Translations – Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 1 (Short Stories)

Translations are…translations. Duh.

For stuff we want to hack apart into English. (Until an official release happens or something. Whenever that is. ._.)

Also, this is a side gig. DO NOT expect constant updates for this sort of thing. We’re not a translation site.

We do this for fun. And if we’re free. 🥖


The following short stories are NOT chapters from the Memory Records light novels.

These are just the illustrated shorts with a short story attached to it.

You can literally read them for free over at Bookwalker. (See the link below.)

Volume 1/Short Story 1


Top Left

Sistine Fibel

The serious honor student from the Academy, nicknamed the “Instructor Bully”. At home however, she hides a secret even her best friend Rumia doesn’t know about…

Bottom Right

Sistine is famously known as an ancient civilization enthusiast, usually on the topic of Melgalius.

But in actual fact, she is known to have another hobby.

“Fu fu…what kind of story should I write next?”

Writing novels. The secret hobby even her best friend Rumia does not know about.

In the past, she was impressed by reading the works of a certain novelist, and since then she began writing novels, captivated by the fun of writing stories.

“I don’t know about this……but I have quite a few sentences. Ufufu, in the future it might be great to work as both a magic archeologist and a writer, like Loran Ertoria!”

And now, work begins on the concept for her next work.

With the wings of imagination (Delusion), the next story idea begins forming in her head.

“That’s it! A forbidden love story between a female student and her teacher! Yeah!”

Sistine let out a big smile at the sudden idea.

“It’s fine! I have no ulterior motive for this scenario! I have no ulterior motive! But……alright.”

A decision had been made.

Sistine immediately began writing.


Top Left



Bottom Right








想像力 (妄像力)の翼を羽ばたかせ、次なる物説を頭の中で紡ぎ上げていく。。。。。。。






Volume 1/Short Story 2


Bottom Left

<To be added>

Top Right

<To be added>


Bottom Left

<To be added>

Top Right

<To be added>

Volume 1/Short Story 3


Top Left

<To be added>

Bottom Right

<To be added>


Top Right

<To be added>

Bottom Right

<To be added>

End Transmission.


Thanks for checking out the translations. Also a few things to note.

The Translations may not be 100% accurate. We’re using a lot of improvisation to get the gist of what the paragraph’s trying to convey. As such, the transcript’s free for folks to pickup and double check if they want to.

Again. DO NOT expect regular updates for this. We’re busy with other stuff. D:

Also. Check out the following places for more on this series.

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