Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 6 (Short Stories)

Last Update: March 25, 2023

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The following short stories are NOT chapters from the Memory Records light novels.

These are just the illustrated shorts with a short story attached to them.

You can literally read them for free over at Bookwalker. (See the link below.)

Volume 6/Short Story 1


This short story likely takes place before the events of Rumia And The Nameless Reversal.


“It’s boring.”

A mysterious space of infinite stars and darkness that spread like the universe.

Within the mysterious miniature garden built there.

Nameless remained bored and hazy.

“……really boring.”

This is the space between dreams and reality, between consciousness and unconsciousness……a territory built by Nameless in a dimension different from the material world where Glenn resides.

There, she finds comfort in her boredom.

“…………I’m bored.”

Nameless is a transcendental being.

Originally, she had none of the mundane emotions people have, such as “boredom”.

In the midst of the stars daunting frost, it was an unintended continuation……such was her existence.

But lately, it’s gotten strange. She kept having these emotions of “boredom” like a child.

This was the first time Nameless had experienced this throughout her eternal lifetime.

Yes…Glenn, she had been like this since she first met them and began watching over them.

She did not really know why.


“Hmm, I don’t mind. I’m not interested in them, but I wonder if seeing them will get rid of this boredom. Not like there is anything interesting about them.”

ーThat said.

She closed her book and stood up, opening the “Gate” that leads into today’s material world.

She was going to meet Glenn and the others…she had decided so.

Her cold eyes remained, unaware of the faint smile on her face.

Volume 6/Short Story 2


“You’ve grown up, haven’t you?”

“……what is it?”

One evening.

Glenn and Celica were facing each other across the table in a game of chess, while enjoying their black tea.

Celica suddenly spoke.

Continuing to give Glenn a suspicious look.

“No, I just remembered. You were so small at first, then gradually grew to the same line of sight, and now I’m the one looking up…time flies by quickly.”


“Oh right. By the way, Glenn. About your future bride…who is your favorite?”

“Fuuuuuu—?!” (Note: Insert spitake sound effect here.)

Glenn was about to spit out his black tea.

“Is it Rumia? Sistine? Or even Re=L? By the way, my personal recommendation would be —”

“Hey, hey, hey, — wait! What are you talking about from out of the blue?! They are nothing like that! They are students in the first place!”

“Didn’t I say time flies quickly? Graduation came so fast. And then suddenly you……”

Celica let out a lonely smile to Glenn, who was in a hurry to continue his turn.

“If you have children or grandchildren, leave it to me. After all, I’m not old. It’s not bad to keep watch over your family and offspring.”

“Tch……that’s none of your business dammit!”

Glenn switftly moved his chess pieces.

“C2 Queen! How’s that?!”

“Oh……touché, you got me after a long time.”

“Hey, why did you ask something like that to provoke me? I’ll say this, until now I’m the star of losing, therefore it is my intention to have you accompany me until I have more wins than losses, are you prepared?”

“Idiot. Even if it takes a lifetime, that’s impossible.”

While Glenn pridefully boasted, Celica smilingly began to rearrange the chess pieces back to their initial positions.

And so, their night slowly passes by —

End Transmission.


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