A Con-Eventional Sidetrack: Cosmart 2019

Con-Eventional Sidetracks are recaps of events from the author’s perspective, BUT.

It does not include the full experience of all days at the event. D:

Mall of Da Men


Upon crossing the skybridge a short walk from the USJ 7 LRT Station, comes a wall that reflects the name of this venue where Cosmart resides.

Da Men Mall you say?

Well, one could say that Cosmart is back here, by popular Damen.

…also why not call this place Da Women, or Da Human/Da Hoomen?

Oh, it’s pronounced as “Da Men”, as in “Big Door” in Chinese?



Least the mall has the actual ‘Da Men’/Big Doors to back up the name. 🤔

But for now.


Cosmart awaits. 🤔

Patrol Plan

Stepping into Da Men Mall has visitors greeted by its cool white flooring, that reflects back the shadows of attendees, with the air conditioned surroundings slowly adjusts people to roam around the mall in icy comfort.

With Deepavali festivities coming up soon, a section of the floor remains isolated with separators keeping folks from getting too touchy with the Kolam decorations the mall has going for it.

But for those who are here primarily for Cosmart,

Arriving severely early brings out the sight of seeing vendors setting up their respective booths.

Which makes sense, since it’s not safe to keep stacks of luggage stock hanging around the event venue, especially in an open mall area where stuff could happen.

But until the venue’s setup, there’s time to take a garner at what’s around this mall for not just Da Men, but the Women and Children too.

Huh…don’t know what’s whispering that, but it’s probably some Force Ghost from that Episode.

Regardless, off to patrol the venue’s early hours it is!

Roaming around from the Ground Floor, where most folks would find themselves entering the building from, the nearby Swensens restaurant brings out a familiar sight.


Of…Petite Foxes.

Also what is it they serve here anyways?

One look around, and it appears to be a mixed menu of Western Foods, coupled with cakes and deserts, so basically Secret Recipe without the Secret Recipe. 🤔

And some pretty good Pasta, according to a contact.

Always could use something to…Pasta time.


Headed to the Lower Ground, where most regularly seen guests at events were boothing at, comes a standing wall of…Leveling Up.

Coming soon to a Story near you comes Level Up KL, to…at least Level 62 plus now, taking into account the number of centuries this city had existed already.

Hmm, can’t seem to hear the stage area above, and there was a stage area standing for events this day, best to grab one of the nearby escalators to scramble back upwards.


Upon arriving near the stage area, comes a set of stands that house some readable text, for the…ah, the Behind-The-Scenes Cosplay Photography Competition.

A contest that showcases the finest works of photographers in the art of making cosplay photos, with one particularly absurd entry that’s…a major spoiler for the plot of this story.

It’s got film credit, and that’s something not many have the ability to attain. 😮

Staging Ground Zero

In close proximity to where the Photography Competition stands are located at, comes the stage area where crowds gather towards the magnetized pull of performances to come on stage.

Kicking off Day 2 of Cosmart comes Mewriel from Sabah, donning on the cosplay of a Kimetsu no Yaiba cosplay that helps portray her elegant performance that attracts many fans over here in the Peninsular.

It does raise the question, if the paper fan she uses for the performance is just as big a fan of her as the audience. 🤔


Up next, comes a mini game session with Emcee Minori, and first timer Emcee Chee Ren, where attendees sitting around could stand a chance to getto some pretty neat stuff.

With the condition being, having to…play one of 4 games, that thankfully aren’t pulled out of the Saw Franchise’s handbook.

Anyways the mini games.

Starring, Emcees versus Attendees in Rock Paper Shotgun/Scissors, Guess the Drawing, Charade the guessing,

And…wait, what, the 4th one’s skipped in favor of the pair singing?

Well that doesn’t make any sens-…oh.

They’re part of the Crestfall band, that explains it.

With that, the stage area clears up briefly, as downtime before the next attraction comes by for a visit.

Giving folks plenty of time to head up or down to check out Cosmart’s other 2 floors of content, before returning back for more at the stage.

Headed to the elevators behind the stage area, comes a crowded band of cosplayers and various props hanging around, for what can be deduced to be material for a skit contest or something.



For a second there, that black cloth by the makeshift backstage area looked like an actual covered wall. 👀

Bah, anyways, the time now is for…

Getting High

Up in this Da Men Mall, without the use of illegal substances, because escalators and elevators are always opened for business.


From the nearby escalator upwards, a hard left or right turn brings people before the bustling sight of Cosmart’s 1st floor section, one of the two places where guest cosplayers seen at events are present with their goods of 2nd hand stuff to let off.


A sign that folks are headed in the right direction.

The spacious area also gives room for photographers to take their best shots, under Da Men Mall’s overly bright white background lights that helps illuminate photos in the field.

As occasional cosplayers take time off to pose in front of photographer crews all tagging along to photoshoot the same person.

Near the metal rails where one could see the Ground Floor from above, oh.

The next event’s starting shortly…back to the battlements!

Sketchy Skits

Let’s see here.

So up next on stage comes a…cosplay skit competition, which explains the crowd of cosplayers hanging out by the backstage corner earlier.


As they’re joined by two WCS representatives/participants for assessing their good stuff to come, which can be summed up as…

Act 1: Ranma 1/2, But It’s An Ending

Imagine if the Ranma 1/2 anime had an actual conclusive ending, as the two cosplayers on stage shows audience how the series could’ve ended.

With the plot element of the main characters having to marry one another, actually being shown on screen.

SeemsGoodMan. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Act 2: Kimetsu no Yabai 👀

Best not to tempt the yellow character guy from Kimetsu no Yaiba too much. 👀

In this shocker of a skit that has props literally falling apart, built up with some very decently coordinated sword fighting.

While not being too serious or over the top.

Speaking of,

Act 3: Parody Factory

Ah it’s a Gintama based skit, that involves the two folks on stage sword fighting.

BUT, with…their weapons drawn from other anime series out there.

Like, jeezus, transmuting your sword from the ground?

That’s some Fullmetal Jacket reference right there.

Act 4: One Squall Man

Probably the most stand out skit of them all, with a one man sword fight skit, against the antagonist for the Final Fantasy 8 game that this protagonist guy is from.

Thing is..the antagonist is only heard, and not seen. 🤔

Still though, it’s encouraging to see the judges recommend trying out some props for the skit, which can help showcase what the skit’s about.

Act 5: In Character

…starting to think this isn’t BNHA related. 👀

But…what other anime series out there has kids as main characters, and involves being stuck on an island?

*sees gun*

Okay…this is definitely not BNHA, as a thriller based skit of Russian Roulette turns into…the script for hopefully, not a Mirai Nikki sequel. :monkaS:

And oh, that explains it.

As the last man standing brings out the white/black plushie of that…thing, from Danganronpa.

But damn, these are the most in character folks at the show so far.

Act 6: Jojo Kombat

One could say this skit’s rather…Ora-ginal.

No stranger to the cosplay skit scene, as there have been past Mortal Kombat themed skits before.

But this one, has people daring to approach one another, with some Battle “Ora” coming out of it.

As this fight intensive showcase ends with some…roundabout.

Well, that settles the skit show, as some downtime awaits before the next show on stage.

Off to the,

Lower Ground Profile


Located by the Food Arcade area of Da Men Mall, a short trek is needed to arrive upon this Lower Ground Floor that no Obi-Wan would ever set foot in.

Boxes of packeted wigs, and random stuff await attendees to dig through, one will be surprised at what they can find within.

Including a fan, that unfortunately wasn’t available to be let off. D:


Oh neat, a Sir Farfetch.

That…almost looks like a cake decoration for a second there, if not for the figure’s cotton looking base. 👀


Near the towering nest where Sir Farfetch hangs out, comes a small booth of various Pokemon based…mini figures.

Almost as though they’re board game pieces…well.

Least they’re more colorful than those vanilla Monopoly pieces Hasbro loves making.


Oh right, tickets to Level Up, that are found by the Coffytiam booth where signing sessions take place.

Only…it’s consistently empty…huh.

Ah well, the guests are probably off making memes or something. 🤔

That said…strange, can’t seem to hear the stage area from down here, best to head back before the next show kicks off.

Dance Stage Revolution

Returning onto the Grounded Stage Area where lines of cameras stood ready for recording the upcoming lineup of performances, sitting right at the bottom of said equipment were three individuals that…oh.


Serve as famous names in the Malaysian Dance scene.

Huh, wonder if the folks at Cosmart would be in for a treat to see them perform. 👀

But until then, a flurry of performances.

A whopping…13 of them?! *faints*


Ah well, least this should be good.

(Disclaimer, not all acts will be covered in the story, but check out the full gallery of all dance performances/groups here.)

Among the many teams that took the stage, one can only imagine what kind of creative juices these folks have been drinking to put together these shows. o.o

For instance, a 5 person routine where 4 members constantly pick on one member for wearing some ‘cursed’ jacket, as a sort of simulation of the bullshits of bullying. 🤔

Or, a puppet show esque dance, that has folks moving around like actual strung together puppets that gets a whole lot of attention. 👀

Routines are one thing, but reception is just as important of a note to mention.

If there’s one thing crowds love to see, it’s not just an energetic show that impresses everyone, but also the kind of show that reminds people.

Anyone can do it, regardless of whatever background they have, and it’s noteworthy that Malaysia’s quirky culture all around welcomes folks of all sorts to show the crowds what they got.

Including some dancing potatoes that may get a singing upgrade.

Speaking of reception, it’s insane to see the level of performances that greet the small stage area that is Cosmart.

With two seemingly unknown dancers that literally electrocute the dance out of the show. 😮

And the well known dance group of M’moments that really has themselves put as a Fan Favorite of the entire segment. o.O


There’s even a sign for them, so come on!

Huh, that said, wonder what the judges had to say about that.

“If this team wins, they have to forefit to the next one,” said one of the judges, to the team of those two ‘unknown’ dancers.

Apparently the duo were super experienced dancers that are known by the judges themselves, and that they’re kind of at a massive advantage compared to the other acts here.

…well, it’s not like they’re default to win now right..? <Insert foreshadowing here>

Finisher DownTime

Until the results are ready comes, a sort of improv session of getting to see the Dance Competition Judges try their moves on stage.

As part of a…apparently they were not informed about this super earlier kind of thing, according to one of them. 👀 

Seeing the judges each play out their personal routines, bring out a sense of familiarity, and yet, a strange aura of prestigious professionalism in their acts.

The fact that there’s a strong possibility, these folks have their routines mastered, makes it even more impressive they could do them with just some minor recall. 😮



Dayum, that is one worn out stage, a rare sight not many get to see. o.O

Which highlights the level of quality Cosmart offers.

That’s, not without pickles, that involve tables.

Anyways, the contest results.

Taking the top with his godsend photos made from Film, comes A.R.C Photography, who highlights a behind the scenes look at his entry post-event. 😮

As the Skit Contest brings out a very wacky bunch of folks to hold the top 3.

And…well um.


Top 3 folks aside, this is a bit…awkward, based on one of the judges’ earlier suggestion of them forfeiting in the event they top. 👀

Eh…granted, it’s probably not a bad idea to see them in action again following this last Comic Fiesta prequel.

…or 2nd last.

There’s still the matter of having a LevelUp to resolve at KLCC first. 🤔


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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