Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 8 (Short Stories)

Last Update: March 25, 2023

Translations are…translations. Duh.

For the stuff we want to hack apart into English. (Until an official release happens or something. Whenever that is. ._.)

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The following short stories are NOT chapters from the Memory Records light novels.

These are just the illustrated shorts with a short story attached to them.

You can literally read them for free over at Bookwalker. (See the link below.)

Volume 8/Short Story 1


“Hmm, today is a great day for hiking.”



Today, the three girls came to a nearby mountain for hiking.

“Jeez…I kind of wished the professor could come along too.”

“Ah ha ha, it can’t be helped, he is tired after all. Let’s just enjoy today with just us okay?”

“Ah, there’s nothing we can do then. Anyways…”

Sistine stared towards the backpack carried by Re=L, who was leading the way. It was twice the size of the one she was carrying.

“What is it, Re=L?”

“That’s right, that’s a lot of luggage for climbing a mountain of this scale…I’m also curious about it…”

Then, Re=L answered Sistine and Rumia’s questions with her usual blank expression.

“Mmm. Strawberry Tarts.”

“S-strawberry tarts…no way, that’s it?!”

“Hmm. I tried to prevent it from being crushed by using magic, I’m sure the strawberry tart I eat at the top of the mountain will taste delicious.”

Then, the expressionless Re=L with her sparkling eyes began walking ahead.

“Hmm. Let’s go eat some strawberry tarts soon.”

“Er…her purpose is…”

“It’s changed…”

Nevertheless, Sistine and Rumia happily went after Re=L, looking at each other’s wry smiles.

Volume 8/Short Story 2


“Well done on today’s photoshoot Rumia!”

“For sure Sisti.”

Sistine and Rumia were changing their clothes after finishing a part time job as models for a certain clothing store.

“Anyways Rumia, your clothes look really cute.”

“Sisti’s outfit was also cute, wasn’t it?”

“Is that so? But, don’t I lose to Rumia’s cuteness? That just makes me want to eat something!”

Sistine playfully hugged Rumia.

“Ha?! Sisti?!”

“These melons! Your breasts are big, your skin is smooth, and your body feels so good as usual!”

“Yah! Ah! N-no…!”

In the spur of the moment Sistine managed to pin Rumia down in agony.

While the two girls were playfully flirting with one another—


“Hey girls, congrats! For today’s part time job, the store manager gave some especially colorful re…wards…”

Glenn came in.


The trio were petrified.

From Glenn’s point of view, it would seem that Sistine and Rumia had developed such a relationship with their actions…

“My apologies! I don’t deny your kind of open relationship as there are many forms of love! So, enjoy your happiness!” 

“T-this isn’t like that professor!”

“W-wait a minute professor!”

Unable to chase after Glenn, who had hurriedly dashed away, the sorrowful squeals of Sistine and Rumia could be heard all around—

End Transmission.


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  1. Thank you for these! After i finished reading the light novel i become crazy us fuck because i will miss this anime and wait longer to read the new chapter 🥹

    Btw, i ship sistine and glenn hehe 💗


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