The Convention’s Flashback: Comic Fiesta 2015

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2015 – The one at The Mines

Comic Fiesta is famous for many things. 🤔

But in 2015, the most famous thing to come out of Comic Fiesta was that…

It was held at The Mines.

Credits to Wowpedia for the photo. Source.

Oh you’d wish it was this Mines instead. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Quick Facts

Credits to Comic Fiesta for the photo. Source.
  • Comic Fiesta 2015 is the 14th iteration of Comic Fiesta, since 2002.
  • This was the 1st time Comic Fiesta has been held at The Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (The Mines).
    • The Mines is the 8th different venue that has hosted Comic Fiesta.
    • This marks the 3rd time Comic Fiesta has changed venues after hosting at the previous venue for consecutive years. Other times this happened include,
      • 2005 to 2006’s Sekolah Sri UCSI Subang Jaya changed to 2007’s Berjaya Times Square.
      • 2008 to 2009’s Sunway Convention Centre changed to 2010’s Berjaya Times Square.

The A-Bridge Story

Yeah, not much to say here other than it’s the one at The Mines. SKIP.


Author’s Note:

Yeah just kidding, we’ve got stuff to talk about this one, so back it up now.

The A-Bridge Story, For Real This Time

Some time before/during 2015, Comic Fiesta came up with a brilliant idea.

“Why don’t we move to a different venue? What could possibly go wrong?”

So they made the announcement, that Comic Fiesta 2015 was going to be hosted at the…

Credits to Gift for the masses for the gif. Source.

Which raises some counter questions like.


Credits to Gift for the masses for the gif. Source.

Comic Fiesta had realized they’ve just hit a brick wall.

And that they needed to quell the outrage, and can’t just ask the public to STFU because they’re not Dashcon.

Credits to Comic Fiesta for the post. Source.

So, they tried explaining the benefits to clear the air. But the situation turned into a coinflip.

It continued being a 50/50 split between people who liked and hated the idea.

Until well…Event day happened.

Phones went to shit with terrible signal issues all event weekend long.

Credits to Comic Fiesta for the post. Source.

But, Comic Fiesta 2015 landed about 45,000 visitors for the event, how accurate those numbers are is up to one’s imagination.

But overall, that’s about sums up Comic Fiesta 2015 really. ._.

Author’s Summary

I was actually working at Comic Fiesta 2015, as a workshop teacher for, you guessed it, Children’s Card Games, because what else are we here for.

Not just any children’s card game, but a now defunct card game that had neither Luck nor Logic in its gameplay or design, but a whole lot of Bullshit roads.

That aside, some Take Aways about Comic Fiesta 2015.

1) Fucking Positioning

I don’t know who makes the floor plans for Comic Fiesta 2015, but the dumbfucks who thought it was a great idea to put a Workshop booth next to the stage area can go yeet themselves a new set of eardrums.

Seriously, you can forget about doing any activity that involves communicating with people, as long as that bloody stage announcer keeps squealing into the bloody speaker powered microphone.

Fuck this dumbass floor plan, why not put those merch exhibitors out here instead?  Pretty sure they’re less likely to need communicating for more than 5 fucking minutes just to make a transaction.

Alternatively, considering that all those White Wall panels you see at events CAN block/negate some sound, why not have such booths facing the direction where the sound is coming from instead?

In short, there’s a good reason we always take the piss at any event that tries to put any booth that involves communication, ie workshops, booths that involve interacting with people; right next to the bloody stage area of goddamn noise.

Because what’s the point of a workshop when you can’t even conduct it because of external interference? The kind of shit that could’ve been avoided. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

2) The Mines, Exist

I will however, say that Comic Fiesta’s decision to try their hand at The Mines was not a bad call. Just that, they could’ve handled it better.

For instance, considering how out of the way it was, if there were like say, more Comic Fiesta backed content on how to reach The Mines, like very specific guides to help attendess get to the event, that would’ve helped a lot.

But otherwise, there was a Comic Fiesta held at The Mines, big deal, end of story.

But is it a good venue?

For indoor activities, yes. But you can forget about getting some natural KLCC tier outdoor photos, if that’s your interest.

But the bigger issue I’ve noticed is Congestion, more than anything else. A recurring issue Comic Fiesta hasn’t been able to resolve, even today in 2019. (Before Comic Fiesta 2019.)

Basically,  any venue that Comic Fiesta takes place will be Fucked regardless, even if it’s KLCC.

But this comes as a result of a major issue, that the next story will explain further.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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