Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 1 (Short Stories)

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The following short stories are NOT chapters from the Memory Records light novels.

These are just the illustrated shorts with a short story attached to it.

You can literally read them for free over at Bookwalker. (See the link below.)

Volume 1/Short Story 1


This short story likely takes place before the events of Wandering White Cat And The Memory Handbook.

Check out the Chapter over at Noblesse Oblige Translations.

…and a bonus related add-on here.


Top Left

Sistine Fibel

The serious honor student from the Academy, nicknamed “Instructor Bully”. At home however, she hides a secret even her best friend Rumia doesn’t know about…

Bottom Right

Sistine is famously known as an ancient civilization enthusiast, usually on the topic of Melgalius.

But in actual fact, she is also known to have another hobby.

“Fu fu…what kind of story should I write next?”

Writing stories. The secret hobby even her best friend Rumia does not know about.

In the past, she was impressed by reading the works of a certain novelist. Since then she began writing novels, captivated by the fun of writing stories.

“I don’t know about this……but I have quite a few sentences in mind. Ufufu, it might be great to work as both a magic archeologist and a writer in the future…like Loran Ertoria!”

And now work begins on the concept for her next story..

With the wings of imagination (Delusion), her next story idea begins forming in her head.

“That’s it! A forbidden love story between a female student and her teacher! Yeah!”

Sistine let out a big smile at the sudden idea.

“It’s fine! There’s no ulterior motives for this scenario! No ulterior motives at all! But…all right.”

A decision had been made.

Sistine immediately began writing.

Volume 1/Short Story 2


This short story likely takes place after the events of Bastard Magic Instructor Goes Beyond His Limits.

Check out the Chapter over at Noblesse Oblige Translations.


Bottom Left

Rumia Tingel

A tidy kindhearted girl with a secret. Sistine’s best friend. Her outstanding personality style earned her the title of “Archangel” at the Academy.

Top Right

“Fu……anyways……I’m glad Sisti is well……”

Rumia muttered while sinking into the bathtub.

Last night, for some reason, Rumia was walking with Glenn in the Lost Forest north of the Magic Academy.

Rumia, who returned from the adventure, was in the middle of a bath to recover from last night’s fatigue.

“Uuu……it feels good……”

Exquisite warm water. A refreshing scent arises from the water’s relaxing herbs.

When soaking one’s shoulders into the warm water, the body will loosen its blood circulation and melt the tiredness away.


While she remained in the water, she just remembered.

Last night, Glenn had carried the exhausted Rumia in the woods on his back, where she felt the warmth from his back…..


Feeling embarrassed, Rumia sunk the lower half of her face into the water, with bubbles whipping and foaming.

What was it that made Rumia’s head swell…? By no means was it just the warm water.

Volume 1/Short Story 3


This short story likely takes place before the events of Emptiness~The Lonesome Witch~.

Check out the Chapter over at Noblesse Oblige Translations.


Top Left

Celica Arfonia

The strongest and most famous magician that managed to reach the rank of Septende. Prior to her encounter with Glenn, she lived a lazy self abandoned life and refused to be close to others.

Bottom Right

“Tch……another shit day today……”

The ace of the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex, Celica “The World”, was drinking that night and had become drunk.

“Sloppy missions……sloppy opponents……even sloppier colleagues……how much longer will these days go on……”

For four hundred years, Celica had lived in a lonely never ending eternity.

Apart from that, she had no special attachments to this worldly life.

So Celica worked under the Imperial Court Mage Corps……seeking something that could end her, like the dead wreckage of her heart……

“Too weak……everyone’s always this……shit!”

Both enemies and allies around Celica were weak, insubstantial, minuscule……they could never be a threat to a mighty being like herself.

Especially the fragile ones who even though they were weak, feared Celica as though she was a monster or something and treated her as such.

It was so frustrating that she wished that everyone around her was dead.

At that moment, the ringing of an incoming call echoed in the jewel shaped Magic Communicator that laid by her side.

“……that reminds me……there was that special mission notice from Alice tonight……”

— In any case, it’s probably another silly mission again.

Engulfed by her disturbed consciousness, Celica reached for her Magic Communicator.

End Transmission.


Thanks for checking out the translations. Also a few things to note.

The Translations may not be 100% accurate. We’re using a lot of improvisation to get the gist of what the paragraph’s trying to convey. As such, the transcript’s free for folks to pickup and double check if they want to.

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