An AFA 2019 Story – A Sibling’s One-Shot

An <Insert Event Here> Stories are short recaps of events from Christmas/Present Day past.

Meet The Cast

Normal Text – Author

“Normal Text with air quotes.” – Sibling Younger °^°

“Normal Text with air quotes, but BOLD.” – Sibling Older

“Normal Text with air quotes, but ITALIC.” – Parent


“Hey uh parent?”

“Yes? Did you both arrive safely?”

“We did, but uh……”

“What happened?”

“Author got arrested at the checkpoint. °^°”


Story Starts Here

Skit #1 – Word Of Arrival

Several weeks earlier.

So. We might be coming to AFA.

“Are you coming with the parent?”

Yes, will likely be staying longer than him.

“Fien. Keep it short, other relatives are coming too. :O”

Define, other relatives.

“Cousin & Siblings & Relatives plus You & parent, do the math. Just know the place isn’t big.”

I can make space.

“Sleeping outside the apartment? Sure. Feel free to sleep at the walkway. :O”

Right…also. You wanna go to Singapore Comic-con?

“Not interested.”

…apparently I accidentally won tickets.


He does that a lot.

“Why not other sibling? D:”

I have classes.

Should be one set for both days, it’s on the weekend after AFA.

“Why eu like dis?”



“Why eu like dis? °^°”

Skit #2 – Countdown

AFA Weekend, somewhere in Singapore.

“No. We are not doing it.”

Oh come on, it’ll be fun.

“NO! It’s CRAZY. We’re in Singapore!”

*Traffic Light timer counts down to 3*





*Both siblings run across the zebra crossing, raising both arms in the process, while shouting,


“I hate eu. D:”

Skit #3 – Zeroed In Encounter

Day 3 of Anime Festival Asia.

“So how’s AFA? :O”

It’s, nice I guess. Kinda like Malaysia, only CF sized.

“Any good pics?”

Plenty. Though, there was that one with…

“Hey author look! It’s that one with the grasshopper!”

*Sibling points at the Kamen Rider Zero-one cosplay group*

Oh them, I already got their pics.

“Whaaat? No fair. D:”

…you wanna take a photo with them or something?


Well. Maybe this is payback for bullshitting to the parent that we got arrested at the checkpoint. >:



Thank yall so much for reading.

So, a quick rundown in case you have no F-ing idea wtf any of these skits were supposed to mean.

1) This was just some pre-event discussion with the sibling living in Singapore that we’d be coming over on AFA week. That’s about it.

Also yes, the sibling is that blunt about wanting us to sleep outside.

And no, we never did slept outside. (Don’t give her ideas.)

2) Kamen Rider Fourze, basically.


Every time he transforms, there’s a countdown timer from 3 to 1 before he does it.

After that, he raises both arms while yelling “Uchuuuuu Kitaaaaa!” (Which either means ‘Space Is Here’, ‘It’s Space Time’ or ‘Space Is Awesome!’, I dunno which.)

We overplayed this joke a bit too much that weekend, by attempting to do it at every zebra crossing while outside with the sibling. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

3) This one might take awhile.

So on Day 3, we ran into this Zero-One cosplay group that had the entire cast available to shoot. After finishing up, we ran into the sibling who decided to visit the event that day.

The sibling has never watched any Kamen Rider before, but does know about Zero-One being ‘that one with the grasshopper’.

Also, that bit about being arrested at the checkpoint. That never happened, that really was just the sibling bullshiting on the family chat to the parent.

And that’s it.

Now, your turn to either,

  • Tell us everything wrong/cringy about this story.
  • Make fun of this story.
  • Get pissed off at this story.
  • Start sending empty threats because of this story.

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