A Con-Eventional Story: Ballare 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

Suit Up And Dance


Big 🤔, about the slogan for this Ballare 2019 event, whilst watching the display screens beneath the towering building where the HXC Grand Ballroom resides.

…but wait a second, where’s this ballroom even at?

As a short trek around the ground floor brings forth an elevator, that should help fill in the blanks.


Thanks for telling what day it is carpet stretched across the elevator, which begs the question…who spent money on this genius idea for an elevator carpet? 😮

As instructions on the elevator’s panel highlights the 6th floor as the location for where one needs to arrive at.

Danceless Hallway


The strange scent of Wan Tan Noodles fills the air for some reason, before being overtaken by the halls ice cool breeze across the ballroom hallway.

All around, blaring music from the various opened ballrooms signal some rehearsals or last minute sound checks of sorts, for what can be deduced to be either overpriced wedding flexing ceremonies or a formal gathering of ex schoolmates.


Up ahead, by the last ballroom near the VIP rooms to the left, comes the destination of Ballare’s registration counter.

One quick rundown later, and the event staff hands over a…bowl of, jewels?


Oh it’s a badge, attached on a card that says “Welcome to Ballare 2019”, with the item serving as the event’s entry ticket, as explained by the staff.

Some fancy stuff already, even before the event’s started. 🤔

Now how does one wear this damn thing…? o.e

Pre-Dance Arrangement


On the outskirts of the frosty hallways, the crowd sizes slowly grows, with a flurry of colorful youths draped in fancy suits and dresses.

But, with a Cosplay twist to it, thanks to the colored wigs and costumes that help distinguish the suit from being just some regular formal wear.

As time hits 7 pm, staff began ushering attendees to lineup in pairs, like some Genting attraction that needs a pair to attend.

Looking to the right, a separate line stood on its own.


Huh, wonder what’s that for? 🤔

The Marching Dance


Stepping into the even frostier halls of HXC’s Ballroom 3, where the emcees on stage welcomed the slow march of attendees that split off into two massive groups that houses a mix of both ladies and gentlemen.

As…oh hi there,


Nearby Ballroom staff were busy preparing the buffet and stuff.

Soon enough, lights focused upon the red carpet from where the attendees walked through, as one by one comes…

The Grand March (That doesn’t take place in March) of the various event Hosts escorting their partners down the aisle, before splitting off into each one person’s respective gathering of other attendees.

With the dust settled, it’s beginning time.

But first, a dance tutorial.


Man’s steps, the projector screen said, diving into a demonstration video on how to Ballroom dance for those present for action.

…huh, no wonder some folks would prefer to just press ‘G’ to dance, least you get to either Kick, Aerobic or Conga.

Or do all 3 at once.

Oh uh…crap, one of the Emcees’s doing a live demonstration with a partner, as everyone from both groups began finding their partners to begin the night’s session of dance.


Under the shining lights of the ballroom ceiling, this is A ConEventional Story, Ballare 2019.

icy Dance People

As the flurry of guests within the ballroom reach out for their partners, the opened space before the stage area now became a slow flowing dance floor, with slow sailing music to fill the speakers.

‘On the surface, everyone dancing seems to be getting the hang of it, and only mind reading powers can tell how much someone is panicking over being nervously dancing.

Dancing Jebait

The night’s dinner soon comes, with a separate area for halal and non-halal dishes to pickup, depending on the attendee.

Both selections in the buffet offer up their best specialties to the table, to be topped off by a fancy glass of mango jelly.

That…one has to use a spoon to scrape pieces to eat, rather than drink the desert into the mouth.


Meanwhile up on stage, the night’s first performer William, keeps the evening music rolling, for the small band of couples that finished up their meals quickly, and happen to be itching for some more action on the dance floor.

Soon enough, the small dance crowd’s joined by other attendees on the dance floor, for a little mini game of-

Time Advent

…wait what?

But yes, it is a minigame of freezing in time, only when the music stops, as everyone’s task here is to stand still for the Emcees to prod around and give live action commentary of what they’re seeing.

Some notable ones.

(Author’s Note: Check out the Gallery here for more pics, there’s too many dank shots to fit here. D:)

“And that was just a test run!” announced one of the Emcees, and…wait, this was a demo?!

As the hosts were asked to back up and rest up briefly, with the minigame continuing all night long, jebaiting folks into either posing naturally or dankly.

And it only gets more memey later on. 🤔

Especially when Emcee Kai’s getting on some of the action.

Got to have those memorable ‘bruh’ moments in the field.

Performer’s Dance

But before more memes come, a scheduled dance awaits.


As attendees emptied out the middle dance floor, paving the way for the various Hosts to take up positions for the highly anticipated Host Dance Performance.

One can only watch in awe, over how much freedom is there to express the elegance of ballroom dancing with all that opened space, the likely result of monthly rehearsals.


Also…is this a roll call reference? 🤔

Probably 12% accurate if it was. ._.

As the dust settles, the night performance continues, but with the addition of more singers to bring in the musical numbers for attendees to dance to.


Starting off with, “Potato mama Sandra,” introduced Emcee Junnie, who in turn asked if she had anything to add.

“Good potato daughter,” was her response, with an imaginary pat on the head.

But a potato performance, this is not, as Sandra stands solo, to sing in such a way that’s seems like she’s conducting the dancers on the event floor.

And spoilers, this is not her last one, for she too comes back shortly.

For now, the next man on stage comes, Johan Yusof!


As the man brings forth both an 80s Japanese track alongside the English sounding “The Music of The Night”, which helps add more atmosphere into the evening’s musical chatter.

But soon enough, audiences aren’t treated to the average performance anymore.

For you see.

The next one, is from A Whole New World. 🤔


As joining Johan on stage comes Sandra, tagging along for a rendition of “A Whole New World”, that makes one wonder.

Is Ballare a Disney movie/musical now?

If it was, it’s probably more effective than the actual Live Action Aladdin, at least this one doesn’t get Disney-ed.

But the night’s performances wouldn’t be complete,

Without a band to take up a slot, in this case being the Trident trio, a returning face to the Ballare scene.

Well, at least the singers ratio’s balanced out with a 2:2 gender ratio.

As da boys the instrument boys let loose their tunes, for the lead singer to sing to, that gives this Ballare this stage performance awe that does make one want to just hang back and watch the show.


After all, it’s not a performance unless there’s some crowd folks giving their best cheering in the field should they be tired of dancing, and just wanna take in the sights.

Speaking of sights. 👀


Also hello there ah General Kenobi PA System!

The Last Dance

With the round of performances coming to an end, so too does Ballare’s closing night.

But first, before the last dance, comes an award ceremony for the best dressed folks of the event.

Hosted by, the various representatives of Château and the two guests of the event, to welcome the three best dressed folks of the event that…hey wait a sec.

Isn’t that dude in the middle in a suit, shouldn’t that award be best suited? 🤔

Bah, anyways.

Announcing the last closing moments of Ballare 2019, the crowds returned to where they once started, dancing across the dance hall, with their partners in hand and…uh.

Aw crap uh…onto the stage!

Backed up onto the stage, the towering view gives enough freedom to catch shots of the oncoming human train, of folks hanging onto the back of a person’s dance partner.

…this is some Human Centipede stuff right here. 👀

But the night can only be completed with a full circle.

Where a lone conductor stands surrounded by attendees all across the ballroom.

Only to have everyone charge forward into a compiled mash up of cheers.

Like…saying Yaaaap Seng (That’s Chinese/Hokkien/Cantonese/Chinese Dialect for ‘Cheers’), or something.

Post Dance Roundup

The night’s end approaches, with the clock about 2ish hours from midnight.

But one unforeseen surprise greeted attendees, which involved a blast from the past.


Of a montage for the previous Ballare events that occurred over the last few years. 👀

And some behind the scene memes of what goes on in the making of this here event.


Shortly after, the closing ceremonies began with the Hosts, and various important folks being invited back on stage.

With the strange instruction to back away from that carpeted area across the stage.

Huh, now what could that be used fo-…


Oh fak, fire!

Why is it always fire, as a brief 10 second fireworks display dispersed as fast as it came.

But jeezus, one can still smell the crispy smoke near that part of the stage.

Now of course.

It’s not an event closing ceremony without folks getting to position for that one last photo.


Oh whoops, to zoomed in there.

“Hey man, could ye help take the photo?”

Oh…oh god not again…but sure, as the event cameraman scrambled forwards to join the crowds for the group photo.

Well, at least a past event taught the arts of how to take closing photos. 


Well, everyone does look really great in formal suits, cosplaying or not.

Barney Stinson would be proud. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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