A Con-Eventional Story: Comic Fiesta 2019

Con-Eventional Stories are recaps of events from the author’s perspective.

Day 0 – Pre-Event Crisis

Metal fences plastered all over KLCC’s outskirts, security staff stationed in parts of the park, and an armored vehicle casually entering the loading bay at the back.

Which begs the question…what kind of trouble did Comic Fiesta got themselves into this 2019? 🤔

Or are going to get into. 🤔🤔🤔

Oh nothing much happened? Ah thank god.

Anyways, to the bed! Until Day 1 actually starts.

Day 1 – Madlad Morning

Under the white sunny sky of the near 8am morning, it is true that Comic Fiesta’s morning crowds would lineup absurdly early just to Rush B their access into the event.

The early bird ticket lines go as far back into the loading bay, which holds crowds of at least a few thousand folks this calm morning.

But while these early bird ticket holders Jojo reference themselves under the sun, the nearby Ticketing Tent’s attendees had a more comfortable time.

By being ushered to position within this air conditioned site, where they await their 10am appointment of buying on-site tickets.

…even though the Kinokuniya over at Suria KLCC still has absurd amounts of Early Bird Ticket stock. 🤔

A nearby Gentleman standing to record the flow of traffic stops by for a quick one-shot, whilst the lucky band of front runners play this…strange game of numbers.

Until this one event staff bloke walks up to the front asking the question,


“AYE AYE CAPTAIN!”, responded the frontline crowds.

As they began singing the opening theme to Spongebob Squarepants, only to be abruptly cut short.

Twice. 🤔🤔

Hmm, wonder what’s going on in the main Event Hall?


Oh deer lord, the prophecies were true.

This is what Comic Fiesta is like. In 2019. ._.


AH! Run! Will do more coverage when time allows. Σ(っ °Д °;)っ

Day 2 – Downtime Rushdown


Swear to god, working at the Ticketing Tent is 42.0% trying to survive a Zombie/Ticket Buying Public Apocalypse, with the amount of people who still horde this place even on Day 2.

Do early bird tickets not exist or something? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Thankfully, with the crowds clearing itself in about 45 minutes, compared to Day 1’s 3 hour long hellscape, there was time to roam around the outskirts of Comic Fiesta’s morning fields, to get a look see of this slow buildup of traffic jam tier crowds.


With early morning cosplayers having all that free space for early photos, the nearby band of…are these folks beatboxing?

Probably makes sense, gotta build up that hype slowly yo. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

*receiving incoming transmission*

“Oi, it’s 11, time to go!”

Go? Oh right, that gig. Thank you all access staff pass, time to use this properly for once.

Day 2 – Halls of Sardine


Within the congested hallways of attendees everywhere, things were again, getting ugly at the Digi booth’s stage area, causing a major jam with snail paced crowds adding more traffic than resolving it.

That’s what the red shirt tag wearing staff were there for, to keep folks moving, as they did all weekend long during the various segments at this stage.

But there was one other added job for today, to tag along for a certain group’s comeback.

Or rather, Altered Delta, to be exact.

From a Kagamine Rin cosplaying Rina, who gets random “Sayur” callouts from the random crowds,

To a Chili performance by…a lady Chili Padi, from images you can hear.

(Context: Chili Padi is basically a Chili Pepper you can find here in SEA.)

Followed by a Miss lady NoName’s performance of Lyrical Nanoha tunes from the 2000s,

And a Miss Ristelle’s Chrono Crusade to close things out over at this Digi Booth Stage.

Huh…wonder what’s with someone in the crowd thanking the gods they didn’t break out “Butterfly” as part of this Day 2 performance of childhood songs? 🤔

Either way, one could say that the group’s still got their Rhythm.


(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ 🧱 <— Bricks for yeeting the screen here.

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Check out Part 1 of their performance here. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Check out Part 2 of their performance here. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Credits to DarkDragon Phonetography for the recordings, he’s really really good at his job, please go like and follow his page that’s worth the liking and following. 


Somewhere in the distance from the main entrance, a faint echoing chant could be heard…


O deer lord no. Σ(っ °Д °;)っ(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Day 2 – Still On Work Duty

Like a mad doomsday mob who’s march can’t be stopped, confronting the Padoru parade is a simple shtick of just flexing the Staff tag for them to stop.

Enough time to stand before the mob, and loudly demand answers to the question,

“Where the F were you people yesterday?!”

Then start leading them across the event hall, as the plan here is to keep them moving and not block people within.

Whilst the march draws confusion, amusement and terror from nearby attendees running for the inconvenient solo exit of the event.

Or just tag along because…people love freaking parades.

The Safe word here to forewarn the crowds at the front is, “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.”

Day 2 – Retreat Patrol

Upon reaching the exit, the parade dispersed as fast as it formed, with members scattered all across the event hall’s exit.

Rather disorganized this year, but well, best to fall back to HQ, aka the Ticketing Tent then.

As the great outdoor frontline brings out the iconic crowds that define the scale of Comic Fiesta’s event.

Scattered across this side of KLCC, comes various blue covered stands that make for effective places to camp at, as crowds shuffle their way to and from both sides of the Convention Centre’s outskirts.

A passing through glance showcase various cosplaying attendees either sitting around, taking selfies or posing for photographs.

No Photo Walls to intentionally brick people’s routes this time. 🧱

But what’s an event, that draws absurd crowd sizes of both attendees and the passing public without…memes.

Like this fine Monk man, sitting at a spot with temple sounding music that has crowds surrounding him for photos.

Whilst some folks actually go up to drop prayers and…actual money donations, goddammit, why do people even have jobs then?!

Well, at least here in Malaysia, one can reach Comiket tier by literally just sitting there and be photographed. 🤔

Meanwhile in the distance, a Balloonicorn flies by on someone’s back.

As a balloon-sized Stand…literally stands still for photos.

Oh hey, it’s by the Supa Dupa Circus people, didn’t expect to see them roaming around.

…why does this sound oddly familiar, like it’s 2018 or something.

Wait, does anyone hear singing?


Oh a…parade of MCR fans.

That’s…man, everyone’s parading this year’s Comic Fiesta, matter of time before the event becomes a religious procession across the next decade.


Though, a fine gentleman and his band of folks with a speaker blasting classic tracks from past series is arguably the best attraction to find out here.

Bring the man Cookies and he’ll trade it for a Drink. :0

*You got, a soft 100+ drink!*


For the folks too lazy to take the trek to any of KLCC’s nearby eating areas, partly to do with choke tier crowds in the area, KLCC staff’s got folks covered with their Outdoor Vendor booths of food.

It is their venue so…of course they’d want people to buy their stuff. 🥪

Day 2 – Ticketing Camp Site

Returning to the black road pavement that is the HQ, aka the workplace, comes a flood of attendees, mostly cosplayers, doing the tradition of camping at this Air Conditioned heaven of varying comfort.


As even during the afternoon, there’s still people lining up for tickets.

…the end result of ticket booth counters cutting the number of open counters to just 1. 🤔

But there is another ticket counter actually.


Dubbed the Digi Express Lane, this fabulously empty lane allows fast access into the event via a RM 0.99 cent ticket.

That’s right ladies and gentlemane, that’s less than a buck (Or 2, for both days) for entry into Comic Fiesta! :0

Only problem being the need to…have a Digi subscription.

…huh, funny how Digi network signals went to crap like everyone’s network in the event hall.

Near the workplace, also comes an entire hall area taken over by fans of Children’s Card Games, which includes a small gaming area for Smash loving folks.

Hey, wasn’t there another thing upsta-…

Nah, it’s probably crowded, don’t want to get pissed off all because of upper ballroom weight limits now. 🤔

But this site is famous for community made gatherings.

With this year’s gathering featuring…


Jojo references.

Everywhere. 👀

At some point, one would mistake this place for Jojo’s Circus. 🤔


Meanwhile outside, photographers were busy taking turns trying to get photographs in, as outdoor lights were more helpful than the Ticketing Tent’s indoor shadows blocking everything.

Huh, now why’s everyone rushing back in?


Goddammit rain.

Also, double GDI, it’s just like 2018 all over again isn’t it?!

Day 2 – Last Indoor March

With the remaining ticketing staff having their jobs in the bag, more free time to patrol the indoors was granted.

As returning to Comic Fiesta’s indoor event hall still brings forth a less crowded but still sardined site of people, even late in the afternoon.

And that it’s not a Comic Fiesta entrance unless there’s some E-Sports booth greeting visitors at the front, pass the nearby Prop Counter to assess if someone’s prop is appropriate enough to bring into the event.

A greenlight here usually means you’re good for the whole event.

Before this frontline of attendees sitting by the corners, crowds of people slowly flock towards their intended destinations across the hall.

As Comic Fiesta’s signature Coffytiam booth, that specializes in selling event exclusive merch, is here to remind attendees that this is indeed, a Comic Fiesta backed event.

Opposite this booth of not selling coffee despite sort of being named after it, comes one of the few walls that house the many art entries of Comic Fiesta’s 100-Day Countdown, an ongoing tradition who’s origins hail as far back as a decade ago.

On one comer, comes a brand of legal Illegear tech peripherals that are sort of worth the money, depending on one’s tastes for PC parts and/or gaming equipment.

On opposite ends of this site, comes the Honkai Impact booth, as the Emcee’s call for…Captains from the audience, draws raised arms looking for action on stage. 🤔

Man, imagine if it’s some other game that got their attention.


Passing by this front eventually brings people to this…Naruto themed site that’s…not serving ramen, as food’s illegal here at KLCC.

…but the Cardboard Cutouts of Naruto and Sasuke is enough for people to imagine someone screaming each other’s names. 🤔

Up next comes the Children’s Card game section, unfortunately placed near the Digi stage booth that, hopefully was distant enough to not interfere with the player experience down here.

Man, to think this was the plan when attending Comic Fiesta over the last 6 years. 🤔

In coincidental placement next to each other, a nearby exhibit of Kamen Rider toys has the Ridewatch holder thing that leads to something Grand later. 😮

…also crap, mild spoilers for Zio here. D;

Uh…oh look!


A small 6 pokemon party of the Gen 1 crew that’s hanging out with…that 1 starter who they used to be Angy with. 👀

…see Nintendo, just add starters to the games, so no one will get too pissed off at you Thanos-ing the entire present day Pokedex then.

Maybe toy sales are more important than the games nowadays.

By passing the infamous Hall 3 of traffic jams, to come up onto a small outpost of a sort of outstation ACG Pavilion, from Hong Kong you say?

That’s kind of neat, having a sort of foreign batch of content around here to check out, right next to this…wew.

Sincerely hoping they spell classes with a ‘Z’ in this Claz’room college thing.


In the midst of all this, an Axiata backed E-Sports site takes up a sizable chunk of the hall to entertain itself, after the lack of a Dota 2 Major this year.

It’s interesting they chose to have a section downstairs, when the upstairs ballrooms could’ve accommodated them.


Look up towards the banner by Hall 2, and folks will take notice of the giant banner for Comic Fiesta’s yearly lineup of artist based people.

With one notable guest for Day 2, that’s enough to draw ALL THE CROWDs who aren’t lining up for folks they can check up with at future local events.

Speaking of, how are those lines looking?


O deer lord, how do these people put up with lining up all day. ._.


As the road leads towards the artist alley of awesome doujin works, the cro-…oh hey it’s some of the crew.

Huh, better get a photo.


As the bois scrambled away with that discount Lightsabre that can’t ever hurt anything but thin air, the point still stands.

These doujin booth folks are flooded with customers everywhere! :O

Near this main Hall 1 exit that serves as Comic Fiesta’s bullshit only exit for the event, this sprawling artist alley really puts the Comic in Comic Fiesta’s name.

What could’ve been easily replaced by many other more tempting ventures is strangely enough, still the biggest attraction of Comic Fiesta since 2002.

Night 2 – That Strange Magic


Under the towering night lights of the Petronas Twin Towers, one finds it difficult to accurately describe what this Comic Fiesta thing really is.

…to some degree, you could call it a celebration of ACG Events in a way.

It is December, near Christmas, and the time where everyone’s Free Time is opened for using.

Yes…that about sums it up.

A Yearly Celebration of this Culture if you will. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading!

If possible, I’d love to hear your feedback on what can we do better.

Be it the bad writing, horrible pictures, or just the fact I need more water, I’d love to hear about it.


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