead.”

Question #9

Other Media Outlets: “Does the group have any plans to expand out of Touhou and into animes and games?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Yuzurisa: If there are any interesting plans we’d love to try and challenge them all at least once.”

“Up until now we have actually been in charge of various things such as smartphone games and main anime songs.”

“So if you have a music request for Yuuhei Satellite, please feel free to ask us!”

Question #10

Other Media Outlets: “And also just recently Yuuhei Satellite formed another unit with Shoujo Fractal and Tamaonsen called Touhou SOS. What is the purpose of this new circle?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Yuzurisa: Normally Yuuhei Satellite and Shoujo Fractal does Pop and Trance as our main genres, so when we fuse it with Tamaonsen’s Rap you get a completely new form of music which we aim to spread across the world, and to achieve that we made Touhou SOS.”

Question #11

S.I.R: “Can the members of Yuuhei Satellite, including the manager, play Touhou as well as they perform?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Yuzurisa: I can’t!”

“I can play easier modes, but Lunatic is impossible.”

Miss Toa: It’s hard!”

“When its too hard I watch videos to see how Youtubers play.”

Mr Asuka: I also only play Easy mode.”

“Or at least Normal.”

“Any further is impossible.”

Question #12

Other Media Outlets: “We’ve heard that Yuuhei Satellite has started venturing outside of Japan to do concerts. Is it safe to assume that this the next step moving forward for Yuuhei Satellite as a circle?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Toa: We’ve recently been going overseas a lot, but we’ve actually started going overseas since 7 years ago.”

“Other than Malaysia, we’ve been to China, Taiwan, Europe, France, America, and more.”

“The fact that Yuuhei Satellite and Shoujo Fractal have a lot of fans overseas is probably what enables us to go and for that we are extremely grateful.”

Question #13

Other Media Outlets: “Were you guys surprised to hear that there are Touhou fans as far out as Malaysia?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Toa: I’ve only been to Taiwan and Hong Kong, so this is my first time in Southeast Asia, and of course my first time in an ACG event in Southeast Asia, so I did wonder if there were a lot of fans here.”

Question #14

Other Media Outlets: “Speaking of first time in Southeast Asia, what is your impression of Malaysia so far and is there anything that you’d like to your fans in Malaysia to know? Do you have a message for them?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Yuzurisa: “We’ve only just come yesterday night, so we haven’t been to many places yet, but I loved the Nasi Goreng and Nasi Lemak that I ate.”

“I learned a little bit of Malaysia’s greetings, and when I say them the locals become very happy, and I get happy too when they befriend me!”

“I’m also very excited for the concert tomorrow.”

Question #15

S.I.R: During your time in Malaysia, what’s the best thing you’ve eaten so far?

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Toa: “Nasi Kandar!”

Miss Yuzurisa: Roti Tisu!”

Question #16

Other Media Outlets: “So is there anything you’d like your fans in Malaysia to know?”

Mr Translator: *translates*

Miss Yuzurisa: This is really our first time in Malaysia, and just being able to come makes us very happy, and we want to have fun with both the people who already know us and the people who are going to get to know us tomorrow.”

*Interview Over*

Off The Record

For events, activities, observations before, during, and after the interviews.

  • The interview was conducted without translating the Interviewee’s answers on the spot.
    • The responses would later be transcribed by Mr Translator and the Malaysian Touhou Brigade.
    • Thus, why most of the responses given are rather straightforward.
  • During this question, During your time in Malaysia, what’s the best thing you’ve eaten so far?”
    • One of the interviewees (Forgot if it was Miss Toa or Miss Yuzurisa), showed phone screenshots of the dishes they’ve had in Malaysia so far.
  • It’s unclear, if they know about The Power Plug.
    • We were assured by the Malaysian Touhou Brigade, that they’re pretty okay with it, on the grounds that it’s promotional material for their concert.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.


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