The Convention’s Flashback: Comic Fiesta 2014

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2014 – The one with the Lines

Comic Fiesta is famous for many things. 🤔

But in 2014, the most famous thing to come out of Comic Fiesta were…

The Lines.

Such that, you could could say that Comic Fiesta…crossed the line.


Quick Facts

Credits to Comic Fiesta for the photo. Source.
  • Comic Fiesta 2014 is the 13th iteration of Comic Fiesta, since 2002.
  • This was the 4th time Comic Fiesta has been held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).
    • KLCC is the 7th different venue that has hosted Comic Fiesta.
    • This marks the 4th consecutive year the event takes place at KLCC.
      • This makes KLCC the venue that has hosted Comic Fiesta the most.
    • This would be the last Comic Fiesta held at KLCC, until their return in 2017.
  • This was the first Comic Fiesta that takes place on the last weekend of the year.
    • Most Comic Fiesta events before 2014 usually takes place around the 2nd last weekend of the year, or earlier.
Credits to Comic Fiesta for the post. Source.
  • This was the first time Comic Fiesta had partnered with Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur, to provide an official hotel sponsor for the event.
    • This partnership would continue for future iterations of Comic Fiesta events held at KLCC.
Credits to Comic Fiesta for the post. Source.
  • Because the public asked for space, Comic Fiesta 2014 almost took place in space.
    • It was an April Fool’s joke, arguably a pretty good one.

The A-Bridge Story

During Comic Fiesta 2014, there was one stand out thing that EVERYONE knows about.

That was, the lines. The really, really long lines.

Lines so long, that some might say, they’ve been lining up since Comic Fiesta 2013. 🤔

Credits to Khalidi Khalid for the post. Source.

*Disclaimer: The following post/photo was posted in 2014, with the context based on the crowd lines seen during Comic Fiesta 2013.

So what happened exactly? 🤔

Well as it turns out, Comic Fiesta literally sold itself out. 💰

Credits to Comic Fiesta for the post. Source.

…of tickets. Specifically the Early Bird ones.

Which meant that anyone who wanted to attend Comic Fiesta had to line up for tickets.

People really liked these Early Bird Tickets, since it meant getting to enter the event 30 minutes earlier.

Which in ACG Event terms, that’s “Value”. 😮

Also, you could have some fun trying to tempt the crowds like a zombie horde or something. Granted no one did that.

Yet. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Author’s Summary

Comic Fiesta 2014 was the 2nd Comic Fiesta I’ve attended, and those who know us pretty well would know the only reason we ever attend ACG events is for…

Children’s Card Games.

…yeah, I can’t make this shit up. But more on this in the next one.

Anyways, 2 things to Take Away from Comic Fiesta 2014.

1) Comic Fiesta Early Bird Tickets, have actual value.

The term “Early Bird Ticket” as of 2019, has lost its meaning thanks to certain local events stretching the meaning of what “Early Bird” tickets are suppose to mean.

Basically, the following conversation.

“Oh cool Early Bird Tickets, do we get to enter the event early with these?”

“Nah man, you get to enter the same time as everyone els-…”


Guess the worm that Early Birds catch nowadays needs to be shared.

But this is not the case with Comic Fiesta Early Bird tickets, as the event continuously kept with the rule of allowing Early Bird Ticket Holders to enter the venue early.

Which is great, since it helps ease some of the hell tier traffic Comic Fiesta gets every single year.

Which brings us to the main issue.

2) Why the Fuck, did you not open more counters?

One thing I’ve noticed at various KLCC events is how some of them utilize the Indoor KLCC counters to sell tickets for their events.

What I don’t understand is, why doesn’t Comic Fiesta consider having more than one on-site ticket counter to sell tickets?

Like what? Someone picking up a Comic Fiesta ticket near the event exit will be pissed off that they have walk all the way to the Entrance Tent just to enter the event?

Pretty sure that if they’ve taken the trouble to lineup for tickets, they’re not going to waste their time and money by not entering event.

Yes, it makes sense to have the ticket counter near the entrance, but you do realize that the entrance into the event allows anyone with a ticket to immediately enter or re-enter the event anyways!

Such that you just need a ticket, and you’re good to go.

So just get tickets to the buying public fast, and let them sort themselves out later. That’s the plan, faster distribution to the public, especially for on-site tickets.

Granted, it’s possible that Comic Fiesta at the time underestimated the amount of people that would come for on-site tickets, so we’re willing to let this one slide, since they’ve…sort of improved distribution of Early Bird tickets over the last 5 years.

And that compared to 2014’s lines under the sun, at least they allowed attendees to lineup indoors now to avoid the hellish South East Asian weather.

But in short, an extra ticket selling counter or 2 would be helpful.

As things going forward will only get more crowded.

With more lines.


That will be crossed. 🤔

Into The Mines. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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