Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 2 (Short Stories)

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The following short stories are NOT chapters from the Memory Records light novels.

These are just the illustrated shorts with a short story attached to them.

You can literally read them for free over at Bookwalker. (See the link below.)


Interestingly, all 3 of these short stories are ‘linked’ with one another. Granted, they can also be very standalone, but it’s interesting that reading through them in order creates a kind of convenient connection based on what each story is talking about. We’d recommend giving all 3 stories a go in ascending order to see what we mean. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Also, they’re also somewhat related to the cover page of this volume, you can check it out over at the wiki here.

Volume 2/Short Story 1


The time spent together flows calmly today.

On their usual way back from the Academy, Sistine, Rumia, and Re=L were casually visiting one shop after another…

“While I’m doing this, it reminds me of…”

A sudden whisper naturally came out.

What comes to her heart is the scene of when she first met Glenn in the classroom.

She still remembered that event.

“So, today’s class will be a self-study period.” (Note: This is THE EXACT SAME LINE from the anime.)

That said, Glenn fell asleep after declaring his first class on the first day of his job a self-study period.

The duel and quarrels that followed. An intense person like Glenn will never appear before Sistine again in their first encounter.

But, it wasn’t all that bad…

“…at first, he’s not good but…now that I think about it…everyone’s now more familiar with magic…I’m having wonderful classes…and actually, everyone became more passionate.”

Then, Sistine glanced next to her, where Rumia and Re=L were.

Of course, it’s Glenn…that brought about such a normal daily life.

“Fate is strange with people.”

Sistine smiled before her irreplaceable friends in her daily life.

Volume 2/Short Story 2


Rumia casually looked ahead…

“Ah jeez Re=L…ah right, would you like to eat some ice cream too?”

“…Mmm, eat….it’s cold.”

The appearance of her close friends, Sistine and Re=L.

“I almost forgot.”

Then within Rumia’s mind, the memories of the first time she met Re=L…the scene of the Magic Competition came back to her.

There were many things about her mother, Re=L, the Researchers of Divine Wisdom and so on. It was also dangerous.

However, even so…

“…it was fun after all.”

For Rumia, that was the case.

They all worked together towards a common goal…with that sense of irreplaceable unity.  

Closing her eyes to look back at that time…she could still feel the passion from those days return to her body.

“…all thanks to the professor.”

From having all students of the class participate in the Magic Competition.

Which led her to worry about her mother.

Even then, she put her life at stake whilst being protected.

Now, it remains an irreplaceable lifelong memory.

“Rumia! What’s wrong? If you don’t come soon we’ll leave without you!”

“…ah, wait up Sisti.”

Rumia smilingly followed Sistine, pulling back the consciousness that had drifted into the past.

Volume 2/Short Story 3


By the end of the day, the three girls arrived at their usual cafe.

“Fu…I’m a little tired.”

“Fufu…hey Re=L, what if you got cream on your cheeks?”

Re=L made a blank expression, while Rumia gently wiped the edge of her mouth with a handkerchief.

“…what’s wrong, Re=L?”

Re=L stared silently at Sistine and Rumia, as Sistine tilted her head.


It was the events of the Field Study Expedition that came to Re=L’s tiny chest. During that affair, she did something terrible to Sistine and Rumia, so it’s not strange for these two people to resent her for it.

Yet, the two remained by her side.

Which made Re=L very happy.

“…thank you, Glenn.”

A mutter of gratitude slipped out for the person who brought her back to this bright world.


“Nothing. That aside…do you both want…a strawberry tart?”

“What, what happened? You suddenly…”

“Re=L wants to share a strawberry tart…”

“…separately. Somehow.”

Re=L muttered such a thing with her usual sleepy blank expression.

End Transmission.


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