Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 7 (Short Stories)

Translations are…translations. Duh.

For stuff we want to hack apart into English. (Until an official release happens or something. Whenever that is. ._.)

Also, this is a side gig. DO NOT expect constant updates for this sort of thing. We’re not a translation site.

We do this for fun. And if we’re free. 🥖


The following short stories are NOT chapters from the Memory Records light novels.

These are just the illustrated shorts with a short story attached to it.

You can literally read them for free over at Bookwalker. (See the link below.)

Volume 7/Short Story 1


Top Right

Rizo Radars

Ferina Radars

Rumiria Radars

Bottom Right

“Well father, isn’t it time to make yourself clear?”

Sistine’s intimidating daughter Ferina, appears.

“Yeah father, which do you like more, us or our mothers? Surely us? Because we’re so much younger and fresher than our moms!”

Rumia’s daughter Rumiria, smiled like a little devil.

“In reality, we are both parent and child, so we understand father’s love for our mothers. But, we want more love than our mothers.”

Re=L’s daughter Rizo, explained bluntly.

“You girls calm down! What stupid thing are you saying?! We are parent and child you know?!”

Glenn, whose cheek was being pulled, had no choice but to pull himself back from the girls.

“Damn this stubborn father! It can’t be helped then, time to use force!”

“Fu fu, we actually got a special magic tool from Grandma Celica to control our father…”

“Prepare yourself, father.”


“Ah! A dream?!”

Glenn noticed that he had fallen asleep on the podium.

However, his head hurts thinking about the contents of his crazy dream.

“Ok first of all…am I ok? As a person…”

Glenn unknowingly scratched his head, and fell into self loathing.


Top Right




Bottom Right




















Volume 7/Short Story 2


Somewhere at a luxurious restaurant.

“Hee hee hee…Mr Glenn. Could you pay for these bright yellow sweets……

“Oh? These are my favourite. Ku ku ku, Echigoya……you’re also planning something?”

While Glenn and the mysterious merchant were having a malicious meeting……

“Hold it!”

Sistine appeared, in the costume of a princess samurai.

“The mischievous bastard who afflict my people to fill their stomachs! In the name of god and the buddha, I shall grant your punishment!”

“Eeeeh?! Wait, you’re White Cat?! It can’t be, you managed to sniff us out?! Tch, then meet everyone!”

Glenn attempts to summon his minions…



Sistine swiftly slashed at Glenn.

“Hmm, rest assured, it’s a strike from the back! No attempt at evil shall flourish in this world!”

And so, with Sistine’s success, peace was preserved in the town of Fejite today.


“……White Cat, what are you doing? In this place with no one around, while swinging your sword and posing around.”


Glenn tapped on Sistine’s shoulder who returned to reality.

It was at the Academy Courtyard.

“Tha…that’s not it! This time, I’ll be appearing as an assistant to the Theater Club, and I’m just practicing!”


Glenn tilted his head at Sistine’s rapid excuse.

The Academy remained peaceful today.

























End Transmission.


Thanks for checking out the translations. Also a few things to note.

The Translations may not be 100% accurate. We’re using a lot of improvisation to get the gist of what the paragraph’s trying to convey. As such, the transcript’s free for folks to pickup and double check if they want to.

Again. DO NOT expect regular updates for this. We’re busy with other stuff. D:

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