A Con-Eventional Story: Asia Comic Con 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

Mid Valley Mornings

Morning Oden from Family Mart in hand, the trek along the familiar 3rd floor of Mid Valley Megamall eventually greets visitors with the sight of early morning crowds that await the weekend’s event to kick off.


The time is now 9:50 am, that leaves about…10 minutes before doors open….crap, better chug down this breakfast fast.

But it’s not a Malaysian Event, unless the doors open up minutes after the arranged scheduled 10 am opening time.

As railing of the Mid Valley Exhibition Hall’s metallic doors slowly lift upwards, the crowds began flocking towards the inside ticket booths to get their weekend fix of access into the event.


Also, it’s not a Mid Valley event unless there’s crowds of folks early in the morning, that’s more likely to have more people assembled than your average 8 am College Class, such that Higher Institutions can learn a thing or 2 from this. 🤔

Marvelled Toys Section

But with early morning arrivals comes a pickle, that being the lack of booths fully prepped for action, alongside the not so crowded space of a semi-empty event hall.

The leftmost toy area looks promising, which makes sense to check out first.


Wew, for a brand that’s 80 years old, it’s certainly something to Marvel at.

And who wouldn’t, with glassed cased toys of various items that highlight the various things from Endgame, without spoilers.

Now that’s a hand anyone would want to fist bump.


Also <Insert Wakanda Forever here>. 🤔

But some old school Marvel Branded stuff isn’t all to check out, as a 45 years younger franchise also sets up shop nearby.


A glassed showcase of toys from the Transformers franchise, which begs for more than just regular eyes to spot the Michael Bay influence within. 👀

As behind the show floor, comes an…area for Card Games.

That’s a mix between ones for Children and ones not for Children.

…the kind that can get complicated to play mind you, no other reason. 🤔

Including ones for Transformers too by the way.

Yes, even Transformers has a card game now, that plays surprisingly easier than most.

That’s not to say there isn’t an appeal for other card games, given the crowd sizes that showed up to dish out some Pokemon action, try out some Magic The Gathering workshops or engage in a Final Fantasy card game that actually knows what the word Final means. 🤔



It’s Fourze!

Who’s not looking to settle things one on one, but rather,


Chilling out with the Heisei Era boys over at the S.I.C.ness Malaysia booth, starring plenty of fancy figures across the table.


It’s the Blue Destiny 02!

And…some snow Zaku looking mini gunplas that…wait a sec, isn’t this style more for the Three Kingdoms Gundam series than stuff from the Universal Century?

Oh they’re rather new models you say, according to information from the booth owner of this…”The Ridiculous Luna G” booth.

Sincerely hoping the G stands for Good or Gundam, because damn these snow looking stuff looks fluffy enough to pat. 🤔

Also uh…wait a sec.


Didn’t this Fortnite thing got sucked into a Black Hole?

Ah well, its return was bound to happen at some point anyways.

On Today’s Stage


With an echoing voice that resonates across the front hall by the stage area, an Emcee lady draped in an orange Dragonball themed jumpsuit welcomes visitors to Asia Comic Con, with a very formal rundown of what to expect for the weekend’s event.

Shortly, the lone Emcee’s joined on stage with a trio of fabulously dressed youths in some rather unusual dresses.


As part of Asia Comic Con’s Lolita Fashion Walk, one can check out more about this strange, yet ever present style of fashion that’s quite prevalent across youths within this community.

But this being a Comic Con themed event, means welcoming the presence of artists like Mr Scott Koblish for Day 1 and Mr Ario Anin for Day 2, with an inside look into their works as Comic Book artists.

Whilst giving some insight for local prospects to learn up things they wouldn’t otherwise know about until they set foot into the industry.

But stage based workshops are just one side of the stage experience coin, the more…quiet side, if you will.

As the morning Day 2 stage kicks off with some Macross themed performers showing their stuff on stage, whilst donning on the costumes of the idols from Frontier and Delta.

Performing with a cosplay on stage is not easy, but it’s certainly an amazing sight for folks to see the closest thing to irl versions of these idol characters.

And enough to get some folks to go, “Get in the damn Gunship boi!”

Still confused about why and how Macross makes sense of the idol performers stuff.

Anyways, off to the next ha-…and eh?


“Hi here, have a box,” one of the yellow shirt staff running this MAE booth thing mentioned, handing a box of packeted chocolates.

Dafaq is this for?

“Oh, just give out the chocolate and stuff to people.”


Well, this would make a fun side quest.

Chocolate Delivery Tour

Entering into the spacious hall where rows of art booths create small spacious hallways for attendees to slip around, the quest to deliver Chocolate to unsuspecting attendees and booth people begins.

Man, there’s even some snacks to pickup. 😮


Within the tight gauntlet by the left side of this hall, comes a literal cosplay alley that occasionally crowds itself.

Ooh, that Lolita Fashion Walk booth has a setup for taking photos, evident by the various photographers taking turns to photograph various attendees in dresses sitting by this photoshoot-esque site.

Hmm, wonder what else could one find he-…


Ah some ducks, Psyducks. 🤔


Uh…Kapo, what are you doing?

Eh probably just a stuffed toy face-off, not like there’s something else around he-…uh…


And Yoshi found a Pink banana…

So many…questions.

Okay, maybe should check back here later. 🤔

Stumbling onto the opened spacing, the various currently empty booths around explains what’s with all the space.

With the various Guest Artist booths that serve as a sort of foreshadowing, for this part of the hall turning into a crowd infused hell later. 👀

But until then.


The ACC service counter, pledges its service of selling stuff for attendees to gain access for signatures from the various artists mentioned earlier. 👀

Even some really old Pokemon Cards that are the very best…of its time. 🤔

Man, the Chocolate’s out…hmm, back to reloading then.

Staging Area, Part 2

Stumbling back onto the main hall before the stage, and while waiting for more chocolate bits to reload itself for deliveries, stuff wasn’t waiting for no one on this action packed stage.


Including having the chance to listen in on Mr Wirru, one of Team Australia’s WCS 2019 representatives, that wind up winning the World Cosplay Summit itself. 😮

Sharing with audiences that day, about the long road towards that year’s WCS, the man also honors various others later, as a judge for the event’s skit contest.


Act 1: Bakugo Brawl

That does not involve Bakugan, but does involve some of the most creative use of practical effects that helps sell the idea of explosions.

Even the Bakugo guy losing his wig isn’t enough to stop this show in its tracks.

Also, it’s always great to see an explosive personality cool off by dancing to Renai Circulation, to help circulate their rage away. 🤔

Act 2: Pokemans

Imagine if Pokemon were literally man made figures, as they go about the antics you’d expect to see out of a long practically immortal franchise.

A simple skit of Pokemon Trainer antics, things players would experience in game, plus a Buffed AF Diglett to…remind folks to stay off the internet for awhile.

It gets even better by being an indirect ad for the latest Pokemon game coming out later in November. 🤔

Act 3: Swordfight Duo

In an FGO inspired skit that starts off with the two protagonists dragging one another out of some fiery hellscape, turns into a swordfight that asks the question.

Did one of them just throw back the other person’s sword?

Subtitles are nice, and kind of fits the whole background motif they’re going for, especially the part where the screen flickers with slashing effects.

Genuinely unsure if this is a full fledged meme or a serious skit, considering the FGO series had always been 50/50 serious and meme material. 🤔

Either way, it’s nice to see some well choreographed fights to take the stage.

Speaking of,

Session of Swords


Wielding a black presumably prop sword, comes Kaori Kawabuchi, who’s…uh…

*flips through the ACC Facebook page for information*

Oh, she’s a Motion Capture and Stunt Performer,  for swordplay and sword dancing!

HOLY F that’s cool as F.

As two lucky volunteers from the audience get to join her on stage to try out some sword based action, from simple downward slashes, to actually dancing swipes of sorts.

Huh, you can hear the Shinkenger reference in the background during this demonstration. o.o

A Paige of Attraction

As the promised time soon approaches, the hour of the event’s most anticipated guest finally arrives.


That guest being Mr Jason Paige himself, as the man gives the crowd some insight into his time in Malaysia so far.

From going on about how Durian is a spiritual fruit that connects to the soul, and…wait did he just call the Twin Towers the Twin Corn Towers?

…well, they do look like corn, so…that’s not inaccurate, it’s a nice nickname that separates itself from KLCC, will give it that.

But before the show begins, the man looks for some questions from the audience.


With one lucky youth getting to ask the first question,

“Do you like Furries?”


With the crowds echoing all around in 50% shock and amusement, Mr Jason was sporting enough to sort of give the youth an answer.

To get the show rolling out like the Transformers related stuff in the nearby hall.

Kicking off with the signature track heard in his Greeting Video for Asia Comic Con, it’s quite atmospheric to hear the crowd answer his singing call of “Apa Khabar Kuala Lumpur”, in the rap based beat that gets the head bobbing.

(Apa Khabar means “What’s Up” or “Greetings”, either one works.)

A surprising performance did tag along as well, with him performing, an act he did during the Jackson 5 30th Anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden back in 2001, as a background voice that the folks of Asia Comic Con 2019 have the opportunity to hear! 😮

Think of it as um…2001, a Rap Odyssey.

Kind of fitting considering there’s a “Michael Jackson” in the crowd too. 🤔

But of course, only one song has everyone’s attention.


Mic in hand, the lyrics answer the question, “Do you want to be the very best?”

“LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS.” is the crowd’s echoing response.

“Gonna to need an air guitar up here!” Mr Jason exclaimed at one point, borrowing the prop from a nearby cosplayer to emulate his point,

Well…that’s a crossover episode everyone would watch.

Especially with the Pokemon montage playing in the background, that serves as a compilation of Pokemon anime related content over the last 20ish years.

…with an absurd lack of Sun and Moon content for some reason.


But what’s coolest about the performance was the man himself thanking the event’s PA system for putting together the show itself.

Credit given where it’s due of course.

As the Jason Paige performance finishes, the nearby crowds begin their…oh lord.

Yeah, it’s not an event with an International Guest that doesn’t come here often unless the crowd lines are long AF.

…huh, hasn’t this happened at this same venue before.

Concert Buildup

All day long, the presence of random music across the hall during performance downtime would eventually take its toll.

However, that’s where the many acts that lineup as part of Asia Comic Con’s evening stage shows kick in.

Which includes,


Starring “The Lady Samurai” herself, Kaori Kawabuchi and her guitarist Yamagiri Shuji, together the pair perform as KAO=S, since 2011.

From vocal tracks to actual musical based sword dances on stage, this is not an ordinary singing show, especially when during the latter performances where people need to really sit back and enjoy the slick movements of the sharp precise twist and turns of swordplay before their very eyes. o.o

That said, the Acoustic Guitar playing in the background helps fit into the show’s tradition themed awesomeness.



What does the scouter say about her Voice Power Level?


That is what Mika Kobayashi brings to the stage, with a powerful yet adaptable voice that syncs with all sorts of musical genres, and in multiple languages to boot.

The piano segment gives the concert a cafe-esque feel to it, where like before, one just wants to sit back and enjoy the show.

And maybe get some pasta to pasta time.



Hailing from Singapore comes DJ Benkun, and his musical arsenal to liven up this Asia Comic Con, with an Opening that stars an old classic that no one should be embrassed to admit they watch it too.

Cardcaptor Sakura is a good show to catch before being sent to school. 🤔

As the show goes on, so too did the crowds and their Dance based antics.

From cheering folks surrounding a lone dancer strutting his stuff like a break dance session, to even Mr Jason Paige himself getting in on the action.


With some Balloon sized…magic, presumably. o.o

One might be forgiven for thinking this is a bit weird.


The mall security folks share the sort of same view. 🤔

Night Stage Fever

Well…this is an interesting plot twist to the event.

Regardless, surely the performances to come would be enough to convince them that this stuff is worth paying the ticket price for. :3

As the late evening settles in, so does the crowd numbers in the surprising hundreds. o.O

And to kick things off comes MinRi herself, to solo the first act of Day 1.

Which involves a rapid fire blast to the past, from songs that involve Blue Birds flying while having 12% of the crowd yell “SASUKE” or “NARUTO” at each other.

But also the iconic opening intro to uh…how to word this.

Google Pokemon Sword Art Online, minus the Pokemon to get the pun. 🤔

Time waits for no one, as the show is joined up by the folks of Brightburn, that comes with their signature brand of J Class Hard Rock to really set the explosive atmosphere around the scene.

Formerly known as PHNX, this is at least the 3rd time they’ve been seen in action at an ACG Event’s concert.


But only a PHNX knows how to fly around the restricted space that separates the stage from the generously sized audiences behind its white fencing.

And have some other performers tag along for some brief singing.

To Brightly Burn up this Saturday and Sunday Concert night up, because ain’t no Spotify going to stop them now. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

And yes, one can hear the Area 51 Anime Opening blasting all around the concert while Brightburn plays LIVE on stage.

It helps that the crowd are hype making Gentlemen of Culture, with fist pumps that helps get the arms pumped up for more.

Waving arms and crowd karaoke sessions certainly gives a kind of atmosphere one really needs to be there in person to get a good feel for it.

But like all good things, closure awaits, with one last band to close out Asia Comic Con.


Uh…don’t know who that sign guy is, but it’s neat to know MinRi’s back, but…

With a band of band mates to close out this night concert. 👀

Sign guy’s not the only one stealing the show, as a violin (Or some instrument that plays like a violin) chap’s ability meshes surprisingly well with the band’s rock based tunes, as though it’s a natural addition. o.o

But it’s not all performance action out here for an last act, as MinRi herself steps up to randomly fling posters at the crowd.

With rather…mixed results that’s best left to one’s imagination about how good her aim is when spin tossing stuff. 🤔


…and yes, the crowds be hyped up enough to see some cosplayers sort of jazzing it up with their moves down stage.

Huh…why does this skit look kind of familiar…?


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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