A Con-Eventional Story: LEVEL UP KL PLAY 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

Comic Fiesta 2018, Day 320

Within the empty white hallways of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), under the morning’s blessed sun rays reminding folks that the rainy season isn’t without sunlight from time to time, comes…

Hang on a sec, what do you mean the Level Up KL Business Day event thing is at some other venue?

Also, Level Up KL Play is in all caps?

…okay then.

Comic Fiesta 2018, Day 321

Or Day 1 of LEVEL UP KL PLAY, to be precise.


Under the November morning sun that keeps the rain away, the path towards LEVEL UP KL PLAY’s entrance comes with its own tent based obstacles to overcome, mainly an oversized hall that gets frostier the longer the day goes on. o.o


In the early morning hours of Day 1, comes a sizeable crowd size that’s a grim foreshadowing of the absurd crowds that are guaranteed to flood this place come December.

As the early arrivals are split off into two groups, ones awaiting to pickup tickets into the event, and folks awaiting entry into KLCC itself.

The clock strikes 10 am, but only 15 minutes later did the staff finally allowed people to enter the event hall to kick start this PLAY of LEVEL UP KL.

Hallway Overwhelming

Walking by the space hatch link between the ticket area and the event hall, event staff handed out white fabric bags for passing attendees, marked with Bandai Namco’s branding all over its surface, a fine souvenir to get for folks who came in early, as the stock eventually runs out, as it always does with free stuff.

And ooh, there’s something already happening on stage.

(Credits to Luna Lorrain herself for the photo edits.)

Under the Lunar-esque lights of the stage’s spotlights, a melodious tune plays to awaken this morning crowd, piloted by the expertise of one Luna Lorrain, backed by big screen footage of her stage performance.

The darkened background gives a sense of moonlight shining upon the stage, which kind of fits the violin’s tune that echoes across the morning stage.

The songs being played were mostly videogame inspired tracks, helping audiences unfamiliar with such tracks to be acquainted with something new that they might like.

As the performance wraps up, to the main hub across the hall is where the majority of LEVEL UP KL PLAY’s magic is at.

With an overwhelming hallway of game related booths to come for, see through and conquer or be conquered by. 🤔

And one particular game that’s commonly blessed by some Magic Rain.


For sure, Pre-recorded footage of Mr Wan Hazmer, one of the folks behind the No Straight Roads game that’s coming out soon, music revolution for the win!

Also jeezus.


For a game that people skipped out on trying from past events, they sure know how to crowd up for this title now. 🤔

Which plays surprisingly well, with a demo that leaves one wanting more. ;-;


Meanwhile, neighboring the NSR booth comes a sprawling booth for this Re:Legend game, that’s basically if Harvest Moon and Monster Hunter had a baby.


No, not this smol yet cuddly looking discount Blue Eyes Whitey Dragon.

But rather, the game concept itself, of it literally being Harvest Moon, but with a Monster Hunter esque quest to amp things up.


Okay maybe Diablo’s a more accurate description here, but…so is Minecraft…bah.

Point is, it’s a mashup of a classic game with some modern day stuff to make it more filled with stuff to play.

All these single player games aside, there’s got to be some Multiplayer stuff around here somewhere…that doesn’t involve phones.



Oh right GigaBash!

That game where…it’s if Smash Bros was 3D, and filled with Original Character designed monsters and giant robots punching each other to death.

With the punch power being dependent on who’s the player piloting the character.


Yes Booth man, go swing that giant wieldable cardboard sword at the giant cardboard Kaiju, over at the booth’s photo shoot area where the building props are movable.

A very creative show piece for the attendees of the booth to grab some neat photos of.

A short trek from the booth of 4 players taking turns giga bashing one another comes a more Streamline booth.


That’s…wait a second, isn’t this Overcooked?

Upon closer inspection, the poster under the TV screen disproves of the game’s similarities to that other party based food game.


Ah, that explains it.

As the game apparently focuses more on scoring points by tossing bread dough the oven, instead of scrambling to get orders in place.

Man…these art styles get confusing.

Abridged Tour

Trekking forwards in this air conditioned show floor, flanked on both sides by booths that range from brand promoting roadshows to actual booths with stuff to try out.


…including a one way ticket to having an interesting conversation with Customs at the Airport. 🤔

Also for a Playstation based booth, there is an absurd lack of Death to be left Stranding around here, which is a bummer since not getting to try it at a Games Event just seems like an oversight.

Especially if it means convincing people to actually get the game.

…well, at least it still beats having to see Marvel mutate the Avengers into what’s essentially Disney’s version of Mobile Legends, but actually allowed to be cool.

If one finds themselves taking the side routes, you’d be surprised at what you can find.


Such as localized mediocrity.

The IGN, not the Ejen Ali booth that’s waaaaay more quality than this IGN association with it.

7.8/10 for trying, prolly because it lacks water.


Anyways, the spacious side alleys make for some excellent alternate ways to navigate the hall without getting jammed up.

But also serve as nice alley for attendees to lay back around some beanbag chairs to chill and play their favorite games.


Or catching some in the field sleep, that’s always a good thing.

Ain’t that right, random gentlemen just chilling out with the crew in the event.

Black Hole Approach


Passing the conveniently placed soft cushions around Hall 3, comes a distant sight of…oh good lord.

What is that Black Hole area sitting at the end of this hall? o.o

Oh it’s just a massive broadcast area…damn, if only there was something to light up this place with colors other than black.

…uh, oh hey these will do.

Some Art Academies for folks to look int ostudying at for making…well, art, duh.

Upon closer inspection of the UNDO booth, comes a small square box housing a familiar top tier hooker.


Made of…model clay or some material only artists know about. 🤔

But art based education isn’t the only stuff to check out, because what’s a videogame event without an institution to promote such education.


Most notably, the familiar KDU booth that tends to show up wherever Comic Fiesta booths at KLCC over the last few years, whilst opened for attendees to check out their lineup of student made games.

Especially that one project on the right that’s basically a local SEA version of those famous games that has people exploring houses, only this one’s set in an actual SEA-based suburban home. 😮

One way to ease to homesickness for some, if anything.


But those looking for lectures without having to enroll to an institution can find space over at the Workshop booths nearby, with speakers that surprisingly work loud enough to negate the broadcast from that black hole area ahead.

Be it a workshop for a Career or on E-Sports, there’s something worth sticking around for a listening.

…now, comes the black hole area itself.

But before that, where are they getting all this bandwidth to broadcast without lag anyways?


…yes, maybe they got some ServerDNA to tweak things out, or serve as a fallback for folks who aren’t interested in the games being played over at that black hole area ahead.

But anyways, back on the trail.


Under the barely illuminated darkness of this literal black hole area, where flocks of players find themselves piloting the various coms housing games they most likely play a lot of.

It’s difficult to tell where’s the seating for the audience, as things don’t get easier thanks to this part of the hall being inexplicably colder than the rest.

Oh hey, there’s the exit for attendees to check out of this hall, unless they have a tag which lets them check out much earlier.

Staged Attempt


As with any event at KLCC ran by Comic Fiesta, the long trek back to the ticket area for re-entry is an annoying tradition, even though other events held at the same venue had allowed for flexible and multiple entrances.

The eventual return to the stage area comes with an ongoing announcement bloc for some Disney representative taking the stage.


Announcing a flurry of mobile games that are to some degree, old news, it’s certainly…interesting, to hear Disney’s plans for their videogame industry ventures.

Such that, it’s almost like watching Disney Channel to some degree.

Games like Frozen Adventures, which is basically Candy Crush but themed around ice cold frost instead, hopefully doesn’t freeze the phone when  playing it.

Another announcement, Disney’s Sorcerers Arena, the Disney crossover they will never make a TV show or movie for, boasts its lineup of over 100 characters from the brand name that’s…some form of Hearthstone foreshadowing.

Well at least this one won’t become an Artifact.

Shortly after the stage flexing contest wraps up, the nearby NSR booth was plying its own announcement session now.

Starring Mr Wan Hazmer himself in person, to talk a bit about NSR’s time in the field, which includes the various awards it managed to pickup from various prestigious events like the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and Tokyo Game Show (TGS) for example.


Other than Mr Wan’s presence, comes the familiar sounding voice acting cast for NSR itself, as they talk a bit about the process of doing voice work for the project.

Like how the guy who voices the intro stage DJ boss man gave applying for the voice acting role a shot, and somehow…got it.

Goes to show, in life, always Give it a Shot.

But the most noteworthy thing out of this NSR segment has to do with some familiar folks from way back before showing their Wayang Kulit good stuff.

In a shadow puppet skit that features the 2 protagonists of NSR in an abridged telling of the game’s plot.

With pre-recorded voicework that helps sell the idea of what NSR’s overall story is about.

It’s not straightforward for sure, according to Mr Wan, when asked a bit about the game’s name, as the clash between Rock and Electronic Music is not something that can be resolved with a straightforward solution.

…and that the name is a remnant of the original concept for NSR, that involves cars and some 5 second turned based thing…what?

As the day slowly trickles to its obligatory closing time of 6pm, the crowds began slowly diminishing as…ok what now?


As two armored bois each wielding some fine crafted swords prepare to clash with one another.

Someone should really start playing some Duel of the Fates in the background.

Comic Fiesta 2018, Day 322

A day to throw some games around, by playing them.

Most notably, around the indie games section where names of various groups are accompanied by their country’s flags, followed by the posters of their feature length fully built game or demo that awaits visitors to try out.

Quality is the name of the game here, regardless of which South East Asian country the developers hail from. there’s always something to catch one’s eye.

Like a game where you shoot to move, whilst avoiding RED spots that explode players, which you can shoot other players towards.


One highlight has got to be this Academia game, that revolves around…um.

It’s basically Zoo Tycoon, but for school, so…School Tycoon more like?

Or is it Prison Architect, because simulated people aren’t animals and stuff. 🤔

Welcomed On Stage

Whilst most of the external halls beyond the Stage area remain largely the same even on Day 2, some noteworthy things did surface on stage.


Such as the appearance of CyDesignation Inc’s President Hideo Minaba, as he gives a rundown of content that relates to his past and present day works.

And holy F, this man did pointed the Art Direction for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance?!

Best game in the franchise just got more BEST. 😮


Up next on this stage comes, one of the guest performers from neighboring Indonesia, Ola Aphrodite, to take the stage and remind the audience on how to be a Baka Onii-chan.

*looks around in terror for any “FBI Open Up” call outs*

Hey now, the organizers have got the permits settled, no need to worry about anything.

That said, it’s amazing to see how witness the result of god knows how many hours worth of practice Miss Ola brings on stage, especially for the signature track that’s better served with an audience that tags along for the whole Baka Onii-chan shtick.

Now, last but not least, probably the highlight of Day 2’s stage based antics comes the Skit competition.

Where 11 teams take their turns on stage to strut their stuff, before an arguably unfamiliar audience. 🤔

That by the end of it, will be served some dank AF performances they’d wish they could rewatch.

From a jebaiting based skit involving those minions from Super Mario.

To a rather creative skit that utilizes actual movie footage to sync up with the on stage presentation of Mysterio and the post Endgame Spiderman movie.


Some comedic antics that involve abridging some One Piece reference about breaking into jail and…getting jailed.

Should’ve stormed that jail with the same amount of people that went to Area 51.

Combat is often the most common shtick most skits tend to do, especially when they utilize the background screen to showcase their “effects” on stage.

Especially for Kimetsu no Yaiba skit’s use of having one of the characters literally “jump into the screen”.


One such skit had arguably the best setup for a very good showdown sketch, especially when it utilizes a very famous series like Kamen Rider to reenact the TV show’s awesomeness, as there aren’t that many skits that utilize such costumes that frequently.

But Combat with a serving of Comedy is how a team can drive hope some very good looking stuff to watch.

Most notably if one of the cast happens to be playing a lady character, despite being a dude, much to the delight of the roaring crowd.

Or spam out ALL THE Jojo references to literally FINISH off their show, as part of a skit that only Mortal Kombatants could do well.

But with LEVEL UP KL PLAY being a videogame themed event, some teams took the time off to literally reboot the nostalgic memories of old games as part of their skit’s series.

Ragnarok and roll into a fast raid of some mummy’s dungeon, that’s inexplicably allergic to gold for some reason.

Or take a turned based more thought out approach towards playing the 7th entry in a series that still does not understand the meaning of the word “Final”.

Unless it’s a finisher.


But one of the more stand out shows has got to be the solo performance of, one could say, literal sword dancing, but with a fan.

Rarely do skit contests present solo performances, but when they do it’s always neat to see the, do their stuff well, especially if having the opportunity to perform on stage is something they chose to take up on.

One could say, it helps them LEVEL UP their skill levels.

One Last Foreshadowing

2019’s almost over.


And in about a month’s time.

This place…might need a Field Guide for it. 🤔


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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