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2016 – The one at PWTC

Comic Fiesta is famous for many things. 🤔

But in 2016, the most famous thing to come out of Comic Fiesta was that…

It was held at PWTC.


Look at the building next to PWTC to understand why this is the pickle.  🤔

Quick Facts

Credits to Comic Fiesta for the photo. Source.
  • Comic Fiesta 2016 is the 15th iteration of Comic Fiesta, since 2002.
  • This was the 1st time Comic Fiesta has been held at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).
    • PWTC is the 9th different venue that has hosted Comic Fiesta.
    • This marks the 5th time Comic Fiesta has changed venues for 2 consecutive years. Other times this happened include,
      • 2002 to 2003, 2003 to 2004, 2004 to 2005, & 2007 to 2008.
      • 2002’s The Kuala Lumpur And Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.
      • 2003’s Ancasa Hotel (Formerly known as Impiana Hotel).
      • 2004’s Malaysian National Visual Art Gallery.
      • 2005’s Sekolah Sri UCSI Subang Jaya.
      • 2007’s Berjaya Times Square.
      • 2008’s Sunway Convention Centre.

The A-Bridge Story

Some time before/during 2016, Comic Fiesta again came up with a brilliant idea.

“Why don’t we move to a different venue? Again?”

So they made the announcement, that Comic Fiesta 2016 was going to take place at…

Credits to Comic Fiesta for the post. Source.

Not KLCC. Again.


Went about as well as you’d expect.

Post Comic Fiesta 2016 announcement, colorized.

After all, the last time an event was hosted here it…never hosted an event in Malaysia ever again.

A Petition exists, and went about as far as 369 signatures.

Credits to Comic Fiesta for the post. Source.

Interestingly, Comic Fiesta’s side event Cosmart, was also hosted around PWTC’s area too.

Specifically Sunway Putra Mall, the shopping mall attached to PWTC.

But surely it can’t be that bad?

The Mines went pretty well/”well”, what’s one more Indoor venue going to do?

Credits to Comic Fiesta for the post. Source.

Oh deer lord, send Comic Fiesta some halp. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Author’s Summary

For this 4th trip to Comic Fiesta, I recall I was attending the event with my sibling’s college club, but as a one day trip.

And of course, I was only there to find the nearest booth of Children’s Card Games and take up whatever cardboard crack we could find, then call it a day.

But anyways, the Take Away orders yall are here for.

1) Call of Commui-duty

Those of you here from the previous year’s post, head down to get what you’re here for. Otherwise, stick around, this is a great thing that needs highlighting.

One thing I saw out of the ACG Community in 2016 was this strange call of duty, of wanting to ensure that attendees going to Comic Fiesta 2016 at PWTC were able to enjoy that year’s event, without having to worry about other things.

Credits to Ian Johari for the post. Source.

The first being a field guide for example. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Also we want to put this on record.

This guy’s guide for PWTC is way fucking better than the piece of crap we made in June.

As it happens to cover hotels and various outdoor sightings of what to expect there more effectively.

Full credit to this god! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Side note, there’s a wholesome meme in that album, try looking for it.

Credits to Yuki Sac for the post. Source.

The second thing was an interesting note for attendees joining Comic Fiesta that year.

For those who don’t get it, PWTC at the time was a very controversial place to be holding an ACG Event, for many reasons that we’ll sum it up as….well.

Let’s just say, the plan was to avoid getting the attention of those gatal F-sticks that roam PWTC like the parasites they are.

Basically, for all yall regular attendees, you’ve seen some of the cosplays at any event before right?

Where some of them get a wee bit too…you know. 🤔

But the point is, the community isn’t stupid. Far from it. Debatable in 2019.

They know how to rally and behave against shit like this, which is especially important 3 years following…that thing we’ll talk about in the future. *cough2013cough*

In short, this call to action by folks within the community to ensure a smooth sailing Comic Fiesta 2016 was beneficial to everyone.

Unfortunately, that can’t be said about the event. Which brings us to,

2) The Issue

If there is one thing you can use as hard evidence to illustrate Comic Fiesta’s biggest problem, it would be its stubborn as fuck addiction about not being willing to allow flexible passage around their event.

Credits to Comic Fiesta for the post. Source.

In this 2016 example, if say you’re already on the bridge going towards the PWTC Event Halls, you’re essentially forbidden from going back to the photography, prop check and changing room area on the grounds of…artificial inconvenience.

Basically, you have to go all the way to the PWTC Event Halls, walk all the way through that sardine can, and exit the bridge back.

But that’s not all, once you’re back you have to go down to registration first, then have the right to come back upstairs to that area!

All because they…want to check your ticket?

Do you not have Ticket Checking people at the PWTC Event Halls?

Don’t the people coming from that part of PWTC already have tickets?! Or Passes?! Or…PHONES?!

Now, I’m willing to acknowledge the possibility of PWTC having certain rules when it comes to layouts and stuff, so like 2014 we’ll let it slide.

But the point remains.

Comic Fiesta, as of writing today in 2019, is apparently not a fan of flexibility.

I’ve already taken the piss at their KLCC Floor Plan ideas in a previous story, and won’t dabble further but the point is.

If you ever wondered why Comic Fiesta had always been congested as fuck, it’s a combination of absurdly large crowd sizes and floor plans planned without attendee convenience in mind.

Almost as though someone in the organization gets a stroke whenever someone decides to skip the art booth section or something.

Because if they weren’t interested in that stuff to begin with, what’s the bloody benefit of forcing them through it, other than pissing them off?

Well…at least the following year knocked some sense into their heads.

Even if involved Bear Spray. 🐻


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

We hope this guide could help you guys out in some way in the field! 🙏

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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